Writing Scholarship-Basic Information and Scholarship Programs

Writing Scholarship

Writing Scholarship

For individuals looking to pursue a career in writing, winning a writing scholarship is an option they can consider to fund their studies. Here are some basic things that you should remember while searching for writing scholarships.

1,) What, Who, Why?

Start by finding out about the scholarship itself by learning about the sponsors, why they want to award students and what do you need to provide in order to be eligible. These are basic but important points that you can learn about with little research.

2.) Understand the Requirements

Usually applicants have to provide an example of their writing. Some awarding authorities require applicants to write about themselves or their goals or some incident in which they were involved that had an effect on their lives. Some will ask applicants to write an answer to a question that could refer to a well known text, current affairs, or some other topic. What you should do is read the instructions carefully and keep to the format—word count, last date, and any other criterion. Sometimes this can inspire you, and give you a good understanding of how you should respond. Planning in advance is crucial and when you know the details of the program, you can plan properly.

3.) Be Creative

While writing the document, express your creativity. You should also make sure that nothing you write appears as copied content. The work you do should not only reflect your personality it should also pass any plagiarism test.

4.) Pick and Choose

While applying for more helps in increasing your chances, you should keep in mind your interests and ability. For instance, if you don’t have the aptitude for medical writing, you should not submit an application for a medical writing scholarship.

The internet is a great source for scholarships as there are different scholarship search options available online:  you can visit a specific scholarship site, an article directory or a scholarship search to find writing scholarships.

Creative Writing Scholarship

The Behrend College, Pennsylvania State University, Erie offers a creative writing scholarship of $500. Four applicants on average win this scholarship.

Journalism Scholarship

The Association of Young Journalist and Writers (AYJW) offers a Journalism/English studies scholarship of $2000 to college students enrolled in journalism or English programs.

Applying for a scholarship requires some time and research, but the effort you put in can be advantageous for you.