Women’s Scholarships for MBA Degree

Women's Scholarships for MBA Degree

Women’s Scholarships for MBA Degree

The job market today, especially in business administration related fields has become very competitive. Postgraduate degree holder professionals from within the US and professionals from other countries have increased the expectations of employers. Most employers now prefer to employ people with a masters or PHD degree. Education at post graduate level is very expensive and government generally provides no aid to students for postgraduate study.

In the 80’s many aid programs were specifically formed to provide women’s scholarships to encourage women to get higher education in order to make them play equal roles in national progress, but the gender gap among both the workforce and higher education professionals has greatly narrowed ever since, and is no longer considered to be socially destabilizing. This situation has caused many scholarship programs for women to vanish.

The universities today offer great flexibility in all degree courses, which help students in overcoming different hurdles in their higher education. Most of the universities now offer evening classes, which are a good option for family and working women. Some universities also offer online MBA courses, which also facilitates students who have some sort of difficulty in going to college.

Government grants for MBA courses are nonexistent but women can find many women’s scholarships offered by many welfare organizations and women-only professional associations. One such example is The Philanthropic Educational Organization that offers many scholarships to women pursuing a master’s degree including scholarships for women pursuing MBA degrees. They also offer student loan of $10,000 on 4% interest rate to women pursuing higher education.

Another example is The Education Foundation for Women in Accounting that provides financial assistance to women joining accounting and business related degrees.

Women can also look for special discounts offered to women in some universities. Many universities and business schools offer different discounts to different classes of women, such as discounts for single mothers etc. Many other colleges also offer confirm discounts to all students joining an MBA course, these confirm discounts are particularly common in UK.

Women can search for women’s scholarships for MBA and discounts offered by different colleges and universities over the internet. These offers can be searched over scholarship search engines available on the internet. There are about 50 of such scholarship search engines that can provide you with information on all women’s scholarships and discounts available to you worldwide. Some of these sites can also provide you comparative information on living costs in different countries, in case you decide on studying in another country.