What are Guaranteed Scholarships?

What are Guaranteed Scholarships

What are Guaranteed Scholarships

Scholarships or student loans are fast becoming a necessity for students going to college. Financial aid is no longer only for students with financial need but the rising costs of college education has forced every school leaver to look for some kind of financial aid. Scholarships normally have a criterion to qualify for; most of the scholarship programs will require you to have an excellent academic background. There are also scholarships that are awarded to athletic students or students from a specific community of society. All of these scholarships require students go through the process of applying and qualifying for the scholarship, but there are some scholarships that have no criteria for the award.

Many colleges and institutes worldwide give rebates in tuition fee or accommodation expenses to every student joining their institute. These colleges do so in order to attract students to join their college. These rebates are normally advertised as guaranteed scholarships but they are actually discounts in your fee and accommodation expenses. Some colleges also provide these discounts to only international students in order to attract international students to join there college. The purpose of such discounts is to build reputation of an international college and to increase the cultural diversity at their college.

The discounts offered by institutes in tuition fee and accommodation expense range from 10% t 30% of total cost. These discounts might not solve all your financial worries but they can help you greatly by reducing the financial burden on you. Some colleges also provide free accommodation for up to six months to all international students joining a course in their college. Many other institutions also provide packages in which students can pay for one course and do the second course for free, such as the ACCA plus free MBA package advertised by London School of Business and Finance.

There is another kind of guaranteed scholarships.  Some colleges advertise scholarships based on academic performance. These colleges provide discounts in their fee according to your academic performance. The better your academic background the higher will be the amount of discount. Some of these institutes may waive your full fee if you have a very excellent academic background. The aim of these colleges is to attract talented students to join their college.

Students can find hundreds of guaranteed scholarships by little effort over the internet. Most of these guaranteed scholarships are advertised by colleges, so they are easier to find then other scholarships.