VA Scholarships

With tuition, fees, supplies and a social life, saving money in college is not easy. Fortunately, many financial aid opportunities are available to those willing to look for it. These scholarships also include those which are restricted to one state. Here are scholarships that are available to residents of Virginia.

Virginia Library Association Scholarships

The Virginia Library Association offers two scholarships worth $2,500 each to students pursuing a Masters degree in Library Science at ALA accredited schools. One of these scholarships, the Clara Stanley Scholarships, is offered by the VLA Paraprofessional Forum. The main criteria for these scholarships are: proof of commitment to a career in librarianship in Virginia; financial need; potential for excelling in the library profession; academic excellence; and Virginia Library Association membership.

Virginia Guaranteed Assistance Program

This VA scholarship is available to Virginia high school graduates who have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 and enroll in Virginia public colleges and universities. The scholarship covers up to the cost of tuition, fees, and books. The scholarships are based on financial need and are determined by the institution that you plan to attend. The largest scholarships will go to the student who needs it the most. The scholarship can be renewed for up to four years of postsecondary education.

The Lee-Jackson Educational Foundation Scholarship

The Lee-Jackson scholarship is named after General Robert E. Lee and General Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson. The aim of this scholarship is to educate young people about the historical legacy of these two outstanding military figures who belong to Virginia.

There are three different scholarship amounts available to students. You can win a $10,000 scholarship (1 award), or a $2,000 scholarship (eight awards), or a $1,000 scholarship (eighteen awards). These scholarships are available to both Virginia high school juniors and seniors who submit outstanding essays on the career, character, or some other aspect of the life one of the two generals or both.

The College Scholarship Assistance Program

The College Scholarship Assistance Program (CSAP) was established in 1973 for assisting undergraduate students with extreme financial need in Virginia’s public and participating public universities and colleges. State appropriations are combined with the Federal Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership (LEAP) by The Commonwealth to fund CSAP.
Scholarships provide you financial assistance that you don’t have to return back. These are four VA scholarships that you can apply for. For more details of these programs, search for them online.