University Scholarships of Florida-Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program

The increasing cost of college education is forcing increasing number of college students to look for some kind of financial aid. There are hundreds of welfare organizations and colleges that provide aid to college students to help them complete their education easily. These organizations are playing a significant role in promoting education in general and fulfilling professional shortages in many fields in particular. Many government funded programs are also performing the same job. One such program is the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship program.

The Florida Bright futures scholarship program was enacted by the legislature in 1997 in Florida. The program was enacted with the aims of providing financial assistance to students that poses excellent academic abilities but are unable to complete their education due to financial difficulties. The program offers three different awards that have different criteria for the applicants, and different deadlines for the application. These three awards are: Academic Scholars Award, the Medallion Scholars Award, and the Gold Seal Vocational Scholars Award. All of these programs have provided aid to hundreds of students since the enactment of the scholarship program.

Both full and part time students can apply for aid under this program. Students will have to show enrollment on a registered course in an accredited college or university to apply for these course. The students must be U.S citizens and must complete the financial aid application form to apply for the program. The students will also have to meet individual requirements and deadlines of the scholarship award they are applying for. These requirements are set out by the program each year. If a student qualifies for the aid the student will have to attend his or her degree program with good attendance, if student misses lectures or withdraws from the course the aid will be revoked.

The program has a unique method of providing aid to scholars; it provides aid to students based on their credit hours in the course. Depending on the scholarships award $48 to $126 is provided per credit hour to students. For complete information students can visit the website of the scholarship program.

It is also useful to apply for multiple scholarship programs. If you are able to get 2 or 3 different small aids they will go a long way in providing for your tuition and living expenses. You can search for all scholarship programs offered in your region that you qualify for over the internet.