Unique Scholarships-Unusual Ways of Funding Studies

Unique Scholarships

Unique Scholarships

There are hundreds of scholarships offered to students based on varying criteria: there are scholarships based on academic excellence, sporting talent, and financial need. There are also some unique scholarships based on strange criteria that are none of the above mentioned criteria. These scholarships provide opportunity to students, who are not able to get scholarships based on some kind of merit, to get financial assistance to pay for their college education.

These unique scholarships are awarded by different organizations with different aims. Some of such scholarship programs are explained in this article to highlight the scholarship opportunities available to students based on criteria other then academic or sporting excellence.

  • Duct Brand Duct Tape Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest provides scholarships to two applicants who participate in the contest dressed entirely in outfits and accessories made from duct tape. The amount of the scholarship award is $3000.
  • The Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship program provides financial assistance to two applicants who promote awareness about vegetarianism in their society. The amount of this scholarship award is $5000.
  • The Calgon Take Me Away to College Contest provides aid to female students who take part in their contest. The scholarship provides for the tuition fees and other expenses with financial aid of up to $7000.
  • Billy Barty Foundation Scholarship for Dwarfism provides scholarships to applicants who show a medical certificate that they have dwarfism syndrome. The amount of the scholarship award is $1000.
  • Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University offers The Carnegie Mellon Bagpipe Scholarship programs. The program offers aid to students wishing to study the bagpipes under a world-renowned instructor at the university. The students are offered discounted kilts and financial assistance of up to $7000.
  • The Fountainhead – The Ayn Rand Institute Contest provides scholarships to students winning the writing contest based on The Fountainhead novel written by Ayn Rand. The amount of the scholarships award is $10,000.
  • Klingon Language Institute Academic Award provides financial assistance to students pursuing a language related degree, however the degree need not to be related to Klingon language. The scholarship program provides assistance of $500 to students.

You can search for many more unique scholarships over the internet. There are scholarship programs that provide assistance on basis of particular physical characteristics, contests and many other varying criteria. Scholarship search sites can help you greatly by providing information on all such scholarship programs based on different criteria.