Types of Grants and Scholarships for College-Canada

With the cost of education at all levels increasing rapidly most of the students at every level are looking for some kind of financial aid to support their studies. Most common kinds of financial aid available to students are loans, grants and scholarships. Most of the scholarship related articles focus on grants and scholarships for college offered in America, there is little information available on aid opportunities available in other countries. In this article I will explain the different types of financial aid offered in Canada to students at different levels.

Academic Scholarships:

Academic scholarships are usually offered by all colleges and universities in Canada. These scholarships are available to students who are excellent in their academics and usually to students that maintain a minimum GPA of 3.5. Normally no application is required for such scholarships. The institutions themselves award these scholarships in form of discount in tuition fee to talented students.

Entrance Scholarships:

Each university has its own criteria for entrance scholarships. These scholarships provide rebates in tuition fee based on grades of students at the entry level. The amount of the scholarships depends on the past performance of entry students. The higher the performance higher will be the amount of scholarship provided.

Merit Scholarships:

These grants and scholarships for college are provided by universities and colleges, and different organizations. There are a wide range of these scholarships with varying criteria. Some are based on academic achievements, community welfare and leadership skills, while others are based on sporting excellence. The amount of these scholarships also varies; some may pay for part of tuition only, while some others may even pay for all living costs.

There are also a large number of bursaries offered by donors and commercial organizations through different colleges. These bursaries are also based on different criteria and they are commonly awarded by the college and universities. You can look for all grants and scholarships offered in Canada over the scholarship search websites. There are over 50 of such websites that can provide you ample information on all scholarship programs offered on in Canada. Some of these websites will also provide you information on low interest student loans offered to students in Canada.

International students can also look for international scholarships offered to students in particular area in Canada and in other countries over these scholarship search sites. Some of these sites also provide online application facility to students.