Top 5 Random Scholarships for African American Students

Top 5 Random Scholarships for African American Students

Top 5 Random Scholarships for African American Students

The rising cost of college education has forced many students to look for financial aid. The most common form of aid available to students is student loans. The problem with these loans is that they cause nightmares for students after leaving college because students leave college with a huge debt.

Students from African American community are lucky because they are offered several scholarships from different sources, which can help them finance heir studies without student loans. Government and many welfare organizations generally award these scholarships to African American students. Some universities and colleges also award scholarships to all African American students joining them. Such colleges are commonly referred to as black colleges. I will highlight 5 random scholarships for African Americans.


United Negro College Fund offers scholarships to students from African American community. These scholarships cover all educational expenses including tuition, room and board, books and other fees.


Vivien Thomas Scholarship programs offers financial assistance to African American students joining a medical related relate degree.


The Thurgood Marshall College Fund awards scholarships on per semester basis. The scholarships are based on academic merit and financial need. These scholarships pay for books, room, board, college tuition and/or other educational fees.


American Institute of Certified Public Accountants awards scholarships of up to $5000 based on academic merit. These scholarships enable African American students to pursue the highest degree in accounting in the country.


African American scholarships for women awards scholarships to female students from African American community. The scholarships are awarded based on academic merit and financial need.

The above programs are highlighted just to make you aware of minority scholarships available to you. You can get more information on these minority scholarship programs on their website. You can also search for hundreds of other programs offered to African American students over the internet.

Applying for a minority scholarship will put you to advantage as you will face less competition but you should not restrict to applying for scholarships for minorities only. You should apply for every open scholarship opportunity you are eligible to apply for; this will increase your chances of winning a scholarship.

Students from other minority communities living in the US are also offered numerous scholarship programs. They can search for programs offered to them over the internet. Students from ethnic and religious minorities living in other countries might also be able to find a scholarship program offered specifically to their community with little effort over the internet.