The Scholarship Jacket Marta Salinas

The scholarship jacket Marta Salinas is a beautiful short story which displays the attraction of winning the scholarships. Everyone of us know that scholarships are available for students who excel in academics and in this story the award is described as a jacket with the name of the winner imprinted in golden letters. This is because individuals struggle to achieve lot of things in their life and they have to face a lot of problems to achieve their goals in life. In this short story, the narrator is a small Mexican girl who has the determination to study even if she is poor and differentiated from others.


The story shows that even if the Mexican girl tries hard to excel academically, she is discriminated and is unable to win the scholarship jacket because of her ethnicity and financial status. There are so many issues that has been taken into consideration in this story. You will find that different people have different views after reading the story. The meaning and purpose of scholarship is well explained through this short story. It shows that even if the girl is so desperate to get the scholarship jacket, she is not willing to pay for it because that will change the meaning completely.


The scholarship jacket Marta Salinas is a good story and works as an eye opener for the teachers, institutes, sponsors and the children seeking scholarship awards. You should apply for scholarships and excel your academic field, but you should never pay to get a scholarship. These are free financial aids and offered to those students who are in financial need and are good at academics too. It should be to check whether the applicant is dedicated to complete his or her studies or not.


Today, people are very enthusiastic and also try to reach out to their goals through short cuts. The writer wants to convey the message that even if the narrator of the story is very desperate to wear the scholarship jacket, she is not ready to compromise with he principles. Read the scholarship jacket Marta Salinas to learn more.