Tennis Scholarships in the US

The best time to get tennis scholarships in the USA is right after you graduate from high school or up to two years after. As a rule, only athletes in the18 to 24 age range can compete within the college leagues. Consequently, coaches are taking in younger athletes as this allows them to work with the players for a longer period of time. Of course, you can go to the US for one year only. However, you will lose a year of eligibility for competeing in the college leagues with every season of sports that you practice in a club league after high school. So, the earlier you go, the better!

Tennis scholarships in general:

Tennis scholarships are adamantly available: Around 1000 universities and colleges offer one or more scholarships to very talented tennis players. These scholarships enable you to take part in collegiate and intercollegiate matches with the possibility of taking part in national championships of the respective division as well.

Requirements for a tennis scholarship:

For strong tennis players who are capable of competing in the First Division, the chances of receiving a full scholarship are relatively bright.

In order to further increase the scholarship offers you receive, try to take part in ranking tournaments in the time prior to your studies abroad to increase your rankings.

Of course, your position in the national or regional ranking is not the only factor that is considered, as other factors may influence the level at which you will compete as well. These factors include any recent injuries you have encountered and the length of time you have been practicing. Often, your potential is a vital aspect, because coaches know that they can polish you with their training methods. In these cases, providing detailed explanations, compelling photographs and, most importantly, an excellent video of you in action is recommended.

Tennis training on a tennis scholarship:

Naturally, every university does not conduct tennis practice in the same way. Generally, five practice sessions per week of two to three hours each are held on the tennis court alone, and additional strength and conditioning training is required as well.

As payment of tennis coaches sometimes depends on the success or performance of their teams, practice can seem tough compared to German standards, and, therefore, also takes up a considerable amount of the time you spend at college.

Tennis scholarships are offered by many institutions in the US. If you’re looking to build a career in tennis, these scholarships may be the opening for you.