Women Scholarships

Scholarships for Women-Education Incentives for the Fairer Sex

Scholarships for Women

Scholarships for Women

Long gone are the times when there was discrimination on the basis of the sex of a person. That is true at least for the field of education. More and more women have risen to the occasion and showed their mettle in the field of education. It is no wonder that today scholarships for women are a reality and anyone looking carefully enough can find them.

The present policies of President Obama have also facilitated the procurement of scholarships by women. The process is especially easy in areas where women have traditionally been in minority. These areas include science, technology, engineering, etc. One such organization which helps out women is the Society of Women Engineers.

Many women leave the workforce. This is because traditionally women are considered to have unique duties at home which the males may not take up. These include taking care of the family, etc. Such women are encouraged to complete their education if they so choose.

Women who belong to minority groups or have a low income are also eligible for scholarships. These scholarships are provided from private sources or from the federal government. In this regard it is good to check the FAFSA website and also investigate the scholarships that an educational institution might be offering.

Other important areas where women are being offered scholarships are the fields with which women are traditionally associated. These are fields which are either exclusively for women or are often taken up by them. These include fields like nursing, teaching, etc.

Anyone applying for scholarships for women can take into notice a few strategies that significantly increase the chances of success. One of these which can be called the holy grail of scholarship application process is to apply as early as possible and to as many places as possible. This obviously allows a person to meet any special criteria and provides options to choose from. It should also be taken into account that the competition can be considerably reduced if one chooses to apply for a scholarship that is meant for a specific group of people, for instance scholarships for graduate women, etc.

Good academic performance can be a huge plus and some scholarships demand special qualifications. If someone possesses those qualifications then the chances of success are quite bright. Some scholarships are specifically planned to reduce the competition for them. These scholarships are meant for minority groups which are in lesser numbers and so the competition is reduced. Education is must for every woman and now through the aid of scholarships for women it is made quite easy.

Women Scholarship – Monority Scholarship Programs

Women Scholarship

Women Scholarship

The costs of college education are increasing and accordingly the number of students actually joining the college is decreasing due to financial difficulties. According to a survey women in US are already less educated than men, the biggest reason for less education among women is the funds required for college. There are number of ways you can fund your studies including student loans, but the best way is obviously to fund your studies by scholarship because you do not have to pay back scholarships money. There are number of scholarship programs specifically offered to women from minority communities living in the US. Some programs are highlighted in this article.

Scholarships for Women from African American Community:

  • The United Negro College Fund is a fund that offers scholarships to African American women through many colleges. African American women going to colleges which are historically considered black colleges can get this aid.
  • African American women who are high school seniors can get financial aid of up to $10,000 per year for college from The Ron Brown Scholar program.
  • The NAACP is an old organization that provides aid to African American students from all fields; however students from other minority communities can also get aid through some of their scholarship programs.

Scholarships for Hispanic Women:

  • The Hispanic College Fund provides aid to Hispanic women studying at designated Hispanic colleges.
  • The Margaret MacNamera Memorial Fund offer aid to women from Hispanic and other minority communities. Women must be over 40 years of age, having financial need and want to get college education.
  • MillerCoors runs a scholarship program by the name of Adelante program. This program provides aid to female students from Hispanic community.

Minority female students that apply for a minority women scholarship offered specifically to them are at advantage because they will face less competition compared to open scholarships.

More information on above mentioned women scholarship can be obtained from their website. Female students can also search for many other minority scholarships offered to them on the internet using scholarship search sites. There are over 50 of such scholarship search sites over the internet that can provide information on all minority scholarship programs offered in the US.

Students who are from minority communities outside US can check with local organizations that represent their community for scholarship opportunities available to them. They can also search for international minority scholarships that can help them fund their studies abroad.

List of Scholarships—Some Scholarship Programs Explained

List of Scholarships

List of Scholarships

Finding a scholarship to fund your studies is a job that requires considerable effort. There are thousands of programs that you can apply for; searching a program that you qualify for among them is a tough job. I will enlist and explain some of the popular scholarship programs offered in different countries in this article, which you can apply for.

Beaney Scholarship: The programs offer scholarships to students majoring in Pathology from the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Overseas Research Students Awards Scheme (ORSAS) is an organization that awards scholarships to international students joining a full-time study at a research degree in United Kingdom. It provides financial aid equivalent to the difference between the home country and international rate of tuition fees.

Endeavour Awards. This is a merit based scholarship program that offers $30,000 assistance to qualifying students. This award is specifically for students from the Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Europe and America.

Australian Leadership Awards is an aid program provides financial aid to postgraduate international students studying in Australia and to research students in specific fields of research. The program also awards scholarships to professionals in the field of social and economic development and policy reform.

American Medical Women’s Association provides aid to women belonging to the field of medicine. Women searching for a scholarship to complete their medical studies can log on to the website of the organization, amwa-doc.org for further information.

Association for Women in Communications provides scholarships available for women in the field of communications including graphic arts, journalism, marketing, etc.

Some popular international scholarships that you can specifically search for are The Medicus Student Exchange (Switzerland), PPGA Family Member Scholarship for Horticulture, Overseas Research Fellowship for Medicine and Health Sciences, and Asian Cultural Council for Liberal Arts and Humanities.

For students who live in the US Pepsi cola international runs a large number of scholarship programs. Some of the programs run by them are the Mid-Del technology scholarship, Pepsi-cola public affairs scholarship, The Pepsi service Scholarship and Pepsi/Frito-Lay scholarship. Information on all programs run by Pepsi can be found on their website. In addition to Pepsi a number of other MNC’s also run countless scholarship programs in all countries of world you can search for them by visiting websites of large multi nationals in your country.

The list of scholarships is in exhaustive as there are thousands of scholarships offered by different kinds of organizations worldwide. For more information on the above mentioned programs you can visit their website and for more scholarship programs you can make use of scholarship search sites available on the internet.

Scholarships for Women—Right Things To Do

Scholarships for Women

Scholarships for Women

Looking for scholarships for women can be a time consuming process and a process wrought with risks because there are many scams out there looking to rip off people. Do not be discouraged though, if you look in the right places and follow common sense, you are sure to have success.

The idea is to look for scholarships that are relevant to you somehow. This might include scholarships for women offered for a certain age group, proficiency or field of work or study. Before we take a few examples it is imperative that we discuss a few steps which could be helpful in getting the scholarships of your desires.

You must look for proper opportunities and for that, the internet, newspapers or making a visit to the concerned organizations can be of help. Furthermore, you should gather all the necessary information about the scholarship process intelligently. You must apply well within time and make your sincere efforts to fulfill the eligibility criteria. Last but not least you must have faith in you and your chances to succeed.

Now let us have a look at some of the organizations. First is the AARP foundation which offers scholarships to older women. Reasons range from help regarding financial crisis to funding for education, training and skill building. Eligibility criteria include an age above 40 years, low to moderate income and acceptance to an accredited institution. Next is the American Association for University Women Educational Foundation which provides scholarships for women in a variety of categories ranging from community grants, career development grant and fellowships for international students to grants for postdoctoral work, dissertation fellowships and postgraduate fellowships.

American Medical Women’s Association can help out women belonging to the field of medicine. Women looking for financial help for completing their medical studies can log on to the website of the organization, amwa-doc.org for further information.

Association for Women Geoscientists foundation provides funds to women belonging specifically to the field of geosciences. These include the William Rucker Greenwood graduate of College Scholarship, Puget Sound Chapter scholarships and Chrysalis scholarships. Some of these are location dependent.

Association for Women in Communications has several scholarships available for women in the field of communications for example graphic arts, journalism, marketing, etc.

Association of Women in Computing offers scholarships for women in the field of computers.

For women who are in the field of Science, the Association for Women in Science is the place to look for scholarships for women. The scholarships of this organization are available for different fields of science.