Watson scholarship

Watson Brown Scholarship

Watson Brown scholarship is sponsored by Watson Brown Foundation and the main intention of the foundation is to provide higher education to meritorious students of that area. The scholarship is managed and administered internally by the staff members. (more…)

Watson Scholarship

Watson Scholarship

Watson Scholarship

Watson scholarship is provided to area students and it is a merit based as well as need-based scholarship. This is awarded by Watson Brown Foundation and is intended to help college students achieve their academic goals. The board of trustees decides about the scholarship bases and all this is done during the time of second quarter meeting that is regularly held. The scholarship money is awarded to individuals and it is $3,000 and $5,000. The numbers of students that receive this scholarship are approximately 800. The foundation is planning to provide 200 new scholarships to needy and eligible college students in the academic year 2010-2011.

Since this scholarship is area based, interested students who can apply should be living in 16 Georgia and South Carolina and should be attending non-profit accredited colleges and universities and should be attending U.S. four-year. This scholarship is awarded to high school seniors and to those students who are currently in undergraduate class. There is provision for online application and if that is convenient for the students he or she can easily apply fulfilling the criteria. If you are interested in applying for this scholarship you should fill out the application form properly and produce all the necessary documents along with the application form.

When you are applying for Watson scholarship you should make sure that the application form and the documents should be mailed to the Foundation and should reach them before February 15. The scholarship amount is more than sufficient and it will help you defray the tuition fees and meet expenses of books, accommodation and boarding as well as meet any other expense as well.

The scholarship money will not be awarded or sent to you directly. The checks are mailed to the financial aid office of the college or university with which you are associated directly by the Foundation. As far as your GPA is concerned there is no such requirement that will ask you to have excellent grade in your academic filed or so. If you are interested to apply for Watson scholarship you should find out the requirements and fulfill them.