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Out of State Scholarships

Going out of state can cost you a lot than you expected. Apply for out of state scholarships so that at least some of your costs get covered by the free money. Some of the sponsors do provide fill coverage of costs and might take care of your educational as well as living costs too while some will offer only the tuition money or some more. (more…)

Scholarships for Transfer Students Make Everything Easier and Less Stressful

There are scholarships for transfer students available for those students who have taken admission in one college or university and wish to get transferred to another due to some reason. Usually scholarships are available for students to attend particular college or scholastic program and are nontransferable as well. (more…)

Scholarship Fund for Agriculture Students

Scholarship Fund for Agriculture Students

Scholarship Fund for Agriculture Students

The rising costs of college are forcing increasing number of college students to quit their education. The average cost of a four year college degree which is normally around $27,000 is expected to rise by 11% in academic year 2010-2011. Feeling the financial difficulties faced by students in pursuing college education, government and many private corporations have started scholarship programs to help students pay for their college education.  These scholarships not only provide aid to intelligent students but many of such programs are focused on providing aid to students from less privileged family backgrounds. One such scholarship fund is run by The Farm Credit Services of Mid-America (FCS) that provides aid to students with agricultural background or agricultural work experience.

The Farm Credit Services of Mid-America (FCS) is a corporation working for the welfare of farmers in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and Tennessee. The organization runs various welfare programs to serve the farmers in the region with its huge $11 billion budget. The program includes a scholarship program for students related to agriculture that gives out $100,000 worth of scholarships every year. The scholarships are provided under three different schemes.

  • University Scholarships Program: This program provides aid to students in collaboration with agriculture related universities in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and Tennessee. The deadlines and amount of scholarships for this program are determined by related universities.
  • 4-H / FFA Scholarship Program: This scholarship program provides assistance to 8 students enrolled in an agriculture related degree in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee.
  • Farm Credit Scholarship Program: This program provides aid of $2000 each to 18 students enrolled in an agriculture related degrees. These scholarships are only available to customer-members of Farm Credit, or children of customer-members.

Students can apply for any of the scholarships offered by the scholarship fund. College freshmen, sophomores, juniors or seniors or graduating high school seniors can apply for these scholarships if they have a good academic background and have proven leadership qualities, and track record of active community service.  The students are required to be enrolled on a College of Agriculture or College of Business and to have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

To apply for these scholarships students must have an agricultural background or agriculture related work experience, and must be a member or a child of a member of Farm Credit Services of Mid-America, however employs and children of employs cannot apply for these scholarships. More information on these scholarships can be obtained from their website:

University Scholarship Programs-All about University Scholarships

University Scholarship Programs

University Scholarship Programs

The greatest number of scholarships across the world is offered to university students. These scholarships are offered either by government or private organizations or by universities themselves. Students who are joining a course at an accredited university can take advantage of such University scholarship programs.

These scholarship programs are based on varying criterion depending upon the organization which is offering the scholarship program. Government organizations generally offer scholarships based on academic merit to encourage intelligent students. Many sports associations provide scholarships to students based on sporting excellence to encourage aspiring talent in sports, and universities themselves awards both scholarships based on academic merit and scholarships based on sporting excellence.

There are many other organizations that are aimed at providing aid to financially struggling students. There criterion for the award is financial need. Some scholarship programs provide aid to specific religious and ethnic minorities in society; these programs are aimed at developing the specific community. Some other scholarship programs also provide assistance to students from certain fields to attract students towards that field.

There is also an increasing trend towards offering confirm discounts to students joining a university. These discounts are provided to all students irrespective of any merit.  The trend is particularly prevalent in the United Kingdom and rest of Europe. These discounts range from 10% to 30% of tuition fees, which can help students with their tuition fees.

Students who have an aspiring talent in sports are offered many university scholarship programs which they can qualify for, however, sports scholarships are not always advertised; students can make contact with university coaches and provide them with all their details. If the coach feels that you are needed at the college team a discount in fees may be offered to you.

All you have to do is to decide that on basis of which criteria you are most likely to get a scholarship. If you are good at academics you should look for a merit based scholarship program, and if you are good in sports look for scholarships that are offered to athletes. Belonging to a minority community or any physical disability can also be the criteria for the scholarship award.

After you have decided on the criterion on which you are most likely to get the scholarship, you should search for scholarships based on that criterion on scholarship search sites. There are over 50 of such scholarship search sites that will provide information on all programs offered on basis of a particular criterion.

University and College Scholarships Grant

University and College Scholarships Grant

University and College Scholarships Grant

You may or may not be aware of the fact that college and university studies are becoming more costly every year. And this rise in education fee may make it difficult for you to get a degree from these institutions, whether you are a fresh graduate or going back to school after a gap; unless, of course, you have saved enough for it or have other means of paying the dues.

One way you can solve this problem is through scholarships. Grant for studies is available for both fresh students and those students who are coming back to finish their education. In fact, there are many scholarships available for such students.

A misconception about scholarships is that they are available to only straight A students. In reality, you can get a grant if you meet the requirements mentioned by the scholarship funding authority, and having an outstanding academic record is not compulsory for all scholarships.

Internet—A Great Scholarship Search Option

The internet gives you access to many many scholarships offered by colleges and universities. It is recommended that you start your search many weeks in advance to ensure that you can apply for the ones that suit you best. Majority of grants come with stipulations and you can apply for them only up to a certain date. You should know all the details before applying for one.

Scholarship Databases, Reviews and Message Boards

Big companies, associations, foundations, and also the schools themselves offer several scholarships. You should use the internet by entering all the relevant keywords in a search engine. The keywords will lead you to the websites that provide information on scholarships. Many people are also signing up for scholarship databases. However, you should be careful about which website you select, because there are scholarship websites whose purpose of being on the web is scamming the visitors. You can also find scholarship services that are free of cost. Try to find a service that provides a list of scholarships that are relevant to you, so you do not have to waste time scanning long lists.

Reviews of scholarship databases are also available on the internet; some people read these reviews to avoid scams. There are many online scholarship message boards as well; these message boards show scholarships grant awarded by different sponsors or individuals. While searching for scholarships, you should show patience and find the best options available.

University Scholarships—Factors to Consider While Applying for One

University Scholarships

University Scholarships

When you are planning to apply for a scholarship offered by an international university you will have to consider a number of factors before going ahead with your application. These factors are summarized below:

Evaluate your Strengths


You are most likely to win a scholarship if the course for which you are applying for is related to your past education and work experience. If you have scored good marks in respective subjects in your previous qualifications it would be an added advantage. Choose your course wisely keeping in view all your strengths and weaknesses, and write a personal statement highlighting your past achievements and work history related to the course.

Know the Requirements


After you have decided the course you are going to apply for, search for a college on the internet that is offering scholarships for that course. Many colleges offer these scholarships to increase the cultural diversity among their students, studying at such colleges are a rewarding experience. You should contact the college for their specific requirements, students from developing countries may be asked to get their certificates attested from a regulatory body in their home country. Make sure you fulfill all their requirements, if you are applying for a P.H.D course you will also have to submit a thesis in most cases. P.H.D courses in most countries are completely funded by university.

Choose the Country Wisely

The choice of country is an important aspect to consider before applying for university scholarships. Spend some time on the internet to find comparative data on living cost in different countries. You will be able to find countries that offer good educational opportunities with low living costs. Students, especially from developing countries, should consider Visa requirements while choosing a country.  Information on visa processes and requirements can be found on the internet for almost all countries. Most of the countries require you to prove that you have the financial resources to continue your studies in the respective country. It includes proving that you have the resource to pay for your living costs and tuition fees minus any scholarships awarded to you. Students can also contact embassies in their home country for specific visa requirements. While searching for university scholarships students should also consider going to countries that offer free education to all students, however living costs are generally high in these countries.