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Tech Scholarships

Tech Scholarships

All job market surveys show that there is going to be a shortage of qualified professionals in computer industry in days to come. The shortage will increase the demand and accordingly the pay scale of competent professionals. Seeing the situation many aid programs are initiated to attract students toward computer science.

In addition to the Pell grant program offered by FASFA, there is the National Science Foundation’s scholarship program that provides numerous scholarships to computer science students in collaboration with Education department. Almost all computer manufacturing giants also offer scholarships to students with the long term aim of finding good computer professionals to work for them. Such aid programs are highlighted in this article.

DELL Scholarships: Dell offers several scholarship programs that provide significant financial aid to students. The DELL scholarships are awarded to high school seniors who have a minimum GPA of 2.5 and who plan to join a degree course in computer related fields. The scholarship program provides student with aid of up to $20,000, a new computer and some other facilities.

Intel Scholarships: The Intel club house scholarship program provides financial assistance to undergraduate and graduate students joining a course in electrical engineering, computer science, and computer manufacturing worldwide. Intel offers different scholarship programs in different countries with different amount of award and criterion for the award. In 2009 Intel awarded 26 scholarships of $2,500 to $10,000. The scholarships are generally awarded based on academic performance and financial need.

Microsoft Scholarships: Microsoft provides scholarships to students under four different programs to help them pursue higher education in computer related fields. There is the general scholarship program that provides aid on basis of academic background and financial need. The second program is specifically for women who want to pursue a degree in computer related fields.

The third program provides financial assistance to students from minority ethnic communities living in US to get higher education in computing, and the last program provides aid to students with physical disability.

Apple Scholarships: Apple provides tech scholarships to students who take part in contest arranged by Apple. In the contest students do a project to develop anything from Appleā€™s technology. The winners are provided with $2,000 scholarships, an IPod and a new Apple laptop.

Students can get more information about these programs and deadlines on their websites. There are several other organizations that offer tech scholarships to student pursing a higher education degree in computer related fields, these scholarships can be conveniently searched over the internet.