Scholarships for Adults

When we talk of scholarships for adults, we want to know about the scholarship opportunities that are available for the people who have been away from studies for a long time and want to make a comeback. There are a number of things that make the acquisition of an adult scholarship quite an ordeal. Firstly, most adults have jobs with decent salaries. As a result most adults are disqualified from need based scholarships. Secondly, most adults are also disqualified for scholarships for full time students because they cannot afford to get enrolled as full time students. Lastly, many scholarship opportunities are simply not adult student friendly by giving preference to younger students.

So is it all futile to look for scholarships for adults? The answer is that it is harder but not impossible. Adult students should search for scholarships offered by employers, associations, organizations, universities, etc that are meant to encourage or support the adult students.

Employers often financially support the study effort of their employees. This is in the direct interest of the company and the employee. Adult students should first find out whether their employer has anything to offer. Some employers will be offering money outright to the employees and others offer reimbursements to the employees. The amount of financial assistance can also vary depending upon the experience, job position, value, etc of the employee.

Adults who are members of professional organizations can be offered financial assistance from the organization. This is usually the case when organizations want to further their specific goals and objectives through educating their members. This also applies to national level scholarships. The government also supports the education of the adult members of the society because it could have numerous beneficial effects. An example of a government supported scholarship for adults is the Talbots Women scholarship fund which offers 5 scholarships worth $10,000 and 50 scholarships worth $1,000 to adult women returning to college.

The last option could be visiting one’s college or university to find out if it offers financial assistance to adult students. It is true that most of the opportunities that the educational institutions have to offer are for younger students but it is still worth giving a try. In fact many institutions do offer financial assistance to adult students. Examples include the University of Wisconsin and the Winston-Salem State University.

Education is the right of all without and with a little help from scholarships for adults; the elderly can easily exercise this right.