Single Mom Scholarships

Single Parent Scholarships-Scholarship for Single Moms

Single Parent Scholarships

Single Parent Scholarships

Having a decent college education is essential for a good career but bearing the financial burden of bringing up children with the burden of college education is close to impossible for many single parents. After financial assistance was announced by US government for single parents many private organizations and colleges also started special programs to provide aid to single parents in getting higher education. Many single parents are now getting higher education with help of these single parent scholarships and finding better jobs, which is helping in alleviating poverty among single parents. Some of the programs that provide aid to single parents are mentioned in this article.

  • The Sunshine Lady Foundation, Inc.  runs the Women’s Independence Scholarship Program. The program provides aid to single mothers who are citizen of America and who are enrolled in a course at an accredited institution.
  • Women’s Opportunity Awards is program run by This scholarship program provides aid to women who have financial need and who are going to school.
  • The Jeannette Rankin Foundation provides financial assistance to single mothers who are 35 years or older and who are enrolled in an accredited college or university.
  • The Assistance League is a program that provides community based single parent scholarships for single mothers. These scholarships cover the cost of tuition fee.

The above mentioned programs are mentioned to highlight the scholarship opportunities available to single mothers. To get single mother scholarships you will have to do a lot of research in an organized way and apply on multiple scholarship programs.

You should start you search on the scholarship search sites, There are over 50 of such scholarship search sites available over the internet. These search sites can help you greatly by automatically searching for a scholarship you qualify for. These search sites will save a lot of you time and effort but you should not completely rely on these sites, you should also use normal search engines to search for welfare organizations that offer such scholarships to women.

Moreover, these search engines will provide complete information on scholarship opportunities available in USA and other developed countries but they provide little information on scholarship opportunities in under developed countries.

Single mothers from developing countries will feel it hard to find a scholarship in their country because such opportunities are rare in developing countries, however they can check with local organizations that work for welfare of women for financial assitance.

Scholarships and Grants for Single Mothers

Scholarships and Grants for Single Mothers

Scholarships and Grants for Single Mothers

Statistics show that women are less educated then men. There are numerous reasons for this unfortunate situation, one of the reasons being the financial hardships faced by single mother who have a child during their education. A college degree is a necessity for a good career but meeting the expenses of college together with the expenses of bringing up a child is close to impossible for many single mothers. As a consequence most single mothers leave behind the dream of getting college education to look after their child.

Keeping in view the financial problems faced by single mothers many scholarships and grants are announced for them. These scholarships are given out by numerous sources. Governments of almost all developed countries are very active in providing aid to single mothers. Many welfare organizations and some colleges and universities in different countries are also providing aid to single mothers to help them complete their education.

These scholarships are based on varying criteria. The basic criteria for all these scholarships are generally being a single mother and financial need. Financial need is must for most programs to ensure that the aid reaches those single moms who really need it. In addition to these criteria, generally scholarship providers will ask for good academic background and extracurricular skills.

Numerous scholarships and grant programs provide aid to single moms. One example is The Nation; this organization is helping students pay back their student loans. Another example is The Fleming Associates, which is providing financial assistance to young mothers from all fields. Similarly, FAFSA is a government aid program that manages many scholarship programs for single mothers.

The above mentioned programs are only mentioned to highlight the available financial assistance. There are hundreds of similar programs providing financial aid to single moms who want to rejoin college. In addition to scholarship programs governments and welfare organizations in many countries are also offering student loans to single mothers.

You can make use of scholarship search engines available over the internet to search for more scholarship opportunities available to you. These search engines will prove very useful because they will provide you information on almost all programs available to you, at one place. Single mothers from developing countries may check with NGO’s in their home country that provide such aid to single mothers, as governments in these countries generally do not run any special aid programs for single mothers.

Single Mom Scholarships—How to Find Financial Aid for Single Moms

Single Mom Scholarships

Single Mom Scholarships

Being a single mom is a difficult life to lead. You have to be able to cater the needs of your child together with yourself.  While you solely fulfill all the responsibilities that two parents do, you also need to get college education in order to excel in your career. Getting further education might make your life more difficult and complicated but it is a necessary prerequisite to a good career.

It is normally thought that only student loans are available to single moms to meet their education expenses. This conception is however not true. If you make a little effort searching for financial aid, you will be able to find single mom scholarships as well.

There are thousands of aid programs that are designed to help single moms get higher education. Most of these scholarship programs are offered by welfare organizations and NGO’s working for the welfare of women. Governments in developed countries also run such scholarship programs. You can either use the internet to search for these scholarship opportunities or check personally with welfare organizations working for welfare of women in your home country. You can use scholarship libraries available on the internet to search for these scholarships.

There is varying criteria for the awarding of these scholarships. Most of the programs require you to be at a specific low income level. It is obvious that if you have the money to pay for tuition fees you cannot be granted a scholarship. Some organizations also require you to show a good academic background.

Some of the organizations that run scholarship programs for single moms are: The Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund, this organization is one of the biggest organizations working for welfare of single moms. It has awarded $11 million worth of scholarships to 20,000 applicants.

Another organization is The Fleming Associates; They support the Young Parent Program which aids single moms to pursue a degree of their choice.

The Nation is an organization that helps single moms repay their student loans. They award scholarships to students from all fields.

The Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation is an organization that provides financial assistance to low-income single moms. They provide for the expense of tuition, living and child.

In addition to the above mentioned organizations there are hundreds of private sector and government organizations that work for the welfare of single moms. The best way to search for single mom scholarship is to search them over internet.

Scholarships for Single Mothers—Financial Aid for Single Parents

Scholarships for Single Mothers

Scholarships for Single Mothers

Getting college education is very difficult for single mothers because they often face resistance from educational institutions while applying for financial aid and because they have the additional responsibility of bringing up a child. It is generally thought that single mother can only finance their studies with student loans if they are to continue their studies. Keeping in view these difficulties many welfare organization working for the welfare for single mothers have started scholarship programs specifically for single mothers. Like all other scholarship programs the best way to search for these programs is to search over internet.

Some educational institutions are also offering such scholarships now; together there are thousands of different scholarship programs offered to single mothers by educational institutions or welfare organization. These scholarship programs normally provide for expenses of education together with expenses of bringing up a child. With little effort single moms will be able to find financial assistance for their studies.

The Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation is an organization that awards $2000 scholarships to low-income single mothers who are seeking education and training. The scholarships are generally awarded based on academic merit.

Raise The Nation is a scholarship program that works with colleges and universities to provide financial assistance to single mothers. These scholarships are awarded based on financial need.

Our Families Our Future is a scholarship program that also offers need based scholarships to financial struggling single moms.

Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund (SPSF) is a non-profit organization that offers financial assistance that covers tuition, childcare, books, utility bills and other expenses. This is a large organization that has awarded over $11 million worth of scholarships to over 20,000 applicants.

The above programs are mentioned to highlight the opportunities available to single moms. As in other cases the best way to search for scholarships is to search them over internet. You can make use of scholarship search sites to search for a scholarship you may qualify for; however students from developing countries may not be able to find such programs over scholarship search engines. Moreover usually no college in these countries provides scholarships for single moms. Applicants from developing countries should look for NGO’s in their country that provide aid to single moms.

Once you have found a scholarship program that you qualify for, make sure you make a complete education. Most of the scholarship providers will require you to provide proof of your past academic performance, your child and financial need.