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How to Find Scholarships for Teaching

Teaching is one of the most respected and noblest professions you can adopt to earn your lively hood. In the past teaching was thought to be a noble profession with few rewards, but increasing professionalism and greater specialization in different fields that are now required to teach students from all fields have also caused the pay scales of teachers to rise. If you have decided to obtain a teaching degree or a teaching license you can be sure of a rewarding career.

To attract the students to join teaching profession many government and welfare organizations and teaching schools have started scholarship programs for talented students. There are hundreds of different scholarships for teaching that can help you pay for your tuition and living costs. In this article I will give you different tips on finding scholarships for teaching that you are eligible for. You can use this information to make your search more convenient.

  • Search scholarships on scholarships search sites. There are over 50 of such scholarships search sites available over the internet. These sites are very use full because they can automatically search for all scholarships in the specified category in your region and that you qualify for. These automatic searches can save a lot of time and effort that goes into randomly searching for scholarships.
  • Contact your school’s financial aid office. Many scholarships may not be advertised on the internet so you will have to visit financial aid offices of your teaching schools to look for scholarships for teaching. If you have an excellent academic background you may be offered a discount in tuition fee even if they are no available scholarships.
  • Appoint a counselor. You can save a lot of your time and effort by appointing an education counselor. These professionals have knowledge of scholarship opportunities in any field and they can guide you through the whole process of searching and applying for a scholarship.
  • Look for international scholarships. There are many countries in world that offer scholarships for prospective teachers to fulfill the shortage of professional teachers in their country. You can look for these scholarships on scholarship search sites or talk to your education counselor about them.

Once you have found a scholarship that you are eligible to apply for you should make your application very carefully. Make sure you provide all the information and documentation required by the scholarship providers in order to qualify for the scholarship.

Scholarships for Nursing-The John C. Dunham Trust Scholarship Program

Nursing professionals are one of the most highly sought after professionals the job market in US and all over the world. In most countries of world there are considerable shortages of qualified nursing professionals. The high demand has translated into good pay scales for nursing professionals, but nursing education is expensive and it is difficult for most students to pursue a nursing degree without some kind of financial aid. There are hundreds of government and private organizations, colleges and health care associations that provide scholarships for nursing to help students get a nursing degree. One such organization is The John C. Dunham Trust.

The John C. Dunham Trust as founded in 1996 aimed at improving the quality of life of people living in the Illinois and particularly in the Aurora area. The trust is working ever since with hospitals and health care institutions in Illinois to improve quality of health care as part of their program for improvement in quality of life.

The trust is working in collaboration with health care professionals in Illinois, the Kane County Health Department, the Rush Copley Foundation, Aurora University and Dreyer Medical Clinic to offer a scholarship program for nursing students called Dunham Nursing Scholarship program. The scholarship program provides about 1 million dollar worth of aid to students every year.

The program provides aid to 40 fresh students every year for the whole duration of their nursing course. The scholarships are offered to talented students living in the Illinois.  The scholarships are commonly awarded to students from DuPage, Kane and Kendall counties in Illinois; however students from other areas may also qualify for the scholarship program.

The amount of the scholarship award depends on the area students are going to study. Students at Waubonsee will get 90% tuition coverage, and students at Aurora will be covered for 75% of their tuition costs. The scholars are also required to work for a two year period in Aurora after completion of their nursing degrees, and to work on community service projects based in their field of study with the trust during their studies.

More information on Dunham Nursing Scholarship program can be obtained from their website. You can also look for many other scholarships for nursing that you can apply for over scholarships search sites. There are over 50 of such search sites that will provide you information on all nursing scholarships offered in the United States and abroad.

Scholarships-Search Options for Students



Scholarships are one of the higher education funding options available for students. The advantage that scholarships have over student loans is that the students who get them do not have to return any money back to the awarding authority. Scholarships are awarded to students belonging to different categories, and there are many options available. Some of the categories of scholarships are: academic merit, artistic merit, athletic performance, ethnic minority (such as, Native American, African American), single mom, military, and last name. You can apply for one or multiple scholarships, but for doing this you will have to search at the right places. So, how can you find scholarships that you qualify for?

Scholarship Search Options

Searching for scholarships using the internet is a great option. You can simply type in the address of a scholarship program that you know of and visit its webpage to see if you qualify for their award. If you don’t know about a scholarship program, you can always use a search engine to find scholarships that you are interested in. There are also sites that specialize in scholarship searches; you can use one of these scholarship search services to find the relevant scholarships. Search engines for scholarships take your information and compare it with the scholarships present in their databases. While the internet can help you with your

The Internet: scholarship search, beware of scams. Along with the good are the bad that prey on innocent students. You should check for a business address and telephone number.

Financial Aid Offices: High School and College financial aid offices are another option you can use to find scholarships. Tell the staff present over there about the scholarship program you wish to attend.

Teachers: You can also ask the teachers and professors of your chosen field about scholarships. They may provide you some valuable information and make your job easier.

Newspapers: This is yet another source for finding scholarships. Many companies and organizations inform students about their scholarship programs through newspapers.

Family and Friends: Last but not the least are your family and friends. There may be a member of your family who has won a scholarship or is a member of a group or organization that awards scholarships. Similarly, your friends may be applying to some scholarships that you may also qualify for. You can also ask them to look out for any scholarships that you could be eligible for.

There are several options for finding scholarships: search engines, newspapers, financial aid offices, teachers, family and friends. Some time and effort is required to find scholarship programs, but the results can be in the form of funds for college.

Search and Apply-Scholarships for Funding College Education

Search and Apply

Search and Apply

Scholarships and grants are offered by different institutions, organizations and companies to students who are looking to study further. These means of financial aid are better than student loans because they do not come with any paybacks and interests; you just apply and get free money for college if you win.

A misconception about scholarships is that only students with excellent academic records can apply. Scholarships for smart students are definitely offered in large numbers, but excellent academic record is not a requirement in many scholarships. There are scholarships available for students who have an average academic record. So, if academic excellence is not your quality, you can still get the money to help you with college fees.

The list of scholarships is long and includes programs, such as minority scholarships (Hispanic, African American, etc), athletic scholarships, art scholarships (such as culinary scholarships), military scholarships, nursing scholarships, and single mom scholarships. Also, you may be able to win a scholarship if you have a certain habit/ability, feature, or just the required last name. For instance you can win a scholarship just for being left-handed; and, also if you are short in height.

You can find these scholarships through different means. If you’re still in school, you can meet the staff of the financial aid office. You can discuss with your family member to get information on any programs they know about; they may be a member of some group that awards scholarships. Internet is a great option for scholarship search, because there are numerous websites that provide students with information on scholarships being offered by various institutions in various fields of study.

You can make use of the web by searching for scholarship through scholarship search engines or individual websites. The scholarships search services provide you a list after you provide them with your personal information. Scholarships are provided to you based on the information you enter, so make sure everything is correct. You will need to show some patience when searching for scholarships through scholarship search engines, as you may get a large list of scholarships from which to select.

Make sure you find out everything the scholarship program requires from applicants. While you need to narrow down your search to the programs that you have a chance of winning, you should not narrow down too much; instead, you should apply for as many programs as possible to increase your chances of winning.