scholarships application

Scholarship Application-Things to Consider

Scholarship Application

Scholarship Application

You should carefully read every scholarship application because of the difference in requirements. For instance, you may have to write a 1000 word essay to apply for one program while another may want you to provide information in 500 words. You also need to keep in mind the deadlines for each scholarship program and apply accordingly.

Proper Preparation

You should keep in mind the statement “proper preparation prevents poor performance” while applying for scholarships. You should ideally apply for as many programs as you can to improve your chances, and for doing this you should start searching for scholarships without any delays. A good idea may be to start the search process six months in advance. You should also start practicing your personal statement at the same time as doing the scholarship search. The scholarship awarding authorities have to read thousands of applications; you should make sure that your scholarship application stands out.

Working Within the Given Space

You should work within the space that is provided to you and not use any continuation sheets on the applications. There is a reason for providing application criteria, and you should always follow it. If you’re asked to write a 500 word essay, don’t go beyond the word-limit.  Provide information that is important for the application you’re submitting. List only what is important for that particular application. After providing the necessary information, if there is some empty space left-over, then you can add additional facts.

Give Them what They Want

Always provide the awarding authorities of a scholarship program what they want from you. For this, you should carefully read the guidelines of every scholarship you apply for. If they want a person who possesses leadership skills, then give them a relevant example. If they want an excellent writer, then demonstrate your skills in your application. Provide accurate information but show them your creativity.

Statement of Intent

You should provide a good explanation of why you are interested in the subject. A lot of students get this wrong—they are not able to provide a logical statement of intent. Relay the reason of choosing the major in your scholarship application.


There may be some grammatical errors in your applications and some wrong choices of words; therefore, before submitting your application, it’s important that you go over it. If possible, ask someone else to proofread it as well. Your scholarship application should present you case clearly, and correctly.

Scholarships Application Form – Tips For the Applicant

Scholarships Application Form

Scholarships Application Form

The scholarship application form is an important part of your scholarship application process and must be filled out properly. Most of the times the procedure to fill out the form is self-explanatory and you need no special help. In this article we will discuss how to fill the form for those people who do need some help and maybe the more informed persons can get some valuable tips also.

Firstly, you must have a clear idea that what the scholarship is all about. You must know about the eligibility criteria and if you comply fully with them then well and good otherwise if you are missing on a few things, you can still give it a shot and see if you succeed. Keep in mind that you must not waste your time with the scholarships for which you do not qualify at all.

Secondly, complete all the fields in the application form and make sure to use the correct spellings and accurate grammar. This is especially important if you are also required to write an essay. Check that you have attached all the required documents with the application form and also ask someone else to double check just in case.

Thirdly, you must have an idea of the application deadline and you should send your completed application well in time for the deadline. Before you finally decide to send your completed application form you must make copies of everything you are sending for future reference and guidance.

Fourthly, let’s have a look at the online application process. Online scholarship applications are not only quite cost effective because they save both the applicant and the scholarship providers a lot of money worth of application forms but are also quite quick and automated. All you have to do is that you have to find out that whether your scholarship provider provides the facility of online applications. If the answer is yes then you just have to log on to their website and fill out the application form. This also has an added advantage that you will know straight away that whether you fulfill the eligibility criteria and whether your form has been properly submitted.

Lastly, just take sure of some minor details. Do not leave any question unanswered and also do not exceed the page limit that is imposed. Do not brag about your skills or achievement and also do not provide excuses if you do not fulfill a certain criterion. Also avoid being pretentious.

Scholarships Application—How to Fill Scholarship Forms

Scholarships Application

Scholarships Application

Applying to get a scholarship can take a lot of time and cause frustration to the applicants. However, there are things that you can make to go smoothly and avoid some hair pulling.

1. Read the Application Intelligently

You are required to read the application completely and carefully. This will save you a lot of trouble later on. Fill in the information in all the fields of the application form carefully. This is especially important because different application forms have different fields to be filled in.

2. Be Well Prepared

Prepare a personal statement that reflects your capabilities accurately. If you have not prepared one yet do so as early as possible. You will also need to keep many copies of the statement for use with each of the scholarships application that you want to make. The statement should include you complete information.

3. Use Writing Space Economically

Just like the resume it is imperative that you do not use continuation sheets for you application. The persons who are going to check your applications will do not usually have the time to read through your application if it is too extensive. If you find the urge to fill out much more information than the space can afford, try to let go of less significant information and use only the important information.

4. Have a Clear Idea of the Requirements

Determine what the scholarship provider is looking for. For instance, if they require you to be a particularly erudite person, do your best to prove yourself that. Feel free to support your points with examples. Keep in mind though that telling a lie in a scholarship application will always get you in trouble so remain within the boundaries of truth.

5. Know the reason for Your Choice

You must be able to communicate the reason for your choice of the field of study that you are in. Just imagine, you want to acquire a scholarship to fund your study and you do not know why exactly have you chosen the field, then how will you be able to convince anyone that you truly deserve to have the scholarship you are applying for.

6. Do Some Proofreading
As a general rule you must never send scholarship applications without proofreading them. A good way is to read over your application once and then read it again later before sending it. You can also ask a friend or a family member to proofread your application. All this is to ensure that everything is in order and will not make a bad impression on the officials.