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Scholarship Search Engine—All About Scholarship Searches

Scholarship Search Engine

Scholarship Search Engine

Any person who wants to excel in his career and earn more than average wage should have a college degree in today’s competitive job market, but college education is expensive and most of the students need some kind of financial aid to get through college years. The most common financial aid taken by students is in form of student loan, however if students put some effort into searching for scholarships they will be able to find many scholarship programs that can provide them with financial assistance.

There are thousands of scholarship programs offered by different sources to students. These scholarships are awarded based on varying criteria. The problem facing all students is the hectic process of searching for a scholarship. Searching for a scholarship means randomly searching for scholarship programs over the internet and then reading information on each program before deciding whether you qualify to apply for it or not.

The solution to this problem is provided by scholarships search engines. These engines provide students with information on scholarship programs offered all over the world at one place. These scholarship search sites have a large database of scholarship listings from all over the world. Most of these scholarship search engines will ask you to fill a form giving all your information and then the site will automatically search for scholarships that you are eligible to apply for.

These search engines are a very effective tool. They provide students with a one stop solution that can save a lot of time and effort, and make the scholarship search very convenient. There are over 50 of these scholarship search sites available over the internet. I will highlight some of the most popular search engines.

Scholarship Experts is a scholarship search engine that was declared “The best scholarship search engine” in Forbes Magazine. This site also provides students with the facility of sending queries directly to scholarship providers.

Fastweb is a very popular scholarship search engine that provides the facility of searching for scholarships according to individual interests, major, region, and year in previous institution. Students can also read a large number of articles posted on the website related to financial assistance for students.

Supercollege provides information on scholarship listings arranged according to name and coupled with the scholarship amount. This has a five star rating system for scholarships.

In addition to above mentioned sites students will find many other scholarship search sites on the internet to be useful.

Scholarship Database—Helpful or Not?

Scholarship Database

Scholarship Database

College fees are increasing every academic year and so are the students looking for financial assistance to pay their college fees. There are thousands of universities and welfare organizations that are helping students pay their tuition fees across the world. There are numerous ways to search for a scholarship, one of which is the use of scholarship database sites.

Scholarship database sites have greatly helped students in search of scholarships  by providing arranged information about scholarship programs offered all over the world. This facility has relieved students of the hectic job of searching for a scholarship that meet their need and then reading every detail of each program before applying for it. Many of these sites also provide a service whereby you fill a questionnaire explaining your requirements and your past academic achievements, which is then processed by the site and scholarship programs that matches your requirement and that you are eligible for are recommended to you. Some of these sites also charge a nominal fee for their services. Some sites also provide you with the facility of making an online application for scholarship programs at their site.

The utility of scholarship search sites is unquestionable, yet it has its disadvantages too. Most of these search sites only search among the programs offered by different universities and colleges, and completely overlook the aid available to students from government and welfare organizations. Some of the search engines that do have such scholarship programs in their database mostly have information about programs offered by US and UK governments.

Moreover almost all of these scholarship database sites recommend scholarship programs offered in developed countries or programs offered to international students, so these database sites are of little use to students from developing countries.

Due to the reasons explained above students should not restrict themselves to these search engines. All students should make use of such engines to search for an appropriate scholarship but in addition to this they should also search by themselves the opportunities available to them from governments in their home country and welfare organizations. Students from developing countries should also contact higher education regulatory authorities in their home country because many developing countries run scholarship programs for development of their students.

Students should also consider getting grants and financial aid from organizations that offer financial aid to ethnic or religious minorities. These programs are easy to qualify for because the competition is much less compared to open scholarship programs.

Scholarship Websites

Scholarship Websites

Scholarship Websites

Scholarship websites are in large number and it should be kept in mind that parents and students should not pay for it. They are for free use and the students can find and apply for the scholarships then and there. If you want to know about different websites that contain information regarding availability and accessibility of the scholarships, here is some of the reliable and free one.


One of the most popular and commonly used website is fastweb and the statistics of this website show that they have more than 16,000 high schools that recommend 34 million students. The students have to fill out a questionnaire in order to receive personalized scholarship that matches their requirement. The students get emails regarding the scholarships that are available for them.

Not only this, there are much more information and help available on this website. The students get tips and suggestions from the admission officers of the college and they are also versed with the job opportunities and how to proceed regarding all that. The only drawback with this website is that it offers scholarships of national level and this makes competition tough for most students.


Zinch is also one of the popular scholarship websites that offers scholarships for students and help them stay connected to the schools in which they are interested. The students that are registered with this website get emails when there are scholarships available that match with their profiles. However the opportunities are multiple and they can also apply for any related scholarship if in need.

Other websites

There are other websites like that not only offers college scholarship but also information on many colleges, other financial aid information, information on test preparation and many more essential information all in one website. The students need to create a username and password to login and take the advantage of the details available there. is yet another name that is also free and provides services similar to and it is also known as great engine for scholarships. So, you can take advantage of the scholarship websites and collect information to act finding the most appropriate scholarship.