Apply For a Scholarship

Scholarships are available for most fields of study. Eligibility criteria, terms and conditions and the amount of scholarship money vary. The key is to identify all the opportunities for which one is eligible and apply in a proper manner. There are some scholarships that are only for a specific institution (such as those offered by a University), others that are international (Aga Khan Foundation scholarship, Fulbright program) and yet others that are country wide which are usually offered by the government of that country.

The first step then is to check out whether you are eligible for a certain opportunity or not. The standard requirement for most scholarships is your acceptance to an institution of study. This means that you must not only be concerned about the eligibility requirements of the scholarships itself but also about the eligibility requirements of the program of study you plan to enroll into. Other requirements usually include excellent academic performance, previous educational qualifications, proficiency in English, etc. Sometimes the candidates are required to take special tests like the TOEFL and IELTS to demonstrate their proficiency in English. Some scholarships are for a certain ethnic group, age group, etc. It is safe to assume that any of the above stated requirements can be unnecessary if not explicitly stated in the eligibility criteria.

As far as the application process itself is concerned, there is no standard procedure of action because scholarship application process varies from scholarship to scholarship. All the candidates must fill out and submit the FAFSA form each year. The eligibility criteria and available opportunities must be well researched out. The candidate must strive hard to fulfill all the eligibility criteria. The applications must be made well within or better still, before the application deadline to allow efficient and hassle free application processing. Sometimes it is enough to submit just an admission application to an institution and it will act as a scholarship application as well. The candidates must also be aware of the costs that the scholarship providers will not cover. This may include costs for taking special tests like the TOEFL or costs that are related to the application process itself. The students should save some money for such scenarios. Furthermore, the candidates should be prepared to write good essays, produce effective CVs and cover letters and make demonstrations of other talents and proficiencies. With a little effort and perseverance, anyone can apply for a scholarship and actually win some money to fund his/her study efforts.