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Filipino Scholarships

Education is considered valuable in the Filipino community. Most Filipinos work in the healthcare industry with nursing being one of the top professions they choose. Several organizations offer Filipino scholarships to support bright students who need the financial assistance. Here are few of these scholarships.

Banatao Family Filipino American Education Fund

The fund has five scholarships, each worth $5,000 for Filipino American California residents pursuing a career in engineering to attend four-year colleges or universities. They provide scholarships for SAT preparation courses and college admissions counseling as well.

Filipino American Human Services, Inc Scholarship

The FAHSI College Scholarship Program, also called the Frederick and Demi Seguritan Scholarship, provides each winner a renewable award of $5,000 per year for four years. The winner (one person) of this scholarship is a Filipino/Filipino American graduating high school senior who shows a passion for business and serving the Filipino community.

Filipino Bar Association of Northern California Legal Scholarship

This scholarship is for law students who want to serve the Filipino American community. 1 to 3 scholarships of $1,000 to $2,500 are offered every year.

Lapiz Family Scholarship

This scholarship is for University of California students who are farm workers or children of farm or migrant workers.

Maria Elena Yuchengco Memorial Journalism Scholarship

Filipino American students who are interested in studying journalism at any U.S. college or university can apply for this scholarship.

Helen and L.S. Wong Memorial Scholarship

High school students of Asian heritage belonging to the Fairfield and Suisun high school can apply for this award.

Human Capital Scholarship

This scholarship is offered to first-generation University of California students who belong to underrepresented groups.

Shui Kuen and Allen Chin Scholarship

This scholarship is designed for you If you are a current full-time undergraduate or graduate student who is working or has worked at a restaurant that is owned by an Asian or serves Asian cuisine, or if at least one of your parents has worked or is working in such a restaurant.

This fund is for summer internships for supporting an undergraduate student studying at Yale and working at a non-profit organization that serves an Asian community in the US.

Hawaii Filipino Community Foundation Scholarships

Here are some these foundation scholarships:

  • Ambassador Minerva Jean Falcon Hawaii Scholarship.
  • Filipino Nurses’ Organization of Hawai‘i Scholarship.
  • Philippine Cultural Foundation of Hawai‘i Scholarship Fund.

There are many sources for finding Filipino scholarships. Search online to find more information about the opportunities.

Scholarships for College-The Horatio Alger Scholarship Program

Almost every student joining college these days apply for some kind of financial aid in hope of getting financial assistance to fund his or her studies. There are some lucky ones that get grants or scholarships for college while many others have to settle for student loans. Student loans are not a bad idea because they can at least provide you the much needed funds to support your studies but every student should at least try to get scholarships which they do not ever have to pay back. Feeling the financial pressure on students many organizations and institutes have started offering scholarships and grants to talented students; one such organization is the Horatio Alger Scholarship Fund.

The Horatio Alger Scholarship fund was constituted in 1947 in memory of the famous author of 19th century Horatio Alger. The author was famous for writing about poor children on the streets trying to make an honest living to survive. He tried to convey the idea of hard work, morality, and charity in his writings. Since 1947 the scholarship fund has been helping talented students that are unable to pursue higher education due to financial difficulties.

Following the basic mission of the scholarship fund the criteria set out by the scholarship providers is only financial need. The students need not to be excellent achievers in academics, however, students who have financial need with good academic skills, community activities and leadership skills are given preference. The association prefers students that have an annual family income of less than $50,000.

To apply for the scholarship program students must senior in high school and planning to join any registered college or university in U.S to study at bachelor’s level. Only U.S citizens can apply for this scholarship program. The students also need to have a minimum GPA of 2.0 in high school to apply for the scholarship program. California residents can get aid for even two year courses if they plan to join bachelor’s degree latter.

Application for the program can be made online at the website of the scholarship fund. Students will have to submit high school transcript, a letter of support, and legal guardian’s tax return from the previous year together with their application.

There are many other organizations similar to this fund that provides aid to students with financial need. Students can search for such organizations easily over scholarship search websites available over the internet.

Scholarship Fund for Agriculture Students

Scholarship Fund for Agriculture Students

Scholarship Fund for Agriculture Students

The rising costs of college are forcing increasing number of college students to quit their education. The average cost of a four year college degree which is normally around $27,000 is expected to rise by 11% in academic year 2010-2011. Feeling the financial difficulties faced by students in pursuing college education, government and many private corporations have started scholarship programs to help students pay for their college education.  These scholarships not only provide aid to intelligent students but many of such programs are focused on providing aid to students from less privileged family backgrounds. One such scholarship fund is run by The Farm Credit Services of Mid-America (FCS) that provides aid to students with agricultural background or agricultural work experience.

The Farm Credit Services of Mid-America (FCS) is a corporation working for the welfare of farmers in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and Tennessee. The organization runs various welfare programs to serve the farmers in the region with its huge $11 billion budget. The program includes a scholarship program for students related to agriculture that gives out $100,000 worth of scholarships every year. The scholarships are provided under three different schemes.

  • University Scholarships Program: This program provides aid to students in collaboration with agriculture related universities in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and Tennessee. The deadlines and amount of scholarships for this program are determined by related universities.
  • 4-H / FFA Scholarship Program: This scholarship program provides assistance to 8 students enrolled in an agriculture related degree in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee.
  • Farm Credit Scholarship Program: This program provides aid of $2000 each to 18 students enrolled in an agriculture related degrees. These scholarships are only available to customer-members of Farm Credit, or children of customer-members.

Students can apply for any of the scholarships offered by the scholarship fund. College freshmen, sophomores, juniors or seniors or graduating high school seniors can apply for these scholarships if they have a good academic background and have proven leadership qualities, and track record of active community service.  The students are required to be enrolled on a College of Agriculture or College of Business and to have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

To apply for these scholarships students must have an agricultural background or agriculture related work experience, and must be a member or a child of a member of Farm Credit Services of Mid-America, however employs and children of employs cannot apply for these scholarships. More information on these scholarships can be obtained from their website: