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Braintrack Nursing Scholarships

Braintrack nursing scholarships help present students fund their education and achieve their academic dreams. Braintrack offers various scholarships and depending on the course and degree the student is free to choose and apply for the suitable one if he is able to fulfill the requirements. (more…)

Cappex Scholarships

Searching for scholarship opportunities that you qualify for and that is available in your region can become a very hectic and time consuming process. Most students overlook many scholarship opportunities that they may get due to difficulty in locating such scholarships. To search scholarships through normal search engines students will have to go through a hectic process of searching for scholarships and reading the individual requirements of all scholarship programs and a lot of scam may also hinder their efforts. The solution to these problems is provided by scholarship search engines available over the internet.

There are over 50 scholarship search engines over the internet. These scholarship search engines available over the internet are aimed at facilitating students in searching scholarships. They consist of a large data base of scholarships organized on basis of region, criteria for application and other factors. Most scholarship search websites also provide the facility of automatically searching for scholarships that meet your needs and that you qualify for. One such scholarship search site is

Cappex scholarships search provides the facility to students to search scholarships according to their needs and qualification. The website contains a large database of scholarship opportunities offered worldwide. You can also get some insight into the education industry and scholarships by reading the articles on diversified topics available over the site. The site also publishes some research work on education industry and scholarships, which can also be found at the website.

In addition to providing the facility to students to search for local and international scholarships, also runs cappex scholarships program. One scholarship offered by this scholarship program is the Cappex Health Careers & Nursing Scholarships.

The cappex Health Careers & Nursing Scholarships are aimed at providing financial assistance to students from health and nursing related fields. Numerous students are provided $1000 scholarships each year. Students that wish to apply for the scholarship will have to write a 200 word paragraph on the topic ‘what makes you a good college student and why you should get the scholarship’. Detailed information on this program and all other scholarship programs offered by cappex can be found on the website.

Scholarship search sites are a very useful tool that can save a lot of your time and effort that goes into searching for scholarship on the internet. Students from America should also search for scholarships over the FAFSA website in addition to using scholarship search engines.

Nursing Scholarships for Men

Nursing is one of the few careers that have remained in high demand even when there is a recession in economies worldwide. Almost every country in world has a shortage of qualified nurses, which has translated in to high pay scales for nursing professionals. By far nursing was considered a female dominated profession with very few qualified male nurses, however the trends are changing and more and more men are joining nursing degrees nowadays.

To help students get expensive nursing education there are many nursing scholarships, but these scholarships are generally offered to women only. However, with the increasing number of male nursing students some nursing scholarships for men are also being offered. One such example is the scholarships offered by The American Assembly for Men in Nursing. The organization offers numerous scholarship programs for male nursing students to encourage male students to join the nursing profession. Complete information on all their programs and criteria for application you can visit

In addition to the nursing scholarships for men offered by The American Assembly for Men in Nursing, there are many other scholarship programs offered to male nurses based on different criteria. Some programs are also offered for veterans in nursing and some other programs are offered for single dads who cannot afford nursing education.

There are also some nursing scholarship programs offered for international students. These programs can provide students with the unique opportunity of studying in another culture. However, these programs are generally tough to qualify for and most colleges offer small discounts in fee to international student rather than full scholarships.

Searching for nursing scholarships for men is the first and most hectic step in getting a nursing scholarship. The best and the easiest way to search for these scholarships is to search for them over scholarship search engines available over the internet. There are several of these scholarships search engines. They provide you access to a large database of scholarships in all fields offered in your home country and aboard. Many of these scholarship search engines also provide you the facility of searching for a scholarship according to your own eligibility; they will require you to fill a form explaining you past academic performance and then they will automatically search for a scholarship that you qualify for.

Students from developing countries may not get information on all programs offered in their countries over these scholarship search sites, so they will have to search randomly over the internet.

Scholarships for Nursing-The John C. Dunham Trust Scholarship Program

Nursing professionals are one of the most highly sought after professionals the job market in US and all over the world. In most countries of world there are considerable shortages of qualified nursing professionals. The high demand has translated into good pay scales for nursing professionals, but nursing education is expensive and it is difficult for most students to pursue a nursing degree without some kind of financial aid. There are hundreds of government and private organizations, colleges and health care associations that provide scholarships for nursing to help students get a nursing degree. One such organization is The John C. Dunham Trust.

The John C. Dunham Trust as founded in 1996 aimed at improving the quality of life of people living in the Illinois and particularly in the Aurora area. The trust is working ever since with hospitals and health care institutions in Illinois to improve quality of health care as part of their program for improvement in quality of life.

The trust is working in collaboration with health care professionals in Illinois, the Kane County Health Department, the Rush Copley Foundation, Aurora University and Dreyer Medical Clinic to offer a scholarship program for nursing students called Dunham Nursing Scholarship program. The scholarship program provides about 1 million dollar worth of aid to students every year.

The program provides aid to 40 fresh students every year for the whole duration of their nursing course. The scholarships are offered to talented students living in the Illinois.  The scholarships are commonly awarded to students from DuPage, Kane and Kendall counties in Illinois; however students from other areas may also qualify for the scholarship program.

The amount of the scholarship award depends on the area students are going to study. Students at Waubonsee will get 90% tuition coverage, and students at Aurora will be covered for 75% of their tuition costs. The scholars are also required to work for a two year period in Aurora after completion of their nursing degrees, and to work on community service projects based in their field of study with the trust during their studies.

More information on Dunham Nursing Scholarship program can be obtained from their website. You can also look for many other scholarships for nursing that you can apply for over scholarships search sites. There are over 50 of such search sites that will provide you information on all nursing scholarships offered in the United States and abroad.

Healthcare Scholarships-How to Pay for Health Care studies?

Healthcare Scholarships

Healthcare Scholarships

Health care profession is further subdivided in to a number of different professions, such as doctors, nurses etc. No matter which profession you belong to, healthcare professionals are one of the most high demand professionals in the job market. Health care education is expensive and for most students it is difficult to get health care education without some financial assistance. There are numerous healthcare scholarships provided by different sources to encourage students to join healthcare related professions in order to meet the increasing demand of job market.

Health care scholarships are awarded based on varying criteria; some scholarships are awarded based on academic merit, some are based on community service or financial need, and some are based on an agreement to work for the scholarship provider for a specified period. The criterion for the award depends upon the awarding body. This article highlights some scholarship opportunities available to health care students.

  • National Nursing Education Initiative is an organization that provides assistance to diploma registered nurses and associate degree nurses who are working towards their BSNs.
  • The Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions Scholarship of Excellence Award is a scholarship program that provides scholarships to students from all health related fields.
  • National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program provides assistance to Family nurse practitioner students, physician assistant students and medical students. The students can get their tuition fees of up to four years paid by these scholarships.
  • Oncology Nursing Foundation Scholarships offers scholarships to registered Nurse license holders for further studies. The amount of the scholarship award is $2000.
  • Mount Sinai Hospital’s BSN Student Scholarship/Work Repayment Program is a health care scholarship program that provides $3000 scholarships to last year nursing students in exchange to an agreement to work for their hospital for a specified period.
  • Minority Nurse Scholarship Program provides assistance to nursing students from ethnic minority communities. The scholarship is awarded to nursing students working towards a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The amount of the award is $500 to $1000.
  • Nurse Options Registered Nurse Academic Scholarships provide financial assistance to registered nurse students. The scholarships are awarded based on GPA, community service, leadership and extra academic activities.

More information on above mentioned programs can be obtained from their websites. Health care students can search for many other health care scholarships offered by different organizations. There are over 50 scholarship search engines available over the internet that can help you in searching for scholarships.

Top 10 Medical Scholarships Programs

Top 10 Medical Scholarships Programs

Top 10 Medical Scholarships Programs

Medical is a diverse field that has many sub fields, such as nursing, doctorate, medical technicians etc. These sub fields are further divided into many more sub fields. All of these sub-fields offer excellent job opportunities to qualified professionals. Whatever may be the field you are interested in, the cost of a medical related degree is generally very high and the lengthy curriculum does not allow you to do much part time work. There are hundreds of scholarship program that can help you finance you medical related studies. This article highlights 10 such programs.


Occupational/Physical Therapy Scholarship (DAR) is a scholarship programs that offers $500 scholarships to students who are majoring in occupational or physical therapy.


Associate and baccalaureate degree nursing students can receive financial assistance of up to $10,000 over two years. These scholarships are awarded by Registered Nurse Education Scholarships.


The Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions runs scholarships program that offers financial assistance to students from all medical related fields. The scholarships are awarded based on academic merit.


Nurse Options Registered Nurse Academic Scholarships provide assistance to nurse students who have proof of high GPA, community service, leadership and extracurricular activities.


NIH Undergraduate Scholarship Program offers financial assistance of up to $20,000. Students will have to do 10 weeks of work with NIH in exchange of the scholarship.


Oncology Nursing Foundation Scholarships provide financial assistance of $2000 to Current Registered Nurse license holders for further studies.


Mount Sinai Hospital’s BSN Student Scholarship/Work Repayment Program provides $3000 per semester scholarships to nursing students. The scholarship is tied to an agreement to work with the hospital after completion of studies.


Minority Nurse Scholarship Program offers $1000 and $500 scholarships to nursing students from ethnic minorities.


Family nurse practitioner students, physician assistant students and medical students can receive a scholarship that covers four years of tuition fees and expenses, as well as provide monthly stipend, from National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program. The aid is tied to an agreement to serve in an area with health professional shortage.


Diploma registered nurses and associate degree nurses who are working towards their BSNs are provided scholarships by National Nursing Education Initiative. These scholarships are merit based.

More information on above mentioned scholarship programs can be obtained from their websites. You can also search for hundreds of other scholarships offered to medical related students over the internet.

Nursing Scholarship—Where to Look for One

Nursing Scholarship

Nursing Scholarship

The demand for professional nurses is increasing rapidly in the job market. With increasing demand of the profession there general pay scale is also rising and so are the numbers of students planning to join a nursing program. Nursing is a field so diverse that it offers about 1500 hundred different courses to choose from. Nursing courses are expensive to pursue and a scholarship, grant or student loan is generally required by students to pay for their study costs. This article highlights some of the financial aids available to nursing students.

American Association of Colleges of Nursing offers scholarships to nursing students that cover tuition fees and some other expenses. You must visit the website of the association, as they also provide information on scholarship programs offered by all nursing colleges across America.

You can also apply for federal student aid program run by US Department of Education by filling the FAFSA Form (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). The scholarship covers your tuition fees.

The Health Professions Preparatory Scholarship Program offers scholarships to compensatory or pre-professional education to qualify for enrollment in a health profession school. The amount of scholarship is $1,160/month for 10 months.

Indian Nurse Scholarship Awards provide financial aid to Indian students pursuing nursing courses in America. The amount of this scholarship is $500 to $1,500.

If you belong to one of the minority communities (Hispanic or African American) living in United States you may also qualify for minority nursing scholarship programs run by some organization. If you apply for such a program you will be at advantage because you will face less competition. Some of the popular minority nursing scholarships are discussed below.

NBNA Board of Directors Scholarship offers financial assistance to nursing students from African American community. Awards range from $500 to $2,000 for one year of study.

Ethnic Minority Bachelor’s Scholarship in Oncology Nursing is a program that offers a $2000 scholarship to ethnic minorities interested in careers in oncology nursing each year.

The National Association of Hispanic Nurses Scholarship is a$1000 scholarship awarded to Hispanic students who are members of the association.

In addition to the programs mentioned in this article many nursing colleges also offer confirm discounts to every student joining a course in nursing at their college, but these discounts are only of 10% to 30% of the tuition fees. With some effort over the internet you can also find hundreds of other programs that offer assistance to nursing students.

Scholarships Nursing—How to Fund Your Nursing Studies

Scholarships Nursing

Scholarships Nursing

During the last decade or so the amount of students interested in joining nursing profession has dramatically increased. One reason for it is the increasing demand of skilled nurses reported by health care segment, as in 2005 alone 100000 vacancies for nurses were reported in the US. The increasing demand for professionally qualified nurses have also caused their pay scale to rise, however nursing courses in most of the universities are not cheap. If you are planning to join a nursing course you may be looking for a scholarship to fund your studies.

Scholarships Nursing—How are They Awarded and Where to Look for Them

There are thousands of scholarships for nursing students offered by organizations and educational institutions world wide. You can use internet to search for these scholarship programs. It is a better option to search for these scholarships on a scholarship search site, which can provide you with information in an arranged form making the process of finding a scholarship less hectic. Many welfare organizations offer scholarships to nursing students, and in some countries where there is a need of skilled nurses’ government also run scholarship programs to encourage students to join nursing profession.

Most nursing scholarship programs will require you to go through a test. You will also be asked to submit the necessary documentation. In most cases the amount of scholarship is tied to the result of the test. If you are able score exceptional marks you may be given allowances towards tuition fees, laboratory materials, books, lodging, dorm facilities and food.

Moreover, your past academic achievements will also go a long way in winning you a scholarship; students with good grades may be awarded greater amount of scholarship. Some nursing institutions also offer you free education if you are able meet the criteria set out by their scholarship programs.

Go for An International Scholarship

If you are not able to find a suitable scholarship in your home country, it is a good idea to opt for an international scholarship. Many institutions and welfare organizations worldwide offer scholarships to nursing students. While searching for an international scholarship you should also analyze the cost of living in different countries as it is going to become the part of your cost of following the respective course. There are many websites that can offer comparative data on cost of living in different countries. Students from developing countries should also consider whether they will need a visa to go to the respective country before applying for a nursing scholarship program.