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Native American Scholarships-The Native American College Scholarship Fund

Native American Scholarships

Native American Scholarships

The smallest ethnic group recognized in the US is the Native Americans. If you belong to the Native American community you can take advantage of numerous scholarships which are offered specifically to acknowledge the contribution of Native American community towards US culture and society. Many such scholarships are offered by the Native American College Scholarship Fund.

The fund was constituted with the aim of providing help and counseling to students from Native American community. In addition to providing Native American scholarships this organization provides college consultation and counseling services to Native American students that help them greatly in deciding and achieving their career goals. The organization also provides advice to students on discounts available to them in different colleges and on access to free resources available to them. They also arrange many learning campaigns and workshops for Native American students.

The Native American College Scholarship Fund provides assistance to students from all fields. The fund offers many Native American scholarships for students who have financial need. Complete information on all programs offered by them can be obtained from their website.

The fund also runs a scholarship program for American Indian mothers. This program provides financial assistance to mothers from Native American community who want to pursue a degree in Native American history and culture in any tribal college, and who have proof of financial need. Mothers from Native American community can also get aid from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that provides aid to mothers who show academic promise.

In addition to the scholarships provided by The Native American College Scholarship Fund there are also numerous other organizations that provide financial assistance to Native American students. One such example is The Koniag Education Foundation Academic/Graduate Scholarship that provides aid to Native American students pursuing a degree in Math, Engineering, Science, Business, Education, and Computers.

Another example is The Minnesota Indian Scholarship Program that provides Native American students living in Minnesota with financial aid of $3,300 to $6,600.

There are hundreds of scholarship programs offered by numerous organizations across America for Native American students. You can search for scholarship opportunities that you are eligible for over the internet. The scholarship search sites can help you greatly in searching for scholarships by providing information on all scholarship programs for Native Americans. In addition to minority scholarships you should apply on open scholarship programs you qualify for. Multiple applications will increase your chances of getting a scholarship.

Where to Find Native American Scholarships

Where to Find Native American Scholarships

Where to Find Native American Scholarships

Where to Find Native American Scholarships

Almost every school leaver these days is looking for scholarships or student loans to fund his studies. Students at postgraduate level face even more financial problems due to very high cost of postgraduate education. With hundreds of applicants on each scholarship program the competition for each scholarship award is tough, therefore applying for a minority scholarship will put you at advantage because you will face less competition. The American Indian minority is the smallest ethnic minority group in the United States but their history with higher education is deep. The Harvard University and Dartmouth College was founded to train American Indians. Continuing this history many organizations now award scholarships to Native Americans. This article highlights some of such programs.

Native American College Scholarship Fund: The Native American College Scholarship Fund is an organization that runs several scholarship programs to help Native American students get their education higher education. In addition to financial aid the organization provides counseling services to students, and also provides them other services, such as guidance on reduced college tuition costs, free access to resources, and learning campaigns.

The Fund also runs scholarship programs that provide aid to Native American mothers to pursue a degree in Native American history and culture in tribal colleges. 

Ottawa University: The Ottawa University in Ottawa, Kansas have a long history of providing aid to Native American students and it is still running aid packages for Native American students from all fields.

State Programs: There are some states that provide for in-state tuition expenses of Native Americans, such as the Oklahoma and Oregon. Some states only run programs for tribes who are resident in the state while others provide opportunities to all tribes.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation runs Native American scholarships program by name of Gates Millennium Scholar program. These scholarships are provided to students who have good academic background.

NALE: The Native American Leadership in Education and the Tribal Business Management Program offers financial assistance to Native American students that are planning to join a course in Education or business fields. These scholarships are awarded to students who show academic potential.

Detailed information on above mentioned programs is available on their websites. There are hundreds of other Native American scholarships programs that provide financial assistance to deserving students from American Indian origin. Students can search for these scholarships on scholarships search engines. There are about 50 of such scholarship search engines available over the internet.