Minority Scholarships

Scholarships In For Nigerian Undergraduates

There are many numbers of scholarships and grants available for eligible and deserving students. Scholarships in for Nigerian undergraduates are also in considerable number and so you need to follow certain points so that you have enhanced chances of winning the award money. (more…)

HSF Scholarship Opportunities Open for You

HSF scholarship programs are administered, managed and funded by the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, a non profit organization. The HSF has funded more than $250 million in scholarships. The Hispanic Scholarship Fund is a well know Hispanic organization in the country. (more…)

College Scholarships for Hispanics – Fulfill the Criteria

There are many college scholarships for Hispanics available for those who want to pursue higher education by attending college. College costs are high and so there is a need for additional funding for almost all of the students. Hispanics are one of the fast growing communities and so the government is taking interest in providing facilities to this group so that they flourish and develop in every field. (more…)

Cargill Scholarship – Scholarships Available For Excellent Students

Cargill scholarship programs are created to support minority students who are enrolled with professional degree courses. Seeing the rising cost of education, many government and non government agencies along with private and non profit organizations offer financial aids to different types of students. (more…)

HBCU Scholarships

HBCU stands for Historically Black Colleges and Universities. HBCU are institutions of higher education that were established mostly before 1964 and aim to serve the black community of America. There are currently 105 HBCUs in the United States. These scholarships are available for black minorities of the US but in some cases people from non minority classes who are going to attend a HBCU are also eligible. One example of a HBCU scholarship is the one provided by the HBCUCONNECT.com. This scholarship makes available an amount of $1,000 for up to 4 minority applicants. This scholarship is available for students who are enrolled or are planning to enroll in a HBCU. It is only available for African Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans. The current deadline for the application process has passed long ago (June 1st 2010) but the applicants can keep this scholarship in mind for the next academic year. This scholarship requires the applicant to write a 350 word essay on topics related to the black community or black personalities or history, etc. Another opportunity is provided by the US Air Force ROTC to college students of any major. This scholarship is open for non-minority applicants as well who are attending a minority institution. The good thing about this scholarship is that if an applicant meets the eligibility criteria he is sure to get the scholarship money. The applicants apart from being US citizens should pass the Air Force Officer Qualifying test and the Air Force Officer ROTC Physical Fitness Test. The applicant must not be taking advantage of a scholarship opportunity already and should also pass the age, moral and certain other eligibility requirements for the scholarship. The HBCU ‘PACKARD’ Sit Abroad Scholarships are also available for minority students who plan to study in programs outside the US. This was a review of the various HBCU scholarships that are available. The applicants have a variety of other minority scholarships available other than specific HBCU scholarships. The applicants should carry out an extensive search on the internet or consult local listings. Belonging to a specific scholarship worthy group can be quite advantageous towards the procurement of some scholarship money. It is also advised to gather information about the eligibility criteria and deadlines before applying for a scholarship. The application forms should be retained for future reference. The applicants must also not underestimate the importance of community service which could help distinguish them from other applicants.

Italian American Scholarships

Italian American students belong to a minority group and are eligible for minority scholarships. There are a number of Italian American scholarships available for such students. These include scholarships for school level to college level. The students who display excellent academic achievement and deserve financial assistance are strong candidates for receiving such scholarships. Let us take a look at some of the Italian American scholarships.

  • Italian American undergraduates and college students majoring in Italian studies or a related field are eligible for the scholarship provided by the National Italian American Foundation. Application process is entirely online and this is a need based scholarship. Eligibility criteria include a minimum CGPA of 3.5. The amount ranges from $2,000 to $12,000.
  • Italian American undergraduates and graduates are also eligible for merit based scholarships provided by the Order Sons of Italy in America. This scholarship is for general study or for those students interested in studying abroad. The amount ranges from $5,000 to $25,000.
  • High school seniors of Italian American descent who are planning to get enrolled at an accredited college of university are eligible for the Columbus Citizens Foundation Scholarships. The candidates must not have a household income exceeding $25,000. Residents of only some states are eligible. Further information about eligibility can be obtained from columbuscitizensfd.org/scollege.shtml. The amount of scholarship money varies.
  • Third year Italian American law students who are residents of Philadelphia are eligible for the Justinian Foundation Scholarships. This is a need based scholarship and the candidates must be member of their local Justinian Society Law School Chapter.
  • Children and grandchildren of the members of the Italian American Society of Peoria are eligible for the Robert L. Facker Memorial scholarship. The amount is varied and the funds can be used at the college of choice of the candidate.
  • Another need based scholarship for candidates of Italian American descent is the Italian Catholic Federation scholarship. The scholarship is offered to the residents of California, Arizona, Nevada and Illinois. The candidates must belong to the catholic faith. Scholarship money ranges from $400 to $1,000.

This was a review of some of the many Italian American scholarships that are available. It will be a good idea to search further on the internet and contact the various Italian American societies. With a little research, the candidates are sure to find success. As they say in Italian ‘Chi cerca trova.’

Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships and grants are the types of financial aid which do not come with the obligation to return anything back to the awarding body. Therefore, they are good option for anyone in search of funds to pay for their education.


Scholarships are offered by the federal government, organizations, and companies. Winners of these awards are required to maintain a certain level of performance. The criteria for both government and non-government scholarships vary from program to program; so does the amount awarded to students. Some scholarships cover the student’s tuition fees and other expenses, while others may not provide full coverage.

Types of Scholarships

Here are some of the scholarships that are available.

Merit-based Scholarships: There are three types of merit-based scholarships that students can win depending on eligibility. These include scholarships awarded on academic merit, athletic merit, and artistic merit.

Minority Scholarships: Minority scholarships are awarded to different minority groups, including African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics and Filipino. Some of the awarding bodies include the United Negro College Fund (UNCF), Helen and L.S. Wong Memorial Scholarship, and Human Capital Scholarship.

Mom and Dad Scholarships

Single moms can find scholarships that are specially designed for them. There a scholarships available for men as well (especially for dads).

Unusual Scholarships

There are a many unusual scholarships on offer as well. These include left-handed scholarship (offered by the Juniata College to its students); last name scholarship (such as last name ‘Zolp’ scholarship), height scholarship (for both tall and short students), etc.


The government offers the Pell Grant, which, unlike student loans, doesn’t have to be repaid; and, unlike scholarships, doesn’t require you to maintain a certain level of performance. Pell Grants are usually available to undergraduate students who don’t have a bachelor’s or a professional degree (which is generally obtained after a bachelor’s degree in a specifc field, such as law or medicine). In some cases, a Pell Grant may be available to people interested in attending a post-baccalaureate teacher certificate program.

Pell Grants normally serve as foundation of financial assistance, and often determine your eligibility for other grant programs run by the federal authorities such as the Academic Competitiveness Grant (ACG) and the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG).


If your family has a total income of up to $50,000, you may be eligible for the need-based funding, though most of the Pell Grant money is awarded to students who have a total family income of less than $20,000.

Scholarships and grants provide students the opportunity to study further without the condition of returning back the awarded money.

Top Scholarships for Minority Women

Top Scholarships for Minority Women

Top Scholarships for Minority Women

Finding a scholarship to get higher education in you field is a tough job. It is tough because you will have to face fierce competition for most of the scholarships that are being offered. If you belong to one of the minority communities living in US it is a good idea to look for minority scholarships. These minority scholarships provide opportunity to women from minority communities to get funding for studies without much fierce competition. There are hundreds of scholarship programs offered for every minority community. In this article I will discuss top 3 programs that offer scholarships for minority women.

  • Federal Pell Grant: This is a very prestigious scholarship program offered by the US department of Education. This program offers assistance to undergraduate minority women students to pursue graduate degrees. In year 2008-2009 the awarded scholarships were worth $4,700, and the department of education has planned to increase this aid to $5,400 till 2012. Students can get complete information on deadlines and requirements on the program’s website.
  • The FSEOG programs: The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Program is a program that provides scholarships for minority women to complete their graduate degree. This program offers assistance to women who have completed their post secondary education and who belong to the low-income group of society. The amount of the scholarship varies with each individual. Students can get aid of $100 to $ 4000. Once students have won the scholarship the school aid office decides the amount of scholarship the student should receive.
  • Academic Competitiveness Grant program: This program also provides aid to minority women to complete their graduate studies. This program is funded by different sources. This program provides aid for only two years of education. The program provides aid of $750 for first year and $1300 for second year of education, which amounts to $325 per semester for first year and $650 per semester for second year of education.

More information on all 3 programs mentioned above can be obtained from their website. In addition to above mentioned programs women can easily find many other scholarships for minority women that can help them complete their education. Minority scholarships offered by government can be searched on the department of education’s website and scholarships offered by private organizations can be searched over scholarship search engines. There are over 50 of such scholarship search sites available over the internet that can provide you information on all scholarship programs.

Scholarships for Minority Groups-African American and Hispanic Scholarships

Scholarships for Minority Groups

Scholarships for Minority Groups

With the increase in living expenses and college fees, getting financial aid to fund their studies may be the only option for many students. A financial aid scholarship provides you the opportunity to pay for your education without having to worry about returning any money to the awarding authorities.

There are many different types of scholarship available to students, such as merit-based scholarships, single parent scholarships, and minority scholarships.

Different sources are available for scholarships for minority groups, such as African Americans and Hispanics. Here are some of these opportunities.

African American Scholarships

1.) United Negro College Fund

The scholarship awarded by this body will cover your tuition fees, room expenses, books and other charges.

2.) American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

This institute awards scholarships to minority accounting students. The money available with this option can be up to $ 5,000.

3.) Vivian Thomas Scholarship

This financial aid is exclusively for science and medical students.

4.) Thurmond Marshall College Fund

This body awards a merit based scholarship. The expenses you will be able to cover with it include room charges, books, boarding and tuition fees.

More information about these scholarships is available on their websites.

Hispanic Scholarships

1.) First in My Family Scholarship Program

This program is for undergraduate Hispanic students, and it provides up to $ 5,000 to 200 candidates every year.

2.) Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities Scholarship Programs

These scholarships are available to students entering a HACU college. The money you win if you are one of the 200 selected students can be up to $3,000.

3.) Hispanic Scholarship Fund

This body awards scholarships ranging from $1000 to $3000 to both undergraduate and graduate students; up to 3500 students may be able to get this scholarship.

These are some of the scholarships for minority students that are on offer. Make sure that you check the details of these and other scholarships you apply for. If you are starting your search for minority scholarships, searching through the web may help you find some that you qualify for. There are both sites of scholarship awarding bodies and scholarship search engines. Scholarships search services show you a list of scholarships that match your information according to their system. Other search options include your High School or College financial aid office and your teachers.

Another thing that you consider while applying for scholarships is to apply for as many as you can, because more applications often increases your chances of winning.

Minority Scholarships for Hispanic Women

Minority Scholarships for Hispanic Women

Minority Scholarships for Hispanic Women

In 2001 the Hispanic population in United States has gone past the African American population. In the census of 2006, it was revealed that about 100 million Hispanics are now living in the US making them the largest minority community in US. Despite their considerable population and their contribution towards the American society the Hispanics are generally laid back in their financial progress. A large part of Hispanic population is doing labor intensive jobs. The main reason for this is the lack of education among Hispanic communities. Women as in other communities are less educated than men in Hispanic community.

Government funding for scholarships for Hispanics are less as compared to other minority grants and the government also acknowledges this fact. Government has increased funding for Hispanic scholarship funds by $15million recently. There are also many private welfare organizations that provide scholarships for Hispanic communities. Five most reputable organizations that provide scholarships to Hispanic women are discussed in this article.

  • The Hispanic Heritage Foundation offers numerous scholarship programs for Hispanic women from all fields. The foundation also runs programs to assist graduates from Hispanic community in finding white-collar jobs.
  • Stanford Society of Chicano provides numerous scholarships to both Hispanic women and men from different fields. The organization provides scholarships for various courses but women joining a male dominated field are encouraged for the scholarships.
  • The Rising Farm Worker Dream Fund is a scholarship fund that provides scholarships to children of Hispanic farm laborers or farmers to pursue an MBA degree. The amount of the scholarship award ranges from $2500 to $5000.  The foundation also assists graduates from Hispanic community in finding a job.
  • The Hispanic Scholarship Fund provides financial aid to a large number of students from Hispanic community. They run numerous scholarships programs with the amount of award ranging from $1000 to $10000.
  • The Hispanic Women’s Corporation is an organization working for women’s rights and empowerment of Hispanic women in the community. They offer 50 scholarships every year to Hispanic women. The scholarships are awarded under different programs with the amount ranging from $300 to $10,000.

More information on above mentioned programs can be obtained from their website. Students can also find many other scholarships for Hispanic women offered by different organizations. There are also many organizations that provide aid to Hispanic men as well. All such scholarships can be searched over the internet using scholarship search engines available on the internet.