Military Scholarships

Scholarships for Military Spouses

The military itself and government is working to provide more and more facilities to brave men and women that defend the country. Education of dependent children and spouses of military men have been a major concern for policy makers recently and some appreciable progress has been made in this area to provide better educational opportunities to children and spouses of military men. In addition to favorable changes in some policies announced in the GI Bill, there are many other military scholarships and grants programs started for spouses of service men. Some such opportunities are discussed in this article.

The GI Bill announced many favorable changes in policy for benefits available to service men. Military persons were allowed to study at any accredited institute in US at little or no cost at all. The bill has allowed service men to transfer their benefits under the grant scheme to their spouses, however some conditions on transfer are implemented but it provides great relief to military service men. In addition to these benefits military spouses can avail number of other scholarships for military to complete their higher education.

The Military Spouse Career Advancement program is an aid program launched by Department of Defense in collaboration with department of Labor. It is one of the biggest scholarships programs for military spouses. The program provides scholarships worth $32 million to military spouses that wish to pursue higher education in high-growth fields, such as education, health care, information technology, and many other fields. The scholarship program provides for the tuition fees, books, lab fees and all other education expenses of the scholars. More information on deadlines and eligibility can be obtained from the scholarship program’s website.

Another military scholarship program is the Homefront Spouse Scholarship program. This scholarships program provides aid to 37 military spouses each year. The award is a very prestigious one, so it is highly competitive. The applicants are required to fill a questionnaire regarding life experiences and write an essay on any topic to apply for the scholarship program. The questionnaire can be seen on the program’s website.

There is also number of other scholarships for military spouses programs run by different organizations based on varying criteria. There are also some scholarship programs specifically for the spouses of veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan war. You can search for such scholarships using scholarship search engines. These search engines will provide you information on all military scholarships offered in America.

Military Scholarships for Military Veterans

Military Scholarships for Military Veterans

Military Scholarships for Military Veterans

College education is necessary for a successful career in any field. People who do not have a college degree generally remain buried in lower rank jobs for all of their careers. The biggest reason many students are not able to get a college degree is the high cost of college education. Military veterans are the people with probably the toughest jobs in country. Although they are well paid, they are not paid good enough to bear the cost of college education without some kind of financial assistance. Many soldiers these days are looking to get higher education. Feeling the need of financial assistance for these veterans many military scholarships are announced by different sources. This article highlights some of such scholarships.

  • The Military Officers Association of America provides numerous scholarships to military veterans who want to get higher education in any field. The aid is available to soldiers who have served in some war.
  • The Horatio Alger Military Scholarship program provides aid to soldiers to enroll in a four year course. This military scholarships program is specifically for veterans who participated in the Operation Enduring Freedom in Iraq war. The scholarships are only provided to applicants who show financial need.
  • The Armed Forces Tuition Assistance (TA) Program is a popular program that provides scholarships to military veterans to enroll in a higher degree course. The program also provides assistance to spouses and children of military veterans.
  • The Education Assistance for Disabled Veterans is a program that offers aid to veterans who have been disabled during their duty. This program is formed to acknowledge the sacrifice of such brave soldiers.
  • The American Patriot Freedom Scholarship program provides financial aid to dependent children of military veterans who have financial need to pursue their education. The program also provides assistance to spouse of military veterans.
  • MG James Ursano Scholarship Program for Dependent Children also provides aid to dependent children of military veterans.

More information on above mentioned programs can be obtained from their web site. In addition to government and welfare organizations there are many universities and colleges that provide special discounts to war veterans to acknowledge their sacrifice for the country. Many organizations other than organizations mentioned above also provide scholarships to soldiers.  You can search for such military scholarship opportunities over the internet conveniently. Dependants of war veterans can also search for many other programs offered to them.