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Scholarship Info-Different Scholarships and How to Search for Them

Scholarship Info

Scholarship Info

Scholarships are one of the different options that students can use to pay for their higher education. A wide range or scholarships are on offer and many companies, organizations and institutions are running scholarship programs.

Whether you have recently graduated from high school or are aiming to continue your studies after working for a couple of years, you can find a scholarship program that you are eligible for applying.

Here are some of the many scholarships that are offered by different awarding bodies.

Types of Scholarships

Merit-based Scholarships: These are the type of scholarships that you can win only if you have an outstanding record. There are three categories of merit-based scholarships: academic merit scholarships, athletic merit scholarships and artistic merit scholarships.

Minority Scholarships: There are different scholarship programs that award scholarships to students belonging to an ethnic minority groups. Minority scholarships are offered by educational institutions as well as other bodies. An example of minority scholarships is the one offered by Google to Hispanic students.

Military Scholarships: Both military personal and civilians can apply for military scholarships. There is also a program available for the spouses of Navy officers.

Unusual Scholarships:

Left Handed Scholarship: Yes, you can win a scholarship for being left handed. But, you may also need to have an excellent academic record and leadership qualities along with your left handedness.

Horse Lover Scholarship: If you love horses and are in need of financial assistance, you can find help from The Arabian Horse Foundation, which offers financial assistance to high school graduates and students who have completed their freshman year at college.

As mentioned above, there are many other scholarship programs on offer, including scholarships for single moms, scholarships for average students, and scholarships awarded on height or last name of the applicant.

Scholarship Search

Scholarship info can be obtained in different ways: you can ask family members whether they know about any programs—they may be associated with an organization that runs a scholarship program; you can search in local newspapers; financial aid offices also help students in finding scholarships; you can start an online search through Google or some other search engine.

When applying for scholarships, it always a good idea to start your search early, because majority of the scholarship programs have deadlines, and you won’t want to be in a situation where you are not able to apply for a scholarship that you were eligible for just because you found it late.

Academic Merit Scholarships-College Expenses Paid

Academic Merit Scholarships

Academic Merit Scholarships

Scholarships can really help students who can’t afford to go to college due to their financial condition. One of the scholarship options that undergraduate students have are merit scholarships. College education can become affordable if you’re able to win one of these.

What is a Merit scholarship?

As is obvious from the name, these scholarships are based on merit, and they are awarded to students who have maintained high grades. Getting one of these scholarships can be tough, because you’ll have to compete and win from other students with good academic records. So, if you plan on going to college on a merit scholarship, you have to make the effort to maintain an excellent academic record.

How to Search for a Scholarship

There are number of ways of searching for merit scholarships. One of the sources for scholarships of different kinds including merit scholarships is the internet. Two ways in which you can use the internet for finding scholarships are: visiting sites of institutions and other awarding bodies, and signing up with a scholarship search engine. If you came to know from your friend or some other source that an organization offers scholarships to undergraduate students, you can search the web to find information that will make it clear to you whether you qualify for their  program or not.

In the case of scholarship search engines, you will be able to get a scholarship list that is provided to you after you provide the website with your details. You can use such as site to find relevant merit scholarships. College education scholarships offered by different awarding bodies can be found at one place with the help of this method of search.

How to Apply for a Scholarship

1.) Read the Requirements: This is a basic step in identifying the scholarships that you have a chance of winning. If a scholarship requires students to have a certain grade point average (GPA), and you are below that average, then don’t go through the trouble of applying in the hope that you will win by some way. Instead, if possible, try to improve you academic record.

2.) Keep Your Options Open: The chance of winning a large sum of money is tempting, but you should not discount smaller scholarships because you have a better chance of winning these scholarships.  A lot of scholarships allow you to combine them with other opportunities; this enables you to apply for more scholarships. You should avail as many opportunities as you can, since it often happens that more scholarship applications improves your chances of being awarded.

Merit-Based Scholarships-Students Awarded Scholarships on Academic Performance

Merit-Based Scholarships

Merit-Based Scholarships

Scholarships can be a great option for those who want to earn a college degree but don’t have the money to pay the required fees. While there are different types of scholarships available to students, merit-based scholarships remain one of the most popular choices. So, how can you find one that suits your needs the best? To answer this question, let’s learn what a merit scholarship is in the first place.

Merit Scholarship

A merit scholarship is a scholarship that is offered to students who have an exceptional academic record. Wining a merit-based scholarship can be a tough thing, as the awarding authorities will thoroughly evaluate your academic performance and you will be in competition with other students with possibly similar record to yours. No doubt, grades are the main criteria for this scholarship, so you should make sure that you meet the requirements and have an above average academic record.

Finding the Right Merit Scholarship

There are numerous scholarships being offered to smart students; therefore, you have options to choose from. There are different scholarship search methods you can use including, newspapers, high school financial aid office and the web. The internet is a good resource because it enables you to conveniently search for scholarships; you can join one of the many scholarship search sites and get a list of scholarships. All you have to do is to provide personal information and the scholarship service will provide you with the results that are relevant to you. A scholarship search site is a better option than other scholarship sites because you get a list of options you can apply for. However, you should avoid sites that display scholarships that are already awarded. Scholarships are displayed with additional information; you should look at this information to make sure the deadline for applications has not passed.

A scholarship search site can help you in finding scholarships that you have a chance of winning. This way, you can spend more time focusing on the preparing the documents required for applying to win merit-based scholarships. One thing that you should consider while applying is to apply for as many scholarships as possible. Increasing the number of scholarship you are trying to win, most often produces results in your favor. Make sure you carefully read the criteria on the basis of which a particular scholarship is awarded. Scholarships based on merit can enable you to fund your studies, so take the time to research for some.

Merit Based Scholarships-How to Find and Apply for Merit Scholarships

Merit Based Scholarships

Merit Based Scholarships

If you are good at academics your chances of winning a scholarship are much more than other students. There are scholarship programs that are offered on basis other than academic merit, but by far the most common criteria for awarding scholarships is academic merit. The scholarship programs that do award scholarships without academic merit also require students to show a minimum level of academic performance, simply because students are students first.

So there are many merit based scholarships available for students who excel in academics but you will have to go through the process of searching and applying for a scholarship. One way of searching for scholarships is to search them by using normal search engines, these search engines will search scholarships for you but they will also throw a lot of scam at you. Moreover the process of finding and reading individual scholarship programs becomes very hectic. So you should make use of scholarship search engines that will provide you information on scholarship programs arranged according to countries, categories, criteria etc. There are over 50 of such scholarships search engines working on the internet.

If you have a very excellent academic background you may also search for merit based scholarships offered by government organizations in your country. These scholarships are tough to qualify for but they generally contribute higher amount towards your education costs. If you are from a developing country whose information is not present in the database of scholarship search sites then your only option is to search for scholarships offered in your country randomly over the internet.

Some colleges and universities will also provide discounts in fees according to your grades. These institutions will provide a higher discount to higher grades and may even waive the full fee if your grades are very excellent.

After you have found a program that suits your needs you must read the requirements of the program carefully. Make sure you provide all the documents and information required by the scholarship provider. You should understand that scholarships are never awarded to people who do not meet the minimum requirements, making multiple applications is a very good idea but you should only apply for courses you are eligible for. If you are applying for an international scholarship you should contact the local embassy of the respective country to know visa requirements and apply only if you are able to meet those visa requirements. Applying only on scholarship programs you qualify for will save a lot of your time and effort.