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 Journalism Scholarships

Journalism Scholarships

Journalism is one of the most highly sought after fields of today. Journalism is a very adventurous and rewarding career but it is very competitive as well. To excel in a career related to journalism, higher education degrees in related fields are a necessity. There are a number of sub fields in journalism which you can specialize in, such as crime reporting, political analysts, anchorpersons etc. No matter in which sub field you are interested you should be prepared to get a degree in related subfield in order to make your place in the tough job market.

Journalism studies are expensive but there are number of journalism scholarships available to students. These scholarships are based on varying criteria; generally most of the scholarship programs will require you to enter a contest in which you will be required to submit your work related to a particular field of journalism. However, some scholarships are also awarded based on academic merit or your past work history as a journalist. A few examples of journalism scholarships available to students are as follows.

  • The Edward J Nell Scholarship program that awards scholarships through two contests named as Quill and Scroll Yearbook Excellence contest and Writing/Photography Contest. Both contests require you to submit your own work in particular fields of journalism. The contestants must be planning to do major in journalism.
  • The National Press Club Scholarship for Journalism Diversity awards scholarships to students who are majoring in journalism and who are able to bring cultural diversity to college campus. These scholarships are based on academic merit.
  • The Ted Scripps Fellowships in Environmental Journalism is a non-degree fellowship programs that provides financial assistance to outstanding students. The scholarship programs provide an excellent opportunity to students by providing them practical training in addition to normal class room learning. This practical training can help students greatly in their careers afterwards.

Complete information on above mentioned programs can be obtained from their websites. There are also several other scholarship programs awarded through contests. Even if you are not very good at academics you can use your writing or photography skills to win such scholarship contests. You can search for scholarships for your journalism studies based on varying criteria over the internet.

Journalism scholarships are generally less common in developing countries. However, students from developing countries can look for scholarships offered by their local universities and press clubs for journalism courses.

Journalism Scholarships—How to Be a Success Story

Journalism Scholarships

Journalism Scholarships

The field of journalism is a very diverse and dynamic field. It is one of the basic traits of human beings to be curious about their surroundings. Today journalists do a great deal of work to sate this human curiosity by reporting on the various happenings of today’s world. The field has many opportunities, from becoming an anchorperson to a reporter, a newscaster or a headline writer. The dynamic nature of the field is evident from the fact that a journalist can also opt to travel around the world to gather information about wars, famines, etc. With all this that the field has to offer and with a possibility to not only keep your fellow humans beings well informed but also to serve them, a person majoring in journalism is truly a person with a good choice; but what if the study expenses get in the way of the dreams of an aspiring journalist?

The answer is journalism scholarships which are abundant and fortunately easy to acquire. The competition is tough though and you must be prepared to submit your finest written work for an evaluation by the judges at the different journalism scholarship competitions.

There are also some specific scholarships that are worth mentioning. The Edward J Nell scholarship is given to the winners of the Quill and Scroll Yearbook Excellence contest winners or the Writing/Photography contest winners and is for the people aspiring to major in journalism. The Ted Scripps Fellowships are awarded in environmental journalism and help an aspiring journalist develop his skills in field environments. The National Press Club scholarship for Journalism Diversity is given to students that will major in journalism and have the ability to diversify the field.

There are many other opportunities for an aspiring journalism major. Opportunities include regular scholarships like the other fields. These journalism scholarships require a person to bring out his best talents and show it to the world. The world is always on the lookout for good journalists. An aspiring journalist should first identify his strengths, maybe he is good at story-telling or maybe he is brimming with anchorperson confidence, maybe his attention to detail is flawless and will allow him to be a genius crime reporter. With journalism the choices are limitless and everyone can make a name for himself. With news in high demand you should really work hard to get the good news of getting a journalism scholarship that could be a start to a wonderful career.