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Scholarships for International Students—All About Studying in UK

Scholarships for International Students

Scholarships for International Students

Studying in a country away from home country is a very rewarding yet a bit scary experience. It gives the students the opportunity to meet people from different cultures and origins, which greatly contribute to his or her experience. Studying at an international college is interesting but expensive as well. Most of the students who want to study abroad are unable to find resources to fund their studies. There are scholarships for international students that can help them finance their studies. In this article we will discuss some opportunities available to students planning to study in United Kingdom.

Studying at United Kingdom is quite expensive and you will also have to show that you have the resource to fund your studies and living costs before you are granted a visa to study in United Kingdom.

Each applicant must show that he has funds to pay for his living costs for at least 9 months if the course duration is longer than 9 months and for the complete duration of course if the course is shorter than 9 months. The living costs are estimated to be 600 pound per month for students who are planning to join a university or college outside London and about 750 pound for students joining a course inside London. Students will also be required to show that they are able to pay tuition fees that is outstanding, any amount of scholarship can be deducted from the amount of funds you are required to show.

You can use scholarship search sites to search for scholarship for international students in United Kingdom. A lot of universities offer good financial aids to students coming to United Kingdom for study. Many universities also offer a guaranteed discount of 10% to 30% to every student joining a specified course; such scholarships can help you a bit in financing your studies. The following organizations also offer scholarships to international students.

Overseas Research Students Awards Scheme (ORSAS) offers scholarships to candidates joining a research degree on the bases of academic merit and research abilities. The scheme is funded by the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills.

Royal Society Fellowships offers scholarships to postdoctoral scientists to attract them to research in UK laboratories.

British Chevening Scholarships offer part or full financial aid to students joining post graduate courses.

In addition to above mentioned organizations you can find hundreds of other organizations with little effort that offer financial aid to international students.

Educational Scholarships—How to Go to College for Free

Educational Scholarships

Educational Scholarships

Contrary to the popular belief educational scholarships are not only meant for super smart and high GPA students, in fact every student with average or above grades can get a scholarship if he knows where to look for. Following tips might be helpful for you in your quest of finding an educational scholarship:

Tip 1: Educational scholarships are not always offered by educational institutions

There are many scholarships that go empty every year because the only place students search for scholarships are colleges and schools. There are many companies, welfare organizations and private individuals who offer scholarships, these scholarships normally pay for your tuition fees and living expenses. Searching for a scholarship offered by an educational institution is a good idea but educational institutions should not be the only place you search for scholarships.

Tip2: Make multiple applications

You should make as many applications for scholarships as you can because the more applications you make the greater is the chance of winning a scholarship. There are thousands of online places where you can apply for a scholarship, if you make multiple applications you are likely to get a handful of offers from different scholarship programs, which means that you will have more free money to pay for your college and living expenses. Make sure that you make every application with complete seriousness, fulfilling all the requirements of the scholarship awarding body. Multiple applications don’t mean applying for every scholarship on the internet recklessly but it means to apply for a considerable number of programs with complete seriousness.

Tip3: Internet is not the only place to search for educational scholarships

While you can find thousands of different scholarship programs offered by organizations and educational institutions across the world on internet, it is not the only place to look for. In almost all countries some scholarship programs are offered by government itself or government owned universities. In some developing countries these scholarship programs are tied with a contract to work for your home country or the scholarship awarding body for a specified period after completion of you education. These scholarships can be searched for by contacting government owned institutions and higher education regulatory bodies in your country. Some developing countries also run student exchange programs with other developing countries, such as the student exchange agreement between SARC countries, these programs offer a considerable amount of scholarship, and are generally advertised in local news papers.

International Students Scholarship—How to Get One

International Students Scholarship

International Students Scholarship

Studying in another country in a university of considerable repute is a dream that can only materialize if you have the money required to pay your living and tuition expenses abroad. International students scholarship is one way of providing the money required for studying abroad. While it’s a big ask, if you put in some effort and time in the right direction, you will be able to find a scholarship that suits your needs.

Set Your Preferences

First of all you must clearly outline all your requirements. Thoughtfully choose the course or courses that you will prefer and that relate to your past qualifications (as most scholarships are awarded keeping in view your past achievements), and also choose the countries you will prefer to go to for studies.

Who Offers such Scholarships?

This is the first question that may come to your mind. There are schools that are willing to offer scholarships to attract international students to their campuses to build the repute of having a global community and also to stay ahead of their rivals. Studying at such schools can give you invaluable experience. Use of search engines is a good idea to find a scholarship at these schools that meets your needs. There may also be some government organizations in your home country that give scholarships to bright students: These scholarships are highly sought after because they normally provide for living expenses together with the tuition fees, however, these scholarships are normally tied with a contract to work for a specified period ( 5 to 10years) for the scholarship awarding body. You should try to find such scholarships by contacting higher education regulatory bodies in your home country. In some countries, such as Sweden and Norway, education is completely free, but you will normally have to go through a merit based selection process or a test for these scholarships. These scholarships can easily be found through internet as every college in these countries is offering free education.

How to Apply

After you have found a college that is offering an international students scholarship that suits your needs, you must contact the college authorities for the specific documents you require to apply for that scholarship. Make sure that you fulfill all their requirements and present the documents in presentable manner. Apart from your certificates, a thesis written by you or a statement explaining why you are taking this course and why you have interest in relevant subjects will go a long way in winning a scholarship. The students from developing countries should ensure that their personal statements contain grammatically correct English.

International Scholarships—3 Simple Ways of Finding Them

International Scholarships

International Scholarships

Winning an international scholarship can be a multistage and arduous process. You must know all the modern techniques to identify, apply for and finally win the scholarship of your choice. This obviously includes a clear picture of what your course of study will be and which institutes provide international scholarships in relevance with your needs. Some of the tools and procedures that could help in achieving your goal are as follows:

Search Engines for Finding Scholarships

The use of search engines can be a very handy tool for identifying the proper locations where you could pursue your international scholarships. The key to proper use of search engines is the brevity of your search keywords. All you have to do is to input as concisely as possible, what you want the search engine to find for you. For instance, if you want to pursue a PhD in Zoology, writing ‘Zoology PhD scholarships’ will give you relevant results. The good thing about search engines is that you can add appropriate words to you original input to get different results, for instance, if you want an International scholarship for PhD in Zoology from Australia, you can write ‘Australian Zoology PhD scholarships’. Furthermore, some search engines also have the capability to show you the results as a function of time, for instance, if you want to find the results posted during the last month you can do so.

List/Database for Scholarship Search

Many websites provide listing of various scholarships being offered, and they provide this service for free. You can find out the addresses of these websites by checking various online directories (like, Yahoo and Alexa). Once you have located some of these websites, you can search them for international scholarships being offered that are relevant to you. This is facilitated by the embedded search engines that these websites often have.

Regular Search of Websites of Relevant Organizations

Many organizations in many countries collaborate with international Universities to provide scholarships to the students of their country. These organizations either fund the international scholarship themselves or get foreign grants. It is a good idea to not only check out these websites, but also become a member of these websites by creating an account. In this way you can stay updated on the latest international scholarships that the organization has arranged and whether they are relevant to your field of study and desired country of study.