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Examples of Letter of Recommendation for Scholarships

Letter of recommendation plays a very important role and helps an applicant win the award money. This is the reason why examples of letter of recommendation for scholarships are available on websites of the sponsor. (more…)

High School Senior Scholarships – Select the Right Option

Every now and then you come across students getting scholarship award money and you wonder how do they find, apply and win. Well, today there are hundreds of high school senior scholarships available for eligible and deserving students. (more…)

Canadian Scholarships – For Meritorious and Needy Students

Canadian government is extremely concerned with the overall development of the people living there. It is not just the Canadians but those who come to Canada to study is also helped out through various Canadian scholarships available for international students. (more…)

International Student Scholarship UK at the Postgraduate Level

International Student Scholarship UK

International Student Scholarship UK

A lot of students are interested in studying in the UK. Along with getting the chance to experience the local culture, students feel assured that the teaching will be of high quality and their qualification will be of international standard.

However, study and living costs in the UK are high, and before you get a student visa, you will need to prove that you have enough money in the bank to support yourself without working in the UK. The good thing is that you can fund your studies in the UK with a scholarship or grant; these financial aids are available to those students who need full coverage or partial assistance.

International Student Scholarship Basics

Before submitting an application to get a scholarship, you should find out all the necessary details about the university you wish to enter and the foundations you are looking to get aid from. You can also get information by contacting the British Council or the British Embassy; these two can particularly be helpful in determining the financial costs of living in the UK.

When applying for an international student scholarship in UK, you must submit your application at least a year before the start of school. Make sure that the application form is properly filled and contains accurate information. Also, keep in mind the other requirements for the scholarship.

The amount of money that you can get as an international post graduate student depends on the scholarship you apply for. With some scholarships, you get the money for the entire course; with some other scholarships you get a monthly stipend that will cover your living expenses.

Scholarship Programs

Given below are two of the major scholarship programs for international students at the postgraduate level:

1) Overseas Research Students Awards Scheme (ORSAS): This program is sponsored by the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills.  You can win this scholarship if you’re interested in full-time study to get a research degree. It covers the difference in cost between the home country and tuition fee rate.  The selection is made based on the student’s academic record and research abilities.

2) Royal Society Fellowships: The fund awards fellowships to postdoctoral scientists from Asia and North America to come to UK and do their postgraduate research at a UK laboratory. US researchers can expect financial aid for up to two years. The research can be in any field of the natural sciences.

International Student Scholarships for Athletes

International Student Scholarships for Athletes

International Student Scholarships for Athletes

The way in which an international student is selected for an athletic scholarship is similar to the screening process that local US high school athletes have to go through.

A scholarship aspirant can contact a college coach by phone, email and by sending personal recruiting packets. If you are looking to contact by phone, then skype is a good option as international calls can be expensive.

Like local students, international scholarship students should start the recruiting process early. You should not delay the process until the later parts of your senior year. It takes more time to recruit an international athlete, and you also need to provide evidence of your abilities in the form of recruiting tapes as well other information needed by coaches to make a decision. These things take some time. The good news is that coaches in the US regularly provide international student scholarships to athletes.

International athletes are present in numbers in sports like Soccer, Hockey and increasingly in Baseball as well. High School students from certain territories also need to take SAT or ACT and provide their result to the NCAA Clearinghouse, similar to a US student. Remember that you cannot get admission on the basis of your performance in TOEFL and TWSE if you want an athletic scholarship or if you are looking to join the NCAA Division One or TWO.

The fact that you are not a well-known athlete has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of being new is that you can get recruited easily after you approach the selecting authority because there is no danger of you being a player for whom the recruiter has to compete with other colleges.

When you approach a foreign coach, you will have to tell them what you are capable of and will you be worth the investment. The disadvantage of being an unknown is that coaches have to assess your performance against the opposition you play and work out more logistics compared to when they recruit a national player. However, you can overcome this situation; what you need to do is start the process well in advance and be aggressive when contacting schools.

International student scholarships for athletes can enable you to continue on in your field of interest. So, if you are planning to further your career as an athlete in a particular field and you are willing to relocate to another country, you may consider applying for an athletic scholarship.

Scholarships Application—How to Fill Scholarship Forms

Scholarships Application

Scholarships Application

Applying to get a scholarship can take a lot of time and cause frustration to the applicants. However, there are things that you can make to go smoothly and avoid some hair pulling.

1. Read the Application Intelligently

You are required to read the application completely and carefully. This will save you a lot of trouble later on. Fill in the information in all the fields of the application form carefully. This is especially important because different application forms have different fields to be filled in.

2. Be Well Prepared

Prepare a personal statement that reflects your capabilities accurately. If you have not prepared one yet do so as early as possible. You will also need to keep many copies of the statement for use with each of the scholarships application that you want to make. The statement should include you complete information.

3. Use Writing Space Economically

Just like the resume it is imperative that you do not use continuation sheets for you application. The persons who are going to check your applications will do not usually have the time to read through your application if it is too extensive. If you find the urge to fill out much more information than the space can afford, try to let go of less significant information and use only the important information.

4. Have a Clear Idea of the Requirements

Determine what the scholarship provider is looking for. For instance, if they require you to be a particularly erudite person, do your best to prove yourself that. Feel free to support your points with examples. Keep in mind though that telling a lie in a scholarship application will always get you in trouble so remain within the boundaries of truth.

5. Know the reason for Your Choice

You must be able to communicate the reason for your choice of the field of study that you are in. Just imagine, you want to acquire a scholarship to fund your study and you do not know why exactly have you chosen the field, then how will you be able to convince anyone that you truly deserve to have the scholarship you are applying for.

6. Do Some Proofreading
As a general rule you must never send scholarship applications without proofreading them. A good way is to read over your application once and then read it again later before sending it. You can also ask a friend or a family member to proofread your application. All this is to ensure that everything is in order and will not make a bad impression on the officials.

Scholarships for International Students—All About Studying in UK

Scholarships for International Students

Scholarships for International Students

Studying in a country away from home country is a very rewarding yet a bit scary experience. It gives the students the opportunity to meet people from different cultures and origins, which greatly contribute to his or her experience. Studying at an international college is interesting but expensive as well. Most of the students who want to study abroad are unable to find resources to fund their studies. There are scholarships for international students that can help them finance their studies. In this article we will discuss some opportunities available to students planning to study in United Kingdom.

Studying at United Kingdom is quite expensive and you will also have to show that you have the resource to fund your studies and living costs before you are granted a visa to study in United Kingdom.

Each applicant must show that he has funds to pay for his living costs for at least 9 months if the course duration is longer than 9 months and for the complete duration of course if the course is shorter than 9 months. The living costs are estimated to be 600 pound per month for students who are planning to join a university or college outside London and about 750 pound for students joining a course inside London. Students will also be required to show that they are able to pay tuition fees that is outstanding, any amount of scholarship can be deducted from the amount of funds you are required to show.

You can use scholarship search sites to search for scholarship for international students in United Kingdom. A lot of universities offer good financial aids to students coming to United Kingdom for study. Many universities also offer a guaranteed discount of 10% to 30% to every student joining a specified course; such scholarships can help you a bit in financing your studies. The following organizations also offer scholarships to international students.

Overseas Research Students Awards Scheme (ORSAS) offers scholarships to candidates joining a research degree on the bases of academic merit and research abilities. The scheme is funded by the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills.

Royal Society Fellowships offers scholarships to postdoctoral scientists to attract them to research in UK laboratories.

British Chevening Scholarships offer part or full financial aid to students joining post graduate courses.

In addition to above mentioned organizations you can find hundreds of other organizations with little effort that offer financial aid to international students.

Where to Look for Scholarships?

Where to Look for Scholarships

Where to Look for Scholarships

The process of applying for a scholarship can become less hectic and more convenient if you have a better understanding of where you should look for scholarship and how you should look for scholarship. Following tips may be of great help while searching for a scholarship:

Do Not Search Aimlessly

The first step in looking for scholarship is to make a personal evaluation; you should know exactly what course and what subjects you are looking for, and in which country you will prefer to study. The choice country should be made with care, as students from most developing countries will have to go through a tuff visa process even if they win a scholarship. It is no use searching the internet aimlessly for scholarships without your preferences set out in mind, as it will lead you to make ill considered decisions regarding choice of colleges and courses.

Fulfill All Requirements

The simplest and first requirement to apply for a scholarship is an e-mail account. The details you will normally be asked to submit are your passport number or a copy of your passport, copy of your past educational certificates and often but not necessarily a personal statement explaining why you have chosen to apply for the respective course. Students from developing countries might be asked to meet additional requirements regarding authentication of their certificates.

Do Ample Research

Applying for scholarship online should not be done recklessly. You should make sure that you are applying for the best deal you deserve. You should make comparison of scholarship programs offered by different colleges, and if you are applying for an international scholarship you should also compare the cost of living in different countries. The other things to look for while applying are the mode of learning, facilities and repute of the institution you are applying for. There are many websites that can help you greatly in finding a scholarship that suits your needs. These websites offer comparative information on scholarships offered by different colleges in different countries which can be of great help to you while looking for scholarship. Some website might ask you to fulfill a questionnaire and then automatically search for a scholarship program that suits your needs. It is a good idea to subscribe to the news letter of many of these websites, this will keep you update on the latest scholarship programs that are posted on these website.

University Scholarships—Factors to Consider While Applying for One

University Scholarships

University Scholarships

When you are planning to apply for a scholarship offered by an international university you will have to consider a number of factors before going ahead with your application. These factors are summarized below:

Evaluate your Strengths


You are most likely to win a scholarship if the course for which you are applying for is related to your past education and work experience. If you have scored good marks in respective subjects in your previous qualifications it would be an added advantage. Choose your course wisely keeping in view all your strengths and weaknesses, and write a personal statement highlighting your past achievements and work history related to the course.

Know the Requirements


After you have decided the course you are going to apply for, search for a college on the internet that is offering scholarships for that course. Many colleges offer these scholarships to increase the cultural diversity among their students, studying at such colleges are a rewarding experience. You should contact the college for their specific requirements, students from developing countries may be asked to get their certificates attested from a regulatory body in their home country. Make sure you fulfill all their requirements, if you are applying for a P.H.D course you will also have to submit a thesis in most cases. P.H.D courses in most countries are completely funded by university.

Choose the Country Wisely

The choice of country is an important aspect to consider before applying for university scholarships. Spend some time on the internet to find comparative data on living cost in different countries. You will be able to find countries that offer good educational opportunities with low living costs. Students, especially from developing countries, should consider Visa requirements while choosing a country.  Information on visa processes and requirements can be found on the internet for almost all countries. Most of the countries require you to prove that you have the financial resources to continue your studies in the respective country. It includes proving that you have the resource to pay for your living costs and tuition fees minus any scholarships awarded to you. Students can also contact embassies in their home country for specific visa requirements. While searching for university scholarships students should also consider going to countries that offer free education to all students, however living costs are generally high in these countries.


International Students Scholarship—How to Get One

International Students Scholarship

International Students Scholarship

Studying in another country in a university of considerable repute is a dream that can only materialize if you have the money required to pay your living and tuition expenses abroad. International students scholarship is one way of providing the money required for studying abroad. While it’s a big ask, if you put in some effort and time in the right direction, you will be able to find a scholarship that suits your needs.

Set Your Preferences

First of all you must clearly outline all your requirements. Thoughtfully choose the course or courses that you will prefer and that relate to your past qualifications (as most scholarships are awarded keeping in view your past achievements), and also choose the countries you will prefer to go to for studies.

Who Offers such Scholarships?

This is the first question that may come to your mind. There are schools that are willing to offer scholarships to attract international students to their campuses to build the repute of having a global community and also to stay ahead of their rivals. Studying at such schools can give you invaluable experience. Use of search engines is a good idea to find a scholarship at these schools that meets your needs. There may also be some government organizations in your home country that give scholarships to bright students: These scholarships are highly sought after because they normally provide for living expenses together with the tuition fees, however, these scholarships are normally tied with a contract to work for a specified period ( 5 to 10years) for the scholarship awarding body. You should try to find such scholarships by contacting higher education regulatory bodies in your home country. In some countries, such as Sweden and Norway, education is completely free, but you will normally have to go through a merit based selection process or a test for these scholarships. These scholarships can easily be found through internet as every college in these countries is offering free education.

How to Apply

After you have found a college that is offering an international students scholarship that suits your needs, you must contact the college authorities for the specific documents you require to apply for that scholarship. Make sure that you fulfill all their requirements and present the documents in presentable manner. Apart from your certificates, a thesis written by you or a statement explaining why you are taking this course and why you have interest in relevant subjects will go a long way in winning a scholarship. The students from developing countries should ensure that their personal statements contain grammatically correct English.