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Canada Medicine Scholarships Non Canadian

You must be surprised to know how much free money is available for completing education by the Canadian government. Canada medicine scholarships non Canadian is not only available through government sources. Many non government and private sources are also ready to provide the fund for the completion of education of many students. (more…)

Types of Grants and Scholarships for College-Canada

With the cost of education at all levels increasing rapidly most of the students at every level are looking for some kind of financial aid to support their studies. Most common kinds of financial aid available to students are loans, grants and scholarships. Most of the scholarship related articles focus on grants and scholarships for college offered in America, there is little information available on aid opportunities available in other countries. In this article I will explain the different types of financial aid offered in Canada to students at different levels.

Academic Scholarships:

Academic scholarships are usually offered by all colleges and universities in Canada. These scholarships are available to students who are excellent in their academics and usually to students that maintain a minimum GPA of 3.5. Normally no application is required for such scholarships. The institutions themselves award these scholarships in form of discount in tuition fee to talented students.

Entrance Scholarships:

Each university has its own criteria for entrance scholarships. These scholarships provide rebates in tuition fee based on grades of students at the entry level. The amount of the scholarships depends on the past performance of entry students. The higher the performance higher will be the amount of scholarship provided.

Merit Scholarships:

These grants and scholarships for college are provided by universities and colleges, and different organizations. There are a wide range of these scholarships with varying criteria. Some are based on academic achievements, community welfare and leadership skills, while others are based on sporting excellence. The amount of these scholarships also varies; some may pay for part of tuition only, while some others may even pay for all living costs.

There are also a large number of bursaries offered by donors and commercial organizations through different colleges. These bursaries are also based on different criteria and they are commonly awarded by the college and universities. You can look for all grants and scholarships offered in Canada over the scholarship search websites. There are over 50 of such websites that can provide you ample information on all scholarship programs offered on in Canada. Some of these websites will also provide you information on low interest student loans offered to students in Canada.

International students can also look for international scholarships offered to students in particular area in Canada and in other countries over these scholarship search sites. Some of these sites also provide online application facility to students.

How to Find Scholarships for Teaching

Teaching is one of the most respected and noblest professions you can adopt to earn your lively hood. In the past teaching was thought to be a noble profession with few rewards, but increasing professionalism and greater specialization in different fields that are now required to teach students from all fields have also caused the pay scales of teachers to rise. If you have decided to obtain a teaching degree or a teaching license you can be sure of a rewarding career.

To attract the students to join teaching profession many government and welfare organizations and teaching schools have started scholarship programs for talented students. There are hundreds of different scholarships for teaching that can help you pay for your tuition and living costs. In this article I will give you different tips on finding scholarships for teaching that you are eligible for. You can use this information to make your search more convenient.

  • Search scholarships on scholarships search sites. There are over 50 of such scholarships search sites available over the internet. These sites are very use full because they can automatically search for all scholarships in the specified category in your region and that you qualify for. These automatic searches can save a lot of time and effort that goes into randomly searching for scholarships.
  • Contact your school’s financial aid office. Many scholarships may not be advertised on the internet so you will have to visit financial aid offices of your teaching schools to look for scholarships for teaching. If you have an excellent academic background you may be offered a discount in tuition fee even if they are no available scholarships.
  • Appoint a counselor. You can save a lot of your time and effort by appointing an education counselor. These professionals have knowledge of scholarship opportunities in any field and they can guide you through the whole process of searching and applying for a scholarship.
  • Look for international scholarships. There are many countries in world that offer scholarships for prospective teachers to fulfill the shortage of professional teachers in their country. You can look for these scholarships on scholarship search sites or talk to your education counselor about them.

Once you have found a scholarship that you are eligible to apply for you should make your application very carefully. Make sure you provide all the information and documentation required by the scholarship providers in order to qualify for the scholarship.

International Scholarships – Dreams Can Come True

International Scholarships

International Scholarships

A lot of students out there have dreams of pursuing their studies overseas. However, such a goal can really cost a lot and for students who simply do not have the finances necessary for pursuing such a dream, international scholarships are often the only viable way of making this dream come true. Indeed studying abroad is a very expensive investment although every cent you put into it can really be worthwhile given the possible experience you can get out of it which is absolutely priceless even in the absence of international scholarships paving the way.

At this point you are probably wondering where you can take your shot at international scholarships for students such as yourself. Well, a good place to start your search is the source known as the International Scholarship Search. It provides one of the best information on international scholarships and financial assistance for deserving students. Some of the best things that you can find here that might just aid you in securing international scholarships include a huge list of scholarships and grants or loan options. One that I found today was a scholarship in Argentina.

International scholarships is certainly the best way out there to pursue your dreams of studying abroad, however, having a shot at one is certainly not as easy as a walk in the park. For many students, getting international scholarships is just too hard. Taking out a scholarship loan is by far the easier option. However, you must thoroughly think it over before doing so since scholarship loans may cause a huge problem on your finances that could take years to settle. The great thing about scholarship loans though is that it basically covers your entire expenses for studying abroad and that you don’t need to worry about having to dish out more money for expenses such as accommodations or transportation.

Schools will typically offer opportunities for international scholarships but they are often insufficient to finance all of the expenses necessary for studying abroad such as food, transportation and lodging expenses. Thus it is best to seek out multiple scholarship opportunities which may just result in additional funds that you can use to pursue this dream of yours.

Fulbright Scholarship Program for Foreigners

Fulbright Scholarship Program for Foreigners

Fulbright Scholarship Program for Foreigners

The USA provides a number of international scholarships to students from around the world. These scholarships not only help strengthen foreign relations but also allow the brightest minds from around the world to pursue their education on US soil. One such scholarship program is the Fulbright scholarship program founded by Senator J. William Fulbright in 1946. The scholarship is awarded to students who have shown prowess in leadership and public activities. The scholarship program is provided by the US department of State’s for educational and cultural affairs bureau and serves 7,500 new students annually.

Selection is done by a board of 12 members appointed by the President himself. The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs has provided the guidelines for selection. The eligibility criteria are set by the members of the board who are educational or opinion leaders.

The Fulbright Scholarship program is available in different categories:

  • The Fulbright Specialists program.
  • The Fulbright visiting scholars program is provided to 850 students from around the world who are performing post doctoral work in the US.
  • Fulbright scholar in residence program arrange lecture for international students on different topics.
  • The Fulbright scholars visiting specialists program is for the Islamic community.
  • The Fulbright new century scholars global program is given to best 30 research scholars around the globe.
  • Fulbright foreign student program is planned for promoting foreign artists and professionals.
  • Fulbright teacher exchange program is also arranged for teachers of primary and secondary schools.

These were some of the various categories in which the Fulbright scholarship program is being offered. Furthermore, there are some special details that a student must be aware of. Firstly, to get the detailed information about the Fulbright scholarship program you can visit the website of the program that is setup specifically for your country. This is important because it will provide you with the information that is relevant to your country. You can get information about the fields of study that are eligible, categories of scholarships, the number of seats in each category and the all important eligibility criteria. Secondly, you may be required to take the TOEFL and/or the GRE (general/subject) test so you must be prepared for that too. Lastly, you will be required to write a personal statement detailing you objectives in the U.S and you will also be required to produce reference letters and attested photocopies of your documents. Also take note of the deadline of form submission.

Overseas Scholarships-The CSFP Financial Aid Program

Overseas Scholarships

Overseas Scholarships

Many students dream of studying in another country because of greater exposure, value and greater quality of education, which is gained by studying at an international college. Students who study in an international college also have greater career option open to them after completion of their studies, but international students are also at disadvantage because they have to bear greater costs during their education. Especially students from developing countries feel it impossible to fund their studies abroad without some kind of financial aid. The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP) is an international scholarship program under which aid is provided to bright international students.

The CSFP was first established in 1959 with the aim to provide scholarships and fellowships to students of commonwealth countries. Under this program the education ministers of commonwealth countries met in Oxford, UK and decided that all commonwealth countries will provide aid to students from other commonwealth countries, since then over 25,000 students have been provided with these scholarships and fellowships.

There is no central body that awards all these scholarships but there is a body by name of national nominating agency that is given responsibility to publish all these scholarships. Individual scholarships are offered by agreements between member countries.UK is the biggest contributor to this overseas scholarships program. The scholarships offered b UK are managed by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission with financial aid from Department for International Development, and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. UK provides scholarships at different level to students from developing countries. It provides:

  • Scholarships for postgraduate study.
  • Split-site Scholarships for PhD students to spend up to one year in the UK.
  • Academic Fellowships for staff in developing country universities.
  • Scholarships for Master degree students from developing countries under distance learning program.
  • Professional Fellowships for mid-career professionals from developing countries

In addition to above mentioned programs many other overseas scholarships program are run by UK government for students from different countries. Students can conveniently search for all these programs on the website of Commonwealth Scholarship Commission.

There are also many more scholarship programs under The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan. These programs are offered under several agreements between home and host common wealth countries. Students form commonwealth countries can search for all these programs over internet. All of scholarships offered under CSFP are generally merit based and there is a tough completion for each award. Apart from scholarships offered by CSFP students can also search for many more overseas scholarships over scholarship search engines available on the internet.

Foreign Students Scholarships in South Korea

Foreign Students Scholarships in South Korea

Foreign Students Scholarships in South Korea

Generally students from all over the world prefer to go to developed countries which host some of the most reputable institutes of the world to complete their education, such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Spain, Ireland, Japan and Germany. However, South Korea is fast becoming an attractive destination for international students due to the favorable policies of South Korean government.

It is a fact that many South Korean students go to developed countries to study than why are international students choosing South Korea for their studies? A little time a go South Korea only offered courses in Korean language and there was obviously no place for international students who do not speak Korean. The south Korean government with the aim of developing their education system and making English a common second language started inviting teachers who can teach English to teach in their institutes, and they starting offering numerous grants, foreign students scholarships and discounts to international students to boost the quality and repute of their universities worldwide.

International students studying in South Korea will have many advantages as compared to students in US, UK Australia etc. The cost of living in South Korea is much less then all these developed countries, so it is easy for students to pay for their living costs. Moreover the tuition fee for most of the courses is much less then US, UK or Australia and the quality of education provided to students is comparable to these developed countries. International Students can get high quality education in South Korea at very lower total cost (living costs plus tuition costs) then other developed countries.

Students from most of the cultures will not have a problem adjusting in South Korea because people are generally hospitable and food from every culture is conveniently available in big cities. The government offers many foreign students scholarships to quality students. The government also has a much more lenient policy than other developed countries about part time work for students.

Many colleges and Universities in South Korea are also offering aid to students from different fields. These colleges offer scholarships in form of Grants, discounts or free accommodation. Students can search for scholarships in South Korea related to their own area of interest using the scholarship search engines available over the internet. Students should also visit websites of colleges and universities in South Korea to look for and apply for financial aid offered by these institutes.

International Student Scholarships for Athletes

International Student Scholarships for Athletes

International Student Scholarships for Athletes

The way in which an international student is selected for an athletic scholarship is similar to the screening process that local US high school athletes have to go through.

A scholarship aspirant can contact a college coach by phone, email and by sending personal recruiting packets. If you are looking to contact by phone, then skype is a good option as international calls can be expensive.

Like local students, international scholarship students should start the recruiting process early. You should not delay the process until the later parts of your senior year. It takes more time to recruit an international athlete, and you also need to provide evidence of your abilities in the form of recruiting tapes as well other information needed by coaches to make a decision. These things take some time. The good news is that coaches in the US regularly provide international student scholarships to athletes.

International athletes are present in numbers in sports like Soccer, Hockey and increasingly in Baseball as well. High School students from certain territories also need to take SAT or ACT and provide their result to the NCAA Clearinghouse, similar to a US student. Remember that you cannot get admission on the basis of your performance in TOEFL and TWSE if you want an athletic scholarship or if you are looking to join the NCAA Division One or TWO.

The fact that you are not a well-known athlete has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of being new is that you can get recruited easily after you approach the selecting authority because there is no danger of you being a player for whom the recruiter has to compete with other colleges.

When you approach a foreign coach, you will have to tell them what you are capable of and will you be worth the investment. The disadvantage of being an unknown is that coaches have to assess your performance against the opposition you play and work out more logistics compared to when they recruit a national player. However, you can overcome this situation; what you need to do is start the process well in advance and be aggressive when contacting schools.

International student scholarships for athletes can enable you to continue on in your field of interest. So, if you are planning to further your career as an athlete in a particular field and you are willing to relocate to another country, you may consider applying for an athletic scholarship.

Scholarship for International Students—Athletic Scholarships

Scholarship for International Students

Scholarship for International Students

International students studying in the US are at financial disadvantages because they have to bear much higher cost then local students. Despite increasing costs for students in US thousands of international students come to study at US colleges and universities. Many colleges that are interested in giving admission to international students also offer scholarships to help these students finance their studies. These scholarships are awarded based on different criteria. The most common criteria are academic merit. There is a common misconception that athletic scholarships are only for local students; there are many colleges and universities that provide financial assistance also to international students based on athletic performance.

International student athletes make up a large percentage of rosters sports such as Hockey, Soccer and increasingly Baseball as well.  These athletes are an important part of the sports teams representing US colleges and universities. As an international athlete student you should start searching for a scholarship early. International scholarship requests take some time to get processed and you will also have to send the supporting documentation and evidences by courier.

Scholarships for international students are awarded based on your past achievements in any sports events in your country and participation in any international or national events. Generally scholarship providers ask for certificates or recruiting tapes to evaluate your performance in respective sports. In addition to athletic performance students may also be asked to take SAT or ACT and submit their grade sheets to college. Students from countries where English is not native language may also be required to undertake TOEFL.

When you apply for an international athletic scholarship there are number of positive factors in your favor and negative factors against you. The positive is that a coach can recruit you after you make initial contact without much fear of you being well-known in recruiting circles and having to compete with other colleges. The negative factors are that coaches don’t know you and they have to evaluate the talent you will play against and work out more logistics than recruiting a player in the US. Negative factors can be overcome by maintaining good contact with the college coaches and starting the process early.

Not all athlete scholarships are advertised by colleges. Students looking for athletic scholarships for international students should make contact with individual college and university coaches, who may arrange a scholarship for you if you are wanted on the college team of respective sport.

List of Scholarships—Some Scholarship Programs Explained

List of Scholarships

List of Scholarships

Finding a scholarship to fund your studies is a job that requires considerable effort. There are thousands of programs that you can apply for; searching a program that you qualify for among them is a tough job. I will enlist and explain some of the popular scholarship programs offered in different countries in this article, which you can apply for.

Beaney Scholarship: The programs offer scholarships to students majoring in Pathology from the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Overseas Research Students Awards Scheme (ORSAS) is an organization that awards scholarships to international students joining a full-time study at a research degree in United Kingdom. It provides financial aid equivalent to the difference between the home country and international rate of tuition fees.

Endeavour Awards. This is a merit based scholarship program that offers $30,000 assistance to qualifying students. This award is specifically for students from the Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Europe and America.

Australian Leadership Awards is an aid program provides financial aid to postgraduate international students studying in Australia and to research students in specific fields of research. The program also awards scholarships to professionals in the field of social and economic development and policy reform.

American Medical Women’s Association provides aid to women belonging to the field of medicine. Women searching for a scholarship to complete their medical studies can log on to the website of the organization, for further information.

Association for Women in Communications provides scholarships available for women in the field of communications including graphic arts, journalism, marketing, etc.

Some popular international scholarships that you can specifically search for are The Medicus Student Exchange (Switzerland), PPGA Family Member Scholarship for Horticulture, Overseas Research Fellowship for Medicine and Health Sciences, and Asian Cultural Council for Liberal Arts and Humanities.

For students who live in the US Pepsi cola international runs a large number of scholarship programs. Some of the programs run by them are the Mid-Del technology scholarship, Pepsi-cola public affairs scholarship, The Pepsi service Scholarship and Pepsi/Frito-Lay scholarship. Information on all programs run by Pepsi can be found on their website. In addition to Pepsi a number of other MNC’s also run countless scholarship programs in all countries of world you can search for them by visiting websites of large multi nationals in your country.

The list of scholarships is in exhaustive as there are thousands of scholarships offered by different kinds of organizations worldwide. For more information on the above mentioned programs you can visit their website and for more scholarship programs you can make use of scholarship search sites available on the internet.