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International Scholarships – Dreams Can Come True

International Scholarships

International Scholarships

A lot of students out there have dreams of pursuing their studies overseas. However, such a goal can really cost a lot and for students who simply do not have the finances necessary for pursuing such a dream, international scholarships are often the only viable way of making this dream come true. Indeed studying abroad is a very expensive investment although every cent you put into it can really be worthwhile given the possible experience you can get out of it which is absolutely priceless even in the absence of international scholarships paving the way.

At this point you are probably wondering where you can take your shot at international scholarships for students such as yourself. Well, a good place to start your search is the source known as the International Scholarship Search. It provides one of the best information on international scholarships and financial assistance for deserving students. Some of the best things that you can find here that might just aid you in securing international scholarships include a huge list of scholarships and grants or loan options. One that I found today was a scholarship in Argentina.

International scholarships is certainly the best way out there to pursue your dreams of studying abroad, however, having a shot at one is certainly not as easy as a walk in the park. For many students, getting international scholarships is just too hard. Taking out a scholarship loan is by far the easier option. However, you must thoroughly think it over before doing so since scholarship loans may cause a huge problem on your finances that could take years to settle. The great thing about scholarship loans though is that it basically covers your entire expenses for studying abroad and that you don’t need to worry about having to dish out more money for expenses such as accommodations or transportation.

Schools will typically offer opportunities for international scholarships but they are often insufficient to finance all of the expenses necessary for studying abroad such as food, transportation and lodging expenses. Thus it is best to seek out multiple scholarship opportunities which may just result in additional funds that you can use to pursue this dream of yours.

Foreign Students Scholarships in South Korea

Foreign Students Scholarships in South Korea

Foreign Students Scholarships in South Korea

Generally students from all over the world prefer to go to developed countries which host some of the most reputable institutes of the world to complete their education, such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Spain, Ireland, Japan and Germany. However, South Korea is fast becoming an attractive destination for international students due to the favorable policies of South Korean government.

It is a fact that many South Korean students go to developed countries to study than why are international students choosing South Korea for their studies? A little time a go South Korea only offered courses in Korean language and there was obviously no place for international students who do not speak Korean. The south Korean government with the aim of developing their education system and making English a common second language started inviting teachers who can teach English to teach in their institutes, and they starting offering numerous grants, foreign students scholarships and discounts to international students to boost the quality and repute of their universities worldwide.

International students studying in South Korea will have many advantages as compared to students in US, UK Australia etc. The cost of living in South Korea is much less then all these developed countries, so it is easy for students to pay for their living costs. Moreover the tuition fee for most of the courses is much less then US, UK or Australia and the quality of education provided to students is comparable to these developed countries. International Students can get high quality education in South Korea at very lower total cost (living costs plus tuition costs) then other developed countries.

Students from most of the cultures will not have a problem adjusting in South Korea because people are generally hospitable and food from every culture is conveniently available in big cities. The government offers many foreign students scholarships to quality students. The government also has a much more lenient policy than other developed countries about part time work for students.

Many colleges and Universities in South Korea are also offering aid to students from different fields. These colleges offer scholarships in form of Grants, discounts or free accommodation. Students can search for scholarships in South Korea related to their own area of interest using the scholarship search engines available over the internet. Students should also visit websites of colleges and universities in South Korea to look for and apply for financial aid offered by these institutes.

Scholarships—International Students in the US



Going to a new country is both exciting and scary. But a lot of students are coming to the US for getting the high quality education that is offered by many good universities. Students can enroll in some very good academic programs in several fields, such as medical and legal. This is creating an interest in students from all parts of the world. US appeals to students beyond the high quality education. There is so much diversity here with the blending of people from different cultural backgrounds.

To get educated in an American university, students from other countries will need to pay the institution fees, similar to other students. The problem with this is the fact that finding someone to fund your studies is difficult. People can come to US for studying, but there are only a few scholarships international students can get and locals can’t. However, this does not mean that there are no scholarships available for international students; you can find a company or organization that will provide you the funds to study in an US institution.  What you need to do is research and find a company that awards scholarships to international students coming to US.

One source of getting a grant as an international student is Fulbrite. There is also The American Councils for International Education which awards grants and scholarships to students who belong to the part of the world which used to be the Soviet republic.

Scholarship international students can get are also awarded by Soros Foundations Network, however, these scholarships are based on the country that the student belongs to so it is not available for everyone.

You can also use resources, such as International Education Financial Aid and to find the funds for your studies. With these databases, it is easier to find where you can get financial aid and what are the requirements for getting it.

One of the best resources for getting a scholarship or financial assistance is your own country. While there are not a lot of scholarships offered by US to international students, there may be a specific company or organization willing to provide the required funds, particularly if your studies will be in a specific field.  You should not get discouraged by the small number of scholarships that the US offers to foreign students. It may be difficult to find programs, but there are scholarships available in the US for international students.

International Scholarships—How to Fund Your Study Abroad Plans

International Scholarships

International Scholarships

There may be many reasons you want to study in another country but the most precious benefit you get from studying in another country is the unique experience of meeting people from different cultures. Studying in another country is extremely expensive as you will be paying for your living costs and tuition fees all by yourself. It is even more expensive for students from developing countries because of low exchange rates for their currency. For most of the students coming from developing countries it is impossible to fund their studies abroad without a scholarship or grant. In this article I will try to highlight some scholarship programs you should look for while searching for an international scholarship.

Many donor agencies and welfare organizations run scholarship programs to help build capacities of developing nations through higher education. Some of the largest programs among these are run by United Nations and World Bank. You should search programs offered by these donor agencies on the internet.

Some nations also provide financial assistance to students from developing nations to promote development in those countries. Some of the most popular programs are Fullbright Foreign Student Program, Netherlands Fellowship Program, Norwegian Quota Scheme and the Australian Development Scholarships (ADS),

Some countries also provide completely free education to every student that gets an admission in to a college in their country. Among such countries is Sweden, Finland and Norway. You can apply for admission in colleges in these countries online.

In almost all developing countries government also run scholarship programs, which provide financial assistance to students going abroad for study. These programs are generally merit based and there is a tough competition for the scholarship.

Many universities run scholarship programs in conjunction with their government, some of the most popular universities that offer financial aid to students from developing countries are University of Nottingham (United Kingdom), University of Ghent (Belgium), and University of Westminster (United Kingdom).

Some popular international scholarships that you can specifically search for are The Medicus Student Exchange (Switzerland), PPGA Family Member Scholarship for Horticulture, Overseas Research Fellowship for Medicine and Health Sciences, and Asian Cultural Council for Liberal Arts and Humanities.

In addition to scholarship programs a number of organizations worldwide also offer the facility of student loan to students. The money granted in these schemes has to be paid back after the completion of studies but it can help students get through the college.

Scholarship—Facts You Should Know Before Applying



In this article I would like to discuss various points which must be in the knowledge of every person seeking a scholarship. The scholarship is often an International endeavor; so, you will obviously have to depend upon some skills to improve your chances of getting one. Apart from being able of efficient search engine use, you must be aware of the following facts.

Firstly, you must apply for more than just one scholarship. There is usually more than one place which is offering scholarships in your desired field. It can be really helpful for your cause to apply to as many places as possible.

Secondly, since you will be applying to more than one place, so you must not be discouraged by your low GP or SAT score. Many institutes demand that you have a certain score in tests like TOEFL, SAT, etc. You must keep in mind that you must not keep yourself from applying if you happen to have a low score until a certain score is specifically mentioned in the scholarship terms.

Thirdly, it is very important to apply as early as possible. This will enable you to take tests like the TOEFL which the institution might require or prepare other documentation well within time and without a fuss. Having said that, you must also remember that it is never too late to apply if you are within the deadline and you measure up to the criteria.

Fourthly, you must identify all the sources from where you can get information regarding scholarships. The sources include newspapers/magazines, websites of organizations, seminars, websites of institutions, etc. Take special note of the places which are a permanent source of information and check out these sources on a regular basis. If it is a website you can bookmark it in your browser, or if it is a magazine you can become a permanent subscriber.

Fifthly, you can apply for grants or you may combine more than one scholarship to fund your cause. This can be a very handy way to measure up to the competition pressure that accompanies the scholarship award process.

Lastly, you must bear in mind that you do not need to refund the scholarship money, and you also do not need to pay anything or anyone to get a scholarship. There is usually no age requirement for the scholarship grant process, but you must be aware of the time duration of the scholarship grant.

Where to Look for Scholarships?

Where to Look for Scholarships

Where to Look for Scholarships

The process of applying for a scholarship can become less hectic and more convenient if you have a better understanding of where you should look for scholarship and how you should look for scholarship. Following tips may be of great help while searching for a scholarship:

Do Not Search Aimlessly

The first step in looking for scholarship is to make a personal evaluation; you should know exactly what course and what subjects you are looking for, and in which country you will prefer to study. The choice country should be made with care, as students from most developing countries will have to go through a tuff visa process even if they win a scholarship. It is no use searching the internet aimlessly for scholarships without your preferences set out in mind, as it will lead you to make ill considered decisions regarding choice of colleges and courses.

Fulfill All Requirements

The simplest and first requirement to apply for a scholarship is an e-mail account. The details you will normally be asked to submit are your passport number or a copy of your passport, copy of your past educational certificates and often but not necessarily a personal statement explaining why you have chosen to apply for the respective course. Students from developing countries might be asked to meet additional requirements regarding authentication of their certificates.

Do Ample Research

Applying for scholarship online should not be done recklessly. You should make sure that you are applying for the best deal you deserve. You should make comparison of scholarship programs offered by different colleges, and if you are applying for an international scholarship you should also compare the cost of living in different countries. The other things to look for while applying are the mode of learning, facilities and repute of the institution you are applying for. There are many websites that can help you greatly in finding a scholarship that suits your needs. These websites offer comparative information on scholarships offered by different colleges in different countries which can be of great help to you while looking for scholarship. Some website might ask you to fulfill a questionnaire and then automatically search for a scholarship program that suits your needs. It is a good idea to subscribe to the news letter of many of these websites, this will keep you update on the latest scholarship programs that are posted on these website.

University Scholarships—Factors to Consider While Applying for One

University Scholarships

University Scholarships

When you are planning to apply for a scholarship offered by an international university you will have to consider a number of factors before going ahead with your application. These factors are summarized below:

Evaluate your Strengths


You are most likely to win a scholarship if the course for which you are applying for is related to your past education and work experience. If you have scored good marks in respective subjects in your previous qualifications it would be an added advantage. Choose your course wisely keeping in view all your strengths and weaknesses, and write a personal statement highlighting your past achievements and work history related to the course.

Know the Requirements


After you have decided the course you are going to apply for, search for a college on the internet that is offering scholarships for that course. Many colleges offer these scholarships to increase the cultural diversity among their students, studying at such colleges are a rewarding experience. You should contact the college for their specific requirements, students from developing countries may be asked to get their certificates attested from a regulatory body in their home country. Make sure you fulfill all their requirements, if you are applying for a P.H.D course you will also have to submit a thesis in most cases. P.H.D courses in most countries are completely funded by university.

Choose the Country Wisely

The choice of country is an important aspect to consider before applying for university scholarships. Spend some time on the internet to find comparative data on living cost in different countries. You will be able to find countries that offer good educational opportunities with low living costs. Students, especially from developing countries, should consider Visa requirements while choosing a country.  Information on visa processes and requirements can be found on the internet for almost all countries. Most of the countries require you to prove that you have the financial resources to continue your studies in the respective country. It includes proving that you have the resource to pay for your living costs and tuition fees minus any scholarships awarded to you. Students can also contact embassies in their home country for specific visa requirements. While searching for university scholarships students should also consider going to countries that offer free education to all students, however living costs are generally high in these countries.


International Students Scholarship—How to Get One

International Students Scholarship

International Students Scholarship

Studying in another country in a university of considerable repute is a dream that can only materialize if you have the money required to pay your living and tuition expenses abroad. International students scholarship is one way of providing the money required for studying abroad. While it’s a big ask, if you put in some effort and time in the right direction, you will be able to find a scholarship that suits your needs.

Set Your Preferences

First of all you must clearly outline all your requirements. Thoughtfully choose the course or courses that you will prefer and that relate to your past qualifications (as most scholarships are awarded keeping in view your past achievements), and also choose the countries you will prefer to go to for studies.

Who Offers such Scholarships?

This is the first question that may come to your mind. There are schools that are willing to offer scholarships to attract international students to their campuses to build the repute of having a global community and also to stay ahead of their rivals. Studying at such schools can give you invaluable experience. Use of search engines is a good idea to find a scholarship at these schools that meets your needs. There may also be some government organizations in your home country that give scholarships to bright students: These scholarships are highly sought after because they normally provide for living expenses together with the tuition fees, however, these scholarships are normally tied with a contract to work for a specified period ( 5 to 10years) for the scholarship awarding body. You should try to find such scholarships by contacting higher education regulatory bodies in your home country. In some countries, such as Sweden and Norway, education is completely free, but you will normally have to go through a merit based selection process or a test for these scholarships. These scholarships can easily be found through internet as every college in these countries is offering free education.

How to Apply

After you have found a college that is offering an international students scholarship that suits your needs, you must contact the college authorities for the specific documents you require to apply for that scholarship. Make sure that you fulfill all their requirements and present the documents in presentable manner. Apart from your certificates, a thesis written by you or a statement explaining why you are taking this course and why you have interest in relevant subjects will go a long way in winning a scholarship. The students from developing countries should ensure that their personal statements contain grammatically correct English.

International Scholarships—3 Simple Ways of Finding Them

International Scholarships

International Scholarships

Winning an international scholarship can be a multistage and arduous process. You must know all the modern techniques to identify, apply for and finally win the scholarship of your choice. This obviously includes a clear picture of what your course of study will be and which institutes provide international scholarships in relevance with your needs. Some of the tools and procedures that could help in achieving your goal are as follows:

Search Engines for Finding Scholarships

The use of search engines can be a very handy tool for identifying the proper locations where you could pursue your international scholarships. The key to proper use of search engines is the brevity of your search keywords. All you have to do is to input as concisely as possible, what you want the search engine to find for you. For instance, if you want to pursue a PhD in Zoology, writing ‘Zoology PhD scholarships’ will give you relevant results. The good thing about search engines is that you can add appropriate words to you original input to get different results, for instance, if you want an International scholarship for PhD in Zoology from Australia, you can write ‘Australian Zoology PhD scholarships’. Furthermore, some search engines also have the capability to show you the results as a function of time, for instance, if you want to find the results posted during the last month you can do so.

List/Database for Scholarship Search

Many websites provide listing of various scholarships being offered, and they provide this service for free. You can find out the addresses of these websites by checking various online directories (like, Yahoo and Alexa). Once you have located some of these websites, you can search them for international scholarships being offered that are relevant to you. This is facilitated by the embedded search engines that these websites often have.

Regular Search of Websites of Relevant Organizations

Many organizations in many countries collaborate with international Universities to provide scholarships to the students of their country. These organizations either fund the international scholarship themselves or get foreign grants. It is a good idea to not only check out these websites, but also become a member of these websites by creating an account. In this way you can stay updated on the latest international scholarships that the organization has arranged and whether they are relevant to your field of study and desired country of study.