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Black Scholarship Programs for Minority Students

Black Scholarship Programs for Minority Students

Black Scholarship Programs for Minority Students

If you are a student from the African American community looking for financial aid, you are in luck because there are hundreds of organizations that are providing financial assistance to students from your community. These scholarships are generally provided by black scholarship funds created for this purpose and by colleges and universities that have tradition of providing assistance to African American students.

There is varying criteria for award of these scholarships. Some scholarships are awarded based on academic merit, however as these scholarships are aimed at providing aid to students from minority community, most of the scholarships programs are based on financial need. There are also some programs which provide assistance to African American students based on talent in sports.

You can find many programs to assist you with little effort. One such example is The United Negro College Fund that works in collaboration with many donors and colleges to provide aid to African American students. Another example is Mansfield University Board of Governor’s Scholarship that provides aid to students wishing to study at their university who are from African American community.

There are also some scholarships programs that provide aid to African American students to help them study abroad, Such as the Deborah Wolfe Fellowship program that provides aid only to African American students to study in another country. These programs can help you in gaining the unique experience and exposure from studying abroad.

There are also some scholarship programs which are specifically for female African American students; one such example is The Nancy Wolridge Graduate Fellowship Program that provides aid to female African American students who have a minimum GPA of 2.0. Another example is The Sister Thea Bowman Foundation that provides scholarships to African American single mothers who want to pursue a college degree. This program provides assistance of $3000 for four years.

There are also some scholarships programs that provide aid to African American students from a specific field, such as the National Black Nurses Association Ambi-Kiwi Scholarship program, which provides aid to African American students majoring in nursing.

When you apply for a minority scholarship programs you are at advantage because you will generally face less competition compared to open scholarship programs. You can look for many other general and specific black scholarship programs. Hundreds of such programs can be conveniently searched over the internet.  Students from other minority communities in US can also find hundreds of programs offered specifically to them over internet.

Scholarships for Minorities—How to Succeed

Scholarships for Minorities

Scholarships for Minorities

There are a number of scholarships available for minorities in various capacities. It is generally observed that the eligibility criteria for these scholarships are not as stringent as it is for other scholarships. The scholarships are offered by the Government, state or locally. The criteria for Government level scholarships are rather stringent though and while business and research workers might qualify easily, average students might face some problems. The local and state level scholarships are provided by private organizations some of the examples include Frederick Douglas Scholars Program, Mordecai Wyatt Johnson program and the United Negro College Fund.

Scholarships for minorities apply to the African American and Asian ethnicities and also to people of other races and even disabilities. Other organizations include March of dimes, Hispanic Nurses Association, Scholarship of Disadvantaged Students.

Funding for the minorities comes in various forms, i.e., it is not just for helping members of minority communities succeed educationally but also to start a new business or revitalize an existing one. These aids are available for both minorities and handicapped persons and may reach to amount of up to 100,000 $.

It must be remembered though that you must be careful to look for in the right places. Scholarships are highly sought after and people can make money out of unsuspecting people. So you must be careful, gather all the information and knowhow before you proceed. For instance there are some software manufacturers who provide their helpful software for a small fee but when you bring the software home you find out that the process that the software details is too complex and you have to hire the company’s paid help again. So a better workaround is to look for opportunities posted on the internet or other forms of communication.

Other good places to look for are the organizations themselves. You can make a visit or check out the website of the organizations. It is imperative that you research out all the requisites for the process because this will save you a lot of hassle. Also bear in mind that all scholarship processes have an application deadline and beyond that date your application will not be acceptable. So act quickly and quit procrastination. Another good strategy is to look for scholarships for minorities in a number of places because this will not only maximize your chances but also provide you options in the event that more than one scholarship is awarded to you. Furthermore, be brave and pursue your dreams proactively.

Black Scholarships—Where to Look for Them?

Black Scholarships

Black Scholarships

Studying at college level is a rewarding experience that every student should be able to have, however increasing tuition fees and cost of living around the world has made it difficult for students to study at college level. Scholarships are one way of overcoming these funding problems for your study. There are thousands of institutions, welfare organizations and government organizations worldwide that offer financial assistance to students from all communities, in addition to these

Organizations there are also some organizations that offer scholarships to specific part of a society or community for minority development. If you belong to African American community you will be able to find many financial assistance programs with little effort. This article highlights some of these programs.

  • Dr. Marie-France Desrosiers Memorial Scholarship. This program offers financial assistance to students majoring in psychology at Barry University. More information is available on their website.
  • Mansfield University Board of Governor’s Scholarship. This program offers a $1500 scholarship to African American students who plan to study at Mansfield University. Seven of these scholarships are awarded every year.
  • Deborah Wolfe Fellowship. This scholarship program is for students who wish to study abroad. This program will provide you with the unique experience of studying in another country.
  • National Black Nurses Association Ambi-Kiwi Scholarship. This program provides assistance to students majoring in nursing.
  • Oakwood College United Negro College Fund. Students who wish to study at Oakwood College in Huntsville, AL are eligible for this black scholarship. The amount of scholarship is $2000.
  • Nancy Wolridge Graduate Fellowship. This scholarship program is specifically for female students from African American community. Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 to qualify for this program. It is a good option for females as there is no competition from male applicants.

The above programs are listed only to highlight the extensive opportunities available to African American students. Hundreds of more minority scholarship programs are also offered by different organizations, such as the FedEx/UNCF Scholarship Initiative Fund, The Ossie Davis Endowment Scholarship and The Ron Brown Scholar Program. However African American students should not restrict to applying for minority scholarships, you should make an application for every open or minority scholarship you are eligible for. Multiple applications increase the probability of winning a scholarship. Make sure you make every application with complete seriousness, fulfilling all the requirements of the scholarship awarding body, as the competition for each minority scholarship is tough.