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College Scholarship Opportunities That Are Overlooked

Getting a scholarship to fund studies is becoming increasingly important for most students due to the sky rocketing costs of higher education. There are hundreds of scholarships offered by numerous organization based on different criteria. Most students try to look for college scholarship opportunities that are based on some popular criteria such as academic excellence or athletic performance; it is the most logical thing to do but students should not overlook the scholarship opportunities that provide aid based on unusual criteria. These scholarship opportunities provide the chance to students to fund their studies even if they do not fulfill the criteria for academic or sports scholarships. In this article I will discuss some such college scholarship opportiunites.

  • If you like to drink milk and you have little athletic ability you can win a $7000 scholarship to fund your studies by writing an essay on the benefits of drinking milk and sending it with a photo of you in milk mustache.  In 2010 25 such scholarships were awarded to students.
  • Do you love to skate board? If you have a passion for skateboarding you can apply for the Patrick Kerr Skateboard Scholarship program. This scholarship program provides aid to four students every year. The student with first position gets a $5000 scholarship while the remaining three get $1000 scholarships.
  • There are some scholarships offered to students based on height. The tall club offers scholarships to students that are over five feet ten inches tall for women and over six feet tall for men. The Little People of America group offers this award both for those with dwarfism and for individuals under four feet ten inches in height.
  • Students who are in love with potatoes and want to join a course related to potato farming can get aid through Potato industry scholarships.
  • If you have a talent for music you can get aid for college studies through the School Band and Orchestra Magazine Scholarship program by simply writing an essay on how music has made an impact in your life.
  • If you have read the Ayn Rand’s novel, The Fountainhead and can write an essay about it you can get aid of $10000 through the scholarship program offered by The Ayn Rand Institute.

More information on above mentioned scholarship programs can be obtained from their websites. You can also search for many other scholarship opportunities based on varying criteria and offered in different regions over the internet.

Easy Scholarships to Apply For

Easy Scholarships to Apply For

Easy Scholarships to Apply For

If you have tried all options and have not yet found a scholarship that you may be eligible for you can apply on scholarships that have an easy criteria to apply for aid.  You can get a considerable part of your expenses taken care of with these easy scholarships to apply for. These scholarships are easy because they are not based on academic or sporting excellence which are the criteria for most other scholarship programs.

Easy scholarships are based on varying criteria according to the aims of the organization that is offering the scholarships. If you apply for such scholarships you might also be on advantage because not many people know of these scholarship opportunities. I will discuss some such opportunities in this article.

  • The MoneyMatters101.com scholarship program: This scholarships program is run by the money matters website. It provides aid to students that enter their competition to answer essay type questions about credit cards and the contribution of credit cards towards student’s debt.
  • The OP Loftbed Scholarship program: This program provides aid to students that use loft beds in their dorm rooms. The scholarships are aimed at showing gratitude to such customers.
  • The Ayn Rand Institute Scholarships: These scholarships are awarded to students from all fields that enter a competition to write essays on the book “The Fountainhead”.
  • The Writers and Illustrators of the Future Contest: This contest is open to imaginative students that are interested in science related fields. The students are required to submit their writing on science fiction to compete for this program. The association also offers scholarships to writers and illustrators in other fields.
  • The American Welding Society Scholarship Program: This scholarship program provides aid to American students that are interested in learning the art of welding, brazing, joining or thermal spraying.
  • The NCTA Scholarship program: This scholarship program provides aid to students that write essays about Santa and the Christmas.
  • The Excellence in Predicting the Future Award: This award is given to students that join a contest to predict future events in the economic market. Successful students are provided significant amount of scholarships.

More information on above mentioned programs can be obtained from their websites. There are hundreds of other easy scholarships to apply for based on varying criterion, such as scholarships for tall, short or fat people, and scholarships for vegetarians. You can search for all of these scholarships over the internet using scholarship search sites.