Nursing Scholarships and Grants

There are many nursing scholarships and grants available. The aim of most of these scholarships is to encourage women to opt for this career in which there is great shortage of professionals. Let us discuss some effective strategies to obtain nursing scholarships and grants.

The very first thing that the candidates must do is to fill out and submit the FAFSA form. The FAFSA form has the necessary details which enable the US Department of Education to determine the amounts and types of financial aid that the candidate is eligible for. The application form will also help to determine the estimated contribution that the candidate can make towards financing his/her education. This application should be submitted every year the student needs financial aid because the financial situation can change year to year.

The next step is to research the various nursing scholarships and grants sources available. More specifically, the candidate should stay in touch with the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN). This group keeps people updated on the various nursing scholarship and grants opportunities along with other nursing information. Generally, the candidates can also ask career counselors, the nursing college administration or search on other valuable information resources like the internet.

Nursing is a career of community service and the prospective nursing students must also be active in community service and extra-curricular activities. This not only is a great addition to a person’s CV but will also enable the candidate to acquired information about scholarships or develop important contacts that could help the candidate out in his/her scholarship hunt.

When required, a good scholarship essay could be the best thing that could give you an edge over the competitors. A good scholarship essay is something that starts out well and keeps the reader’s interested. It should be in clear and concise language with little spelling and grammar mistakes. Proof reading is also a necessary part and should be done by a qualified elder or a teacher.

Last but not the least; the candidates should explore all possible sources of funding. This can include contacts of their parents or siblings or can include other options like nursing internships. Nursing internships can be unpaid or paid but the real advantages of such opportunities lies in the fact that they can help the candidates identify a prospective area of specialization and also provide valuable practical nursing experience which looks very good on the CV.