Study Abroad Scholarships—Winning a Scholarship in Australia

Study Abroad Scholarships

Study Abroad Scholarships

Studying at an international college in another country is once in a life time opportunity that can provide you with invaluable experience and exposure. There are hundreds of destinations worldwide where you can get quality education at a reasonable tuition fees. Among these destinations Australia is preferred by many students because of unique opportunities available to students studying in Australia. Australia controls a whole continent with a population of about only 20 million, so the government has developed numerous programs to attract skilled people from all over the world to their country.

The fees in Australian colleges are mostly low as compared t colleges in United Kingdom or rest of Europe and Australia also offers opportunity to graduating students to find a job and permanently settle in Australia. Many International students studying in Australia are taking advantage of lenient immigration policy of Australian government and permanently settling in Australia after their studies.

Many study abroad scholarships are awarded every year by welfare organizations, universities and government to attract international students to Australia. This article explains some of these financial aid programs.

  • Australian Development Scholarships. This program offers financial aid to students joining a course in good governance, human development or economic growth.
  • Australian Leadership Awards. This program provides financial aid to postgraduate international students studying in Australia and to research students in specific fields of research. The program also awards scholarships to professionals in the field of social and economic development and policy reform.
  • Endeavour Awards. This is a merit based scholarship program that offers $30,000 assistance to qualifying students. This award is specifically for students from the Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Europe and America.
  • A E Ringwood Scholarships are awarded to students from  Australian National University for PHD research.

There are several other scholarship programs that can help you arrange funds for your studies in Australia, such as the Accenture Scholarship in Information Technology and Electrical Engineering from the University of Queensland and CAMD PhD and MSc Scholarships from the University of New South Wales. You can search for these and other programs on the internet, and apply for them online. If you are international students already studying in Australia you may also be eligible for thousands of other scholarship programs and discounts given out by different universities. All you have to do is to spend some time and effort for searching a scholarship that suits your needs before you decide on joining your next course in Australia.