Strange Scholarships—All About Scholarships with Unusual Criteria

Strange Scholarships

Strange Scholarships

There are thousands of programs providing help to students to complete their college education. These scholarships are awarded based on varying criteria. Some scholarships will require you to have excellent academic background while others will provide assistance on basis of sporting excellence, and yet others may award scholarships based on you ethnicity, but there are some scholarships that have criteria different from normal scholarships. These scholarships can help provide aid to students who do not qualify for any other type of scholarship. Some of such scholarship programs are explained in this article.

International Boar Semen (IBS) Scholarship provides aid to students who are interested in swine management. You must have a hobby of keeping pigs to qualify for this scholars Strange Scholarship. More information can be viewed on their website

Tall Clubs International awards $ 1000 scholarships to students with good height. Males over 6’2″ and females above 5’8″ qualify for these scholarships. You can get more information on their website

Klingon Language Institute awards $500 scholarships to students through a lucky draw.  The institute aims at promoting Klingon language but fluency in Klingon is not a requirement for the scholarship. Their URL is

The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance awards scholarships to fat people. The amount of the scholarship award is up to $1000. There website is

The Little People of America is an organization that awards scholarships to short people. The amount awarded ranges from $250 to $1000. To qualify for these scholarships applicants must be 4’10” or shorter. Their website is

The United States Bowling Congress (USBC) awards numerous scholarships to students who were distinguished bowlers in high school. You can get more information on their website

Vegetarian Resource Group awards two $5000 scholarships each year. To qualify for these scholarships students must exemplify a healthy lifestyle and must also have promoted vegetarianism within their community. Their website is www.

Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund offers scholarships ranging  from $1,500 to $7,500 per year to students who have served at least two years as caddies, helpers in the pro shop or course superintendent operations at a club in Massachusetts. Detailed information is available on their website

Youth Leadership awards scholarships ranging from $500 to $1,000, these scholarships are awarded to students who are registered organ donors and who actively promote organ donation. Their website is

In addition to the above mentioned programs you can find many other programs on the internet that have strange qualification criteria.