Sport Scholarships-Tips to Get One

Sport Scholarships

Sport Scholarships

Scholarships based on athletic ability are quite common in United States. Most of colleges and universities in US offer such scholarships to aspiring talents. All students have to ensure is that they have the talent the college coach is looking for to recruit in his team. All athletic scholarships in USA are regulated by the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

The NCAA is given the responsibility of setting the minimum standards for both the scholarship providers and the recipients of the scholarships. The NCAA sets the minimum requirements as to GPA and test scores of the applicants, and also sets the terms with regards to the proportion of recipients, and the form and value of the sport scholarships.

Students can search for hundreds of athletic scholarships that may be available to them. Following tips will prove helpful in getting sport scholarships.

  • Higher academic performance can help you a lot. As an athlete student you are always expected to be student first and athlete second. Athletic scholarships are almost always based on your athletic performance and sport achievements but a minimum level of academic performance is also expected from you.
  • Ask your school or club coach to evaluate your performance. You should ask them for an honest opinion on your eligibility for your athletic scholarships. They can also guide you about scholarship opportunities that you are eligible for
  • Create a high quality DVD of you athletic performance. The DVD should contain footage of your practice, sport and competitions. The video should try to highlight your strengths in the respective sport.
  • Participate in as many events as you can. Your participation in events of significant national and international value will help you a great deal in winning scholarships.
  • Make detailed resume explaining all sports you played and all competitions you participated in. You should feel free to mention even the smallest sports event in which you have participated. You can also request your school coach to help you with your resume. There are also some recruiting services that can help you with the whole process of making videos and resumes, and getting financial aid but they obviously charge for their services.
  • Follow up with your application. You should contact college coaches in a week or so after you have filed your application to know the progress, stay in touch in case they require some additional information or documentations from you.
  • You should not only look for sport scholarships in big schools. There are also many small schools that offer scholarships to aspiring athletes.