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Are you looking for a scholarship but uncertain as to where to begin?  You can find hundreds if not thousands of scholarship opportunities available through any number of scholarship websites, the only problem is that you need to know how to narrow down your choices.  So just how do you go about finding a scholarship if you’re not really sure where your interests lie?

Finding a Scholarship like The Scott Evangelista Scholarship

Finding a scholarship can be as simple as learning how to pinpoint your particular strengths.  Are you good at sports?  Perhaps an athletic scholarship might be for you.  Are you better at academics?  There are so many academic scholarships available today that at times the choices may seem a bit overwhelming.  Perhaps your interests lie more towards the creative; towards theater arts, music, painting or dance.  Luckily for you there are a great number of scholarships in each of these areas.  There is, of course, a trick to actually landing yourself one of these scholarships.

Get Yourself Seen

It doesn’t matter if your strengths are in academics, athletics, the visual arts or any one of a hundred other areas of interest; you need to get yourself noticed.  So don’t just sit on your laurels, go out and get involved!  Do you like sports?  Join a local league or go out for your high school team.  Are you into drama?  Join your school’s drama club or volunteer at a local live theater group.  The more experience you have and the more letters of recommendation you can get from those you’ve worked with, the better your chances will be of actually landing a scholarship in that particular area.

When Scholarships Aren’t Enough

While there are hundreds, even thousands of scholarships available out there, you may not always be able to find enough of them to cover all of your college expenses.  This is why it is a good thing to have a backup plan.  Not only should you apply for more than one or two kinds of scholarships (and from more than one or two sources), you should also be prepared to find funding from other sources as well, including government grants and loans.

Knowing the ins and outs of all of your financial aid options can benefit you considerably as you are making plans for college, so don’t hesitate to find out everything you can about financial aid, including everything there is to know about the FAFSA form (Fee Application for Federal Student Aid) which can help you to determine what kinds of help are out there and what sort of payback you will be looking at after you have finished with school.

No one ever said that finding the funding you need for college was going to be easy.  It can take a considerable amount of time, effort and energy, but if you put your heart into it, it will definitely pay off.

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