Scholarships Women- How to Find one that Suits Your Needs

Scholarships Women

Scholarships Women

Finding funding for your education is a difficult task. If you are a woman you can apply for scholarships for women in addition to scholarship programs that give equal opportunity to men and women. In this article I will try to explain scholarships offered specifically to women from different fields.

American Association of University Women Educational Foundation offers some scholarship programs specifically for women; these scholarships include scholarship for graduate studies, postgraduate research, postdoctoral research and scholarships to international students studying in the US. The association also offers American dissertation fellowships and career development grants.

Women that belong to low to moderate income group and are older than 40 years can apply for scholarship programs offered by AARP foundation. These scholarship programs are offered for students who are financially struggling and are looking for additional skill development to increase their income.

Students from medical profession can apply for scholarships awarded by Medical Women’s Association. They offer numerous programs to fund studies of female students from medical profession.

Women from the field of geosciences can apply for scholarships offered by Association for Women Geoscientists Foundation. The association offers William Rucker Greenwood graduate of College Scholarship, Puget Sound chapter scholarships for undergraduate or graduate geosciences majors and the Chrysalis scholarships for graduate students.

Women from the fields of advertising, graphic arts, marketing, journalism and public relations can apply for many scholarships offered by Association for Women in Communications.

Women who are planning to study science subjects can find many scholarships offered by several organizations, such as the scholarships offered by Association for Women in Computing for women who are planning to study computing. While you are trying to search for scholarships for women you should not restrict yourself to welfare organizations and women associations; many international colleges and schools offer special scholarship programs for women to encourage women to enroll in courses that are generally considered men dominated fields.

You can find hundreds of such scholarship programs. In many countries especially developing countries government also run scholarship programs for women, you can search for these programs by contacting higher education regulatory authorities in your home country. While looking for a scholarship for women you should not completely avoid applying on equal opportunity scholarship programs. There are thousands of equal opportunity programs that you can apply for on the internet.