Scholarships-Search Options for Students



Scholarships are one of the higher education funding options available for students. The advantage that scholarships have over student loans is that the students who get them do not have to return any money back to the awarding authority. Scholarships are awarded to students belonging to different categories, and there are many options available. Some of the categories of scholarships are: academic merit, artistic merit, athletic performance, ethnic minority (such as, Native American, African American), single mom, military, and last name. You can apply for one or multiple scholarships, but for doing this you will have to search at the right places. So, how can you find scholarships that you qualify for?

Scholarship Search Options

Searching for scholarships using the internet is a great option. You can simply type in the address of a scholarship program that you know of and visit its webpage to see if you qualify for their award. If you don’t know about a scholarship program, you can always use a search engine to find scholarships that you are interested in. There are also sites that specialize in scholarship searches; you can use one of these scholarship search services to find the relevant scholarships. Search engines for scholarships take your information and compare it with the scholarships present in their databases. While the internet can help you with your

The Internet: scholarship search, beware of scams. Along with the good are the bad that prey on innocent students. You should check for a business address and telephone number.

Financial Aid Offices: High School and College financial aid offices are another option you can use to find scholarships. Tell the staff present over there about the scholarship program you wish to attend.

Teachers: You can also ask the teachers and professors of your chosen field about scholarships. They may provide you some valuable information and make your job easier.

Newspapers: This is yet another source for finding scholarships. Many companies and organizations inform students about their scholarship programs through newspapers.

Family and Friends: Last but not the least are your family and friends. There may be a member of your family who has won a scholarship or is a member of a group or organization that awards scholarships. Similarly, your friends may be applying to some scholarships that you may also qualify for. You can also ask them to look out for any scholarships that you could be eligible for.

There are several options for finding scholarships: search engines, newspapers, financial aid offices, teachers, family and friends. Some time and effort is required to find scholarship programs, but the results can be in the form of funds for college.