Scholarships Hispanic—How to Get a Minority Scholarship

Scholarships Hispanic

Scholarships Hispanic

Each year a large number of college students quit their studies because they are unable to find resource to fund their studies. As tuition fees and living costs around the world rise it is becoming increasingly difficult for students to pay for their studies.

In this difficult environment many organizations have started programs to aid students from minority communities in completing their studies. It has been openly acknowledged by the US government that scholarships for Hispanic communities are not as much as other minority communities thus $85 m have been granted to different Hispanic colleges and universities. The opportunities may not be very much but if you have knowledge of the scholarship programs you may be able to win a scholarship easily. This article highlights some organizations and scholarship programs offering financial aid to Latin American students.

The Hispanic Scholarship Fund is an organization that provides financial assistance to students from Hispanic community. The organization runs a general college scholarship program. You can qualify for this program if you are a legal citizen of US and you have a GPA of 3.0 or above, and you are intending on pursuing a full-time course of study in a degree program. There is another program run by the organization that was developed by Billand Melinda Gates’ Foundation, the program offers financial assistance to bright graduating high school seniors.

The Hispanic Scholarship Fund also runs a scholarship program funded by Proctor and Gamble Co for students from the fields of math, science, technology or engineering. You can qualify for this $2500 scholarship if you have scored a GPA of 3.0 or above.

For students living in the San Francisco Margoes Foundation run scholarship programs in conjunction with The Hispanic Scholarship Fund, This scholarship program is solely for Latino Americans, and the amount of the award is $2500.

In addition to the above mentioned programs there are hundreds of programs run by universities and colleges for Latino students. These programs can be found with little effort on the internet. Applying for scholarship programs specifically for the Hispanic community will put you on advantage, as the competition will be less as compared to open scholarship programs but the students are advised to make multiple applications on the open scholarship programs as well. This will increase the probability of getting a scholarship and if you are lucky enough you may be able win multiple scholarships.