Scholarships Graduate Students Can Apply For

Scholarships graduate students can apply for are less common than the scholarships available for undergraduate students. While most students can be tempted by the easier option of a student loan there are a number of other options that can be considered. Firstly, the students must conduct some research on the scholarship providing organizations that they already know about. There is a possibility that they will be providing graduate scholarships. Secondly, Employees can benefit from the scholarship policies of their employers. Most organizations are more than willing to help their employees gather greater educational proficiency because it certainly benefits the company. Last but not the least, all the search facilities such as the internet, library catalogues must be consulted. Let us now take a look at some of some of the specific opportunities available.

One of the first options that come to mind is the scholarship money provided by the colleges themselves. Graduate education is expensive and many colleges support their enrolled (especially alumni) in a number of ways. These include grants and fellowship opportunities.

High need areas like nursing, teaching provide a world of opportunities to people interested in pursuing degrees in these fields. Keeping in mind the need of professionals in these fields, many organizations, institutions, etc provide ample financial support to the students. So students of special or high need fields are advised to research out the available opportunities.

Great opportunities are also available for researchers. Many research leading organizations and educational institutions provide scholarship graduate students can apply for. If a student is planning to get enrolled to a program which will require him/her to conduct research, then he/she can be eligible for one or more of such scholarship opportunities. An example is the graduate research fellowship offered by the National Science Foundation.

Members of professional organizations can get grants for graduate level studies. Examples include the Pi Sigma Alpha, The Emergency Nurses Association, etc which provide grants for higher studies to a set number of their members annually.

The Fulbright Scholarship program is another example. It was set up to be a means for strengthening relations between America and other countries and gets its funding from the Congress. The program provides about 1500 grants in all fields and disciplines. The applicants should hold a bachelor’s degree or an extensive experience in their fields.

This was a brief outline of the various scholarship graduate students can apply for. The students are advised to conduct further research.