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Scholarships Foundation

Scholarships Foundation

There are millions of dollars in scholarships and grants given away every year based on different criteria. College foundation scholarships are not easy to find but if you start your search and application process well in advance of your course start date you may be able to win a scholarship. In this article I will explain the general process of finding a scholarships foundation or organization that offers you financial aid for studies.

Firstly, you should clearly decide on the course you want to study and if you are willing to apply for an international scholarship you should also decide the countries you are willing to go to. While considering different countries to go to make comparison based on cost of living and tuition fee in different countries. Some countries, such as Sweden, may offer completely free education but has a high cost of living, and less part time job opportunities.

Start your search on the internet, it is a good idea to search on scholarship search sites, as they save a lot of time and effort by giving you information in an arranged form, but you should not completely rely on these search engines they will provide you with adequate results about scholarships offered by universities and welfare organizations, however you should also spend some time searching for scholarship offered by government organization in your home country. Moreover if you belong to any minority community in your home country there may be many organizations that are awarding scholarships specifically to your community. If you are able to find such a minority scholarship program you will be at advantage as you will face less competition.

There are also some scholarship programs specifically for women. If you are a women these programs will also put you to advantage as there is no competition from male applicants.

When you find a program that suits your needs and that you qualify for, make sure you fulfill the requirements of the scholarship awarding body. You will normally be required to fill an application form and provide copies of your past academic certificates. Do not hesitate to include a personal statement in your application whether you are asked to submit it or not. Personal statements or an essay written by you conveys a strong personal message that your academic certificates alone are unable to. It is also a good idea to include reference letters from your past teachers.