Scholarships for Veterans

Scholarships for veterans are designed to help support the war veterans or their families. These have enabled thousands of war veterans to complete higher education and get better educational qualifications. There are millions of tax free dollars available through various means for the veterans. The Department of defense, the Department of Veteran Affairs and various states offer scholarships for veterans.

One of the most well known programs of financial assistance for veterans is the Montgomery GI bill (MGIB).  This bill provides money worth 36 months of education which could be up to a $40,000 value. The bill became law in 1944 and provides benefits to active duty service members, reservists and veterans. Eligibility criteria include a high school diploma (or equivalent) and at least two years of military service. What is best about the GI bill is that it is not considered to be a type of financial aid because the money is given directly to the veterans. This means that the veterans can avail this opportunity and still be eligible for other scholarships, students loans and grants. Availing the GI bill will however reduce the amount of financial aid available through other programs. The money can be used for anything ranging from independent study programs to on the job training. Furthermore, the post 9/11 modified form of the bill offers 100% tuition fee assistance, a monthly housing allowance and a monthly amount of $1000.

Another example of scholarships for veterans is the Armed Force Tuition Assistance. This is paid directly to the school and eligibility criteria for the different divisions of the armed forces vary. This also provides 100% of the tuition fee.

In addition to the above mentioned scholarships, there are a number of private scholarships for veterans that have an estimated worth of up to $300 million. There are a number of categories as far as these scholarships are concerned. These may include scholarships for foreign war veterans, scholarships for disabled veterans, etc. It is a great idea to apply for these scholarships because these can compliment other availed opportunities such as the GI bill and can help pay for living expenses, books, etc.

War experience of the veterans can get them exemption from a few or more credit hours of study at college. This will enable them to indirectly save some money which would otherwise have been spent on study. Scholarships for war veterans can enable in service and out of service soldiers to pursue higher education or a better standard of life.