Scholarships for Transfer Students

College life is a something which requires a lot of effort on part of the students. Things get a lot more difficult for transfer students. Transfer students have to go through a lot of paperwork and they will have to adapt with new environments and people at their new places of study. There are a number of scholarships for transfer students that are developed to help out such students.

The scholarship application process is simpler for these kinds of scholarships. Let us take a look at some of the scholarships that are available for transfer students.

  • Transfer Regents Scholarship is for transfer students from the community colleges of Nebraska. Eligibility criteria include a minimum transfer CGPA of 3.5 and 45 credit hours of community college education. The scholarship covers full tuition fees up to graduation or 90 credit hours. Four of these scholarships are awarded annually and final selection is done on the basis of the transcript records of the applicants.
  • Transfer Student Scholarships offer a tuition waiver of up to 2000$ for four semesters. Eligibility criteria include a minimum transfer CGPA of 3.25. Usually any eligible transfer student is admitted.
  • Non-Resident Scholarship pays the amount which is more than the student’s expenses of education at his area of residence. Eligibility criteria include a transfer CGPA from all the previous institutes of 3.0. It is renewable for up to eight semesters.
  • Davis-Chambers transfer scholarships offers transfer scholarships to academically talented students. The scholarship offers an amount of $2000 and the first priority is given to Davis-Chambers scholars in Nebraska community colleges. Eligibility criteria include a minimum CGPA of 3.25 and the students are also required to file the FAFSA.

Since, the transfer students will be moving to an area away from their area of residence, they can use the scholarship money to their advantage. It is possible that some scholarship money will be left over after they have met the expenses of their education. This residual money can be expended on other areas of choice.

This money can finance the purchase of a personal vehicle or perhaps a personal computer.

The most obvious advantages of such scholarship opportunities are that  students will not have to work long hours to make both ends meet and they can concentrate on their studies more.

The above mentioned examples were just a few of the many opportunities available. More information can be gathered from the internet and local listing of scholarships.