Scholarships for the Disabled-All about Finding One

Scholarships for the Disabled

Scholarships for the Disabled

Disabled people are a significant part of population in the US. While they are disadvantaged in some way, some of them can perform professionally better than normal people. The acceptance for disabled persons in business world is increasing and now employing them is considered a normal practice in business. However, if a disabled person does not have a college degree he may have problems finding a job easily.

College education is expensive and most of the disabled persons can do little part time work to pay for their college education. Fortunately though, many government and private organizations have started providing scholarships for the disabled. These scholarships normally provide the tuition fee, books, paraphernalia and counseling. Government also provides tax benefits to the disabled.

The government provides many scholarships for the disabled. You can search and apply for such scholarships in your closest welfare office. Your application will be followed by a medical test, after which you will probably be granted a scholarship. Other organizations that provide scholarships to disabled people are as follows.

  • The Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf Financial Aid and Scholarships is scholarship program that provides financial assistance to deaf students who want to pursue a college degree.
  • The Ethel Louise Armstrong Foundation offers scholarships specifically for disabled women who want to pursue a post graduate degree. The foundation also works to empower women as an active member of the society.
  • The Learning Disabilities Association awards higher education scholarships to students with learning disabilities. The organization also works to assist people with learning disabilities, such as dyslexia and ADHD, to overcome their disabilities and become more productive individuals in the society.

There are numerous kinds of disabilities so different organizations provide aid to people with different disabilities. You can win a scholarship easily if you apply for these scholarships because there are significant numbers of such opportunities and competition is generally low.

You can search for a scholarship offered to you over internet. There are over 50 of scholarships search sites available over the internet that can provide you information on all scholarship programs for the disabled in USA.

After you find a scholarship program that you are eligible for make sure you make a complete application. You should provide all information and documentation required by the scholarship provider, and also includes medical certificates authenticating your disability in your application. If you have any past academic or other achievement, such as participation in events etc, you should mention them in your application.