Scholarships for Military Dependents

Each and every year the cost of college gets higher and higher with tuition alone exceeding $10,000 per year in many cases.  One way to offset these rising costs is through scholarships and grants.  There are many sources that students wishing to continue their post secondary education can use.  Dependents and veterans of the nation’s armed forces have the opportunity to access certain scholarships that are not available to other students.

Military dependent scholarships vary both in the amount available and the requirements necessary to obtain them.  Some are need based, some are merit based, and others are specific to a branch of service or designated for use at a specific college or university.  A student who has a parent currently in the military can access much of the scholarship information at the base.  Students who qualify should seek out as many of these awards as possible to help pay for their education.

One of the most widely recognized sources is Park University which has campus locations throughout the country.  This university already has scholarships and scholarship sources set up for active military, retired military, and military dependents.  There are several different awards with different requirements available, so qualifying applicants should investigate all of them.

ThanksUSA Scholarship Program is another excellent source of funds available to dependents and spouses of military personnel.  There are many awards offered in the amount of $3000,  but only the first 10,000 applicants are considered.  The program is administered by Scholarship America.  Students should verify all eligibility requirements prior to submitting their applications.

The Fisher House Foundation offers military dependent scholarships based on commissary locations.  One student can receive a $1500 award in each of the locations.  The funds can be used for any authorized expense related to post secondary education.

The Air Force Sergeants Association has scholarships available to dependents of Air Force, Air National Guard, and Air Force Reserve Command members.  These awards range from $500 to $3000 per year depending on the funds available.  Some of the awards require membership in the AFSA and others do not.  Each program has some specific criteria that must be met, so students wishing to apply for these should review all of the information carefully.

There are many awards available in the form of military dependent scholarships and each student who qualifies should take advantage of as many as possible.  In general, students should seek out as many sources of college funding as possible, but military service by a parent opens up even more avenues for money.