Scholarships for Medical School-The NHSC Program

Scholarships for Medical School

Scholarships for Medical School

The medical field consists of countless sub fields. Professional from most of the sub fields of medical has access to attractive job opportunities in their home country and abroad. Medical studies are expensive and tough studies do not allow students to do much part time work to finance their studies. To help fulfill the growing demand of professionals in all medical related fields, many scholarship programs are initiated for medical students by different organizations. One such program that offers scholarships for medical school is The National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Scholarship programs.

The scholarship program is aimed at fulfilling shortage of health professionals in the country. Students who are joining a course to become dentists, nurse practitioners, primary care physicians, physician assistants or nurse-midwives can apply for the scholarship program. The financial aid provided to students is tied to an agreement to work at a site approved by NHSC for two to four years. The sites are approved keeping in view health professional shortage at a particular site in the country.

The scholarship program is an excellent opportunity because it provides for the expenses of tuition fees, part of living cost, books and other cost related to the degree. Students should ensure that their application reaches NHSC before the proposed deadline, as late applications are generally not considered. The applicants can see the deadline for applying for the scholarship on NSHC’s website, successful applicants are informed by mail by sep 30th, successful applicants will be required to submit their reply by the deadline mentioned in the mail.

In order to apply for scholarships applicants must be enrolled or accepted for enrolment in accredited training programs for health professions. Students who have completed one year or more in their course can also apply for the aid. The application can be completed and submitted online; students will have to submit proof of their US citizenship, certificates of academics, a resume, and an essay written on any topic with their application.

All students who are interested to work in health profession related fields are encouraged to apply but students who are ex-NHSC scholars or who have financial need are given priority while awarding scholarships.

In addition to financial aid offered by The NHSC, students can also look for many other scholarships for medical school on the internet. There are a number of public and private organizations that provide such financial assistance to deserving students.