Scholarships for Education-The RMHC Scholarships

Scholarships for Education

Scholarships for Education

The financial hardships faced by students at graduate and postgraduate level are increasing with rising costs of college education.  The education of young minds is a necessity for the progress of any society, so the need to facilitate college students is felt everywhere in the society. Feeling this need, government and many welfare organizations have initiated various scholarships for education programs to help college students complete their educations with ease.

The government is spending huge money on many scholarship programs to help students all over the country in financing their studies, but the scholarship programs offered by government are generally based on academic merit and the numbers of applicants are large for these scholarships. So most students, who are not able to qualify for such government programs look for aid offered by welfare organizations. One such welfare organization that is offering aid to college students is The Ronald McDonald House of Charities.

The Ronald McDonald House of Charities is registered as a ‘not for profit’ organization that provides financial aid to disadvantaged students who do not have access to good education and career opportunities. The scholarship programs run by RMHC provide financial assistance to high school seniors who want to pursue a college degree. The organization was formed in 1985 and since then it has provided $24 million worth of scholarships to help high school graduates get college education.

The amount of the scholarships provided by the organization varies each year but normally twenty five $2000 scholarships are provided to deserving students. Students who are high school seniors planning to join a college degree, and who have good academic achievements and community service are eligible to apply for these scholarships. Financial need is also a must in order to get these scholarships. Students will have to submit proof of their academic background and financial need with their application. Students may also be required to provide other additional documentation with their application.

To get complete information on requirements and deadlines for the scholarship program you can visit the website of RMHC or directly contact their office for any queries on contact number mentioned on their website.

You can also get information on all scholarships for education offered by government in US on the website of federal student aid. Many universities and colleges are also providing scholarships in different fields for local and international students, such scholarship programs can also be searched over the internet.