Scholarships for Average Students-Above Average Opportunities

Scholarships for Average Students

Scholarships for Average Students

Many students dream of getting college education and many are scared by the expenses that they will have to cover. Scholarships provide a relief to the students who aspire to study at a college. It is a common myth that scholarships are only for brilliant students who have exceptional grades. This belief creates despair for the average students and leads them to abandon any hope of college education. This myth needs to be dispelled because there are a number of scholarships for average students. These scholarships are based on non academic criteria.

These scholarships are funded by people who have been average themselves and understand the frustration that an average student might face regarding college scholarships. Scholarships for average students have criteria including community service, athletic ability and also artistic ability.

There are many examples of such type of scholarships. The Bernice Murray scholarship aims at easing out the financial burden of single parents of young children. The Red Vines Drawing Contest awards multiple scholarships to the artistically brilliant. The Discover Card Tribute Award aims at helping people who help others through community service and also is for those who have suffered great economic hardship. The Girls Going Place scholarships are for girls only who show leadership qualities. The American Harlequin Dance Scholarship is for talented dancers.

The Ayn Rand Institute provides scholarships to the student who writes a best essay about Ayn Rand’s novel fountainhead. The SPAACSE requires a student to write an essay about space travel and offers a sum of $1000. The OP Loftbed scholarship is provided to students who can write an essay on the use of the company’s beds in hostel dormitories. The Calgon Take Me Away to College contest is open for ladies only and awards $8000 to students who can answer two questions in essay format.

Generally, students can contact the financial counselors or other officials at their institutions to get information regarding scholarships for average students. Online resources are also a good source for information and should be consulted. The federal government also provides help in this sector and scholarships are available for students who struggle with their studies but are brilliant in other areas of their lives.

Strategies to maximize your chances can be manifold. You must apply to all the opportunities that you find. Some scholarships for average students are awarded for community service. It could help you if you are an active member of your community.